Reverse Nekoken

By King Loki

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Chapter 1

It was late afternoon when Genma Saotome and his son Ranma, who was 7 years old at the time, had just left a small town and were heading out to the wilderness to train in a new Technique called the Nekoken that Genma had just (ahem) found.

Genma was sifting through the pages of the manual and looking mighty pleased with himself. It seemed if he read it right, and Genma always did that, that he had come across an ultimate martial arts technique.

Ranma had been coming along fine in the training journey they were on and Genma felt it was time to test the boy's considerable learning curve and get him to learn the Nekoken.

Genma was at first sceptical about the so called 'ultimate technique', coming across a few before that had been pure hogwash, but this 'Nekoken' seemed to be the real deal. It had everything that Genma expected to have in an ultimate technique. Lots of pain, near death experience, psychological trauma. It fit the bill perfectly in Genma's mind. If he had a mind.

'Hmm I have the fish sausage so all I need now is a shovel and a pit full of cats' Genma's thought process was stopped when he felt a slight tugging on his leg. Looking down he found his son trying to get his attention.

"Pop there's a man running toward us telling us to stop" said Ranma as he pointed back along the trail were there was a man running after them, yelling for all his worth.

Now usually in these situations Genma would keep on going and probably at a faster pace to avoid capture… I mean an unexpected meeting. But before he came to that decision he distinctly heard the man yell something about them being in danger. Though Genma was no slouch in self defence, he was always slightly wary about new areas he was travelling in such as the forest they were heading towards, so Genma decided to wait for the man and hear him out.

A few minutes later the now out of breath man had caught up to the father-son duo. It was then that Genma realized that the man that had followed them was the owner of the store were Genma had just… obtained the Nekoken. Deciding that he should have just ran in the first place, Genma started mentally beating himself over the head while he physically started to grab the boy and run. At that point though the man had arrived.

"Thank god huff I caught huff up with you," said the out of breath shop keeper. "I'm not to huff late am I?"

"Huh," was Genma's intelligent reply while positioning his legs to flee at any moment.

"The Nekoken! You were about to perform the Nekoken weren't you?" the shop keeper yelled, who had just surprisingly got his breath back.

"Uh maybe," Genma said as he stealthily hid the ancient Manual behind his back.

"Well you mustn't, you hear" the shop keeper shouted while grabbing Genma's gi and shaking him violently.

"Why not? Because it's forbidden or some such rubbish?" Genma snorted, prying the shop keeper's hands of him.

"No not that. The Manual you took was out of date." the shop keeper replied evenly.

Genma stared at the shop keeper. "Wait, are we talking about the same Nekoken? The dreaded Nekoken that has been passed down from generation to generation. You're telling me it's now out of date?!"

"They just released the new addition. It's supposedly ten times more successful in leaving the victim, I mean student, alive." the shop keeper shrugged pulling out a new and shiny looking Nekoken training manual.

Genma blinked before looking back and forth between the two Manuals.

"Hey, can I see that manual for a sec?" Genma asked trying to look innocent, and failing badly.

"You stole the last one. Why should I give you this one?" the shop keeper blinked. "And why am I not trying to get it back?" The shop keeper put on a thoughtful face.

Genma did some quick 'thinking' before a light bulb went off on top of his head.

"How about this? I'll give you back this manual if I can see the new one for a minute. Deal?" Genma smiled while offering the manual in his hand.

"Sure, that sounds fair." the shop keeper said as he handed over the new manual while he took the old one and turned around to put it in his pack. Turning back around, he found himself alone.

"Hey, where did they go?" he said while looking around for the pair.

"Son of a B&£%!"

½ a mile away

"Alright, let's see what we have here." Genma sat down while his son recovered from the surprise run.

"Hmm, looks like this method takes longer, maybe a few months longer. And I'll need some more stuff. I wonder where I could get the clothing it writes about here...Hmm." Genma sat looking thoughtful for a few minutes before got up, gathered his pack and started to head off back towards town.

"Come on, boy. We need to pick up some more stuff if you're to learn the Nekoken,"

Ranma looked after his father for a moment before sighing and heading off after him at a quick trot.

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