Part 3 - I Fucked the Bastard


The next day, we went on a new mission. If I hadn't been there when the bastard almost assaulted me, I wouldn't have guessed anything had happened. And indeed, Sakura-chan and Sai noticed nothing. At least, nothing about Sasuke. They did notice I was pissed off. You would have been too.

I mean, I call him bastard all the time but how inconsiderate is he, really? He didn't even thank me for helping him with his fangirls problem. Not just that, but he wasn't even looking at me. I'd know if he had – I kept checking. But since I'm a great captain and I didn't want the team and the mission to suffer, I didn't say anything to him.

Three days. For three days, he didn't look at me. Didn't talk to me except to acknowledge orders when we got to that stupid town. He put his sleeping bag as far away from mine as he could when we slept out, and the one night we slept at a hotel, he made sure Sai slept between us. If I hadn't known any better, I could easily have believed that I was the one who had forced my tongue down his throat instead of the other way around. I could almost have believed he hadn't enjoyed it. Bastard.

I figured, once we returned to Konoha, I'd take him aside and punch him or something. Except, when we did return to Konoha, Sasuke took matters in his own hands. Literally.

I don't know how his welcoming committee managed to be there every time we returned. They must have had spies, or wards or something. In any case, they were there when we arrived, just before nightfall. I guess they hadn't heard about Sasuke's little show.

Well, they got their own show to gossip about.

As soon as we got close enough to see the doors and the people waiting beyond it, Sasuke got nearer. I looked at him sideways, wondering if he was planning on a repeat performance. Just in case, I wet my lips a bit. I wasn't too sure I wanted Sakura-chan and Sai to see it – I mean, it would take a lot of explaining. Also, I was still mad at him for the silent treatment of the past days. Just the same, I couldn't let a friend down in a time of need, so I was ready for it. But Sasuke didn't assault my lips again. Instead, he took a last step to the side so that our elbows bumped each other. And then, very casually, he slid his arm behind me and stuck his hand my pants back pocket. He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer so that we were practically hip-to-hip as we walked on. The bastard pretends I yelped when he did. I absolutely did not. I just made a little surprised noise, nothing more. And if my cheeks burned, it must have been because I got sunburned, that's all.

And believe me, I wasn't the only one surprised. All Sai did was raise his eyebrows and smile a little more widely. But Sakura-chan… I thought her eyes were going to pop. She had been walking just a little ahead of us, and she turned back when I made noise. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her mouth was a perfect little O. She looked back and forth between Sasuke and me, but already we were passing by her. I'd have stopped, but Sasuke just pushed forward. And that's how we entered Konoha. With Sasuke's hand on my ass. His fangirls stared. They made some little disgruntled sounds. But they didn't follow us.

"I…" I had to clear my throat to get the words out. "I'll go give our report to Tsunade. You three can go and get some rest. Good job."

I hurried up, freeing myself from Sasuke's hold, and didn't look back. I had heard Sai comment on the redness of my face, and I didn't care to hear more. Next he'd start asking who was on top, and I really didn't want to have those kinds of thoughts in my mind. It was much too confusing.

I gave my report and came out of the Tower expecting someone to be waiting for me – Sai with taunts, Sakura-chan with questions, or Sasuke with… I don't know. More confusion. But no one was there. I'll admit I was a bit disappointed. Hands buried in my pockets, I followed my growling stomach. When in doubt, I say, go for ramen.

As soon as I reached the street where the Ichiraku stand is, I knew who was in there. A couple of girls were standing outside, muffling giggles behind their hands and peering in. I stopped. I wasn't sure I wanted to go in and get molested again without even a word of thanks or anything. I mean, I didn't mind helping him, but a bit of consideration would have been nice, too. I don't like being used all that much.

In the end, though, I was too hungry. If nothing else, Sasuke owed me dinner. I walked in. There was just one free seat on his right. I sat there and ordered, and while old man Teuchi prepared the food, I turned to the bastard. He hadn't even touched his own bowl, and it looked like it was cold now.

"Why do you even come here?" I asked. "You don't even like ramen."

He shrugged and poked at his ramen with his chopsticks. "I didn't have anything better in my fridge."

Coming from Sasuke, it sounded just wrong. When the bastard wants something, he runs for it, never mind the obstacles ahead or the hurt he leaves behind. He doesn't just settle. So what was he not saying, I wondered as I slurped down my first bowl. I ordered a second one and leaned in closer to him to whisper conspiratorially.

"Doesn't look like the plan worked. The enemy is still around."

My eyes flickered to the girls behind him, but he didn't follow my gaze. He just frowned. And looked pissed off.

"Only you could be that moronic," he muttered.

I didn't have time to wonder what was wrong with him or insult him back. He was gone in a puff of smoke, leaving behind his untouched bowl, disappointed fangirls, and a tab that I had to pick up for him. That last part was the straw that broke the vase. I was helping him and everything, and in return he insulted me and left me to pay for food he wasted. Typical bastard. And I was fed up with it.

I finished my dinner – because even if I was mad, I wasn't crazy enough to waste perfectly good ramen – and then I ran through the village to his house. I pounded on the door for a while, but he wasn't there. I thought fast. Konoha was close to getting back to what it once was, but there still weren't that many places where I could imagine Sasuke going. My best bet, I figured, was the training grounds.

I was right. Am I good or what?

Captain Yamato had put some hard work into growing trees back in and around Konoha. The bastard seemed intent on destroying them all. There were two charred trees where I found him, the blackened wood still smoldering. Two more looked like they had exploded; my bet was on chidori. And for now, Sasuke was beating the trunk of a fifth tree with his fists, occasionally kicking it too. Poor tree.

"Hey, bastard," I called out. "Why don't you fight someone who can actually defend himself?"

He glanced back at me but didn't stop beating up the tree. "And be confined to D-rank missions? I don't think so."

I scratched the back of my head. I had forgotten Tsunade's threat. Still, he was being ridiculous and I was ready to risk the punishment – mostly because I didn't believe she'd ground us. She couldn't afford to, not when she needed every team to go on missions. I got closer to him, and when he swung his fist again, I caught it and pulled on his arm, making him face me. He glared at me – what else is new?

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I snarled.

"Let. Go. Of me."

He started gathering electricity into his hand. I clenched my teeth and tightened my hold despite the discomfort. If he thought he could get rid of me that easily, he was in for a surprise.

"Dead last…" he said warningly. "Don't—"

"Don't what?" I glared back at him. "Don't help you when those girls are tired of just watching and they tear you apart to get a piece of you? Don't come looking for you the next time you disappear? Don't be the only friend you have? Is that what you want, Sasuke? Because right now—"

I never got to tell him that right then, I was fed up with him. Fed up with being ignored, mocked, insulted and treated like I didn't matter one bit – like I was nothing to him rather than his best friend. I never got to tell him, because his eyes had turned into those damn red pinwheels, and in the blink of an eye, I was trapped in an illusion. It looked just like the training grounds, except that everything seemed a bit blurry. Everything except the bastard and me.

I let go of his arm and rolled my eyes at him. "What? You're so afraid of taking me in the real world that you've got to resort to dirty tricks now?"

He didn't even look like he had heard me. He was frowning, his eyes a bit unfocused, not really looking at anything. And then he shook his head, muttered something that sounded like a curse, and returned his eyes to me. Even in the illusion, they were still spinning wildly.

"You asked what I want," he said, each word clear and precise, like he was controlling himself tightly. "I'll tell you. Because if I wait for you to figure it out, I'll still be waiting when you're Hokage."

His hand rose to grip the sleeve of his shirt. He ripped it away, and it disappeared – along with the rest of his clothes.

And along with mine too.

Not that I noticed right away. It'd been a long time since I'd seen Sasuke naked, and even then, the baths had been all foggy and I hadn't really been looking at him anyway. But now, for some really unexplainable reason, I found myself looking. Really looking. Noticing little scars, here and there, that hadn't been there when we were genin. Noticing how, even with the scars, his skin seemed flawless; it almost glowed in that surreal world he had created. Noticing, in the end, his cock jutting out at half-mast and filling out even as I watched.

I gulped, and winced when I realized that seeing him hard was making me hard. I just had the time to be thankful for my clothes, just had the time to wonder what was wrong with me, and then I noticed. I was as naked as he was. And he was ogling me just as shamelessly as I had ogled him.

"That's what I want," he said, and now his voice wasn't as strong anymore. I'm pretty sure it even was shaking a bit.

I opened my mouth to reply – what, I have no idea – and then suddenly his lips were against mine, his arms closing around me, his whole body pressed tight alongside mine and there was no more time for words. There was just kissing, and groping, and grinding.

That first kiss in front of my apartment had left me breathless and just a bit weak in the knees. This one was a hundred times worse. I mean, better. I mean… You know what I mean.

It just took me two seconds to forget we were in an illusion. Sasuke's tongue felt really real when it slid inside my mouth and caressed mine. And his hands felt real too, one stroking my hair, the other on my ass. And his skin, too, wherever we touched; he felt kinda cool – or maybe I was just burning. One part of him was hot, though. Very hot, and very smooth, and a bit wet, and every time he bucked his hips I couldn't help replying the same way, because our cocks rubbing against each other like this? Trust me. It was good. Better than I had ever imagined.

Not that I had ever imagined it. Of course not.

I didn't even blink when he pushed me backwards, and instead of falling down, I found myself lying on a bed. A nice, big bed with really soft sheets. We kind of messed the sheets a bit, with all the rolling and turning we did. I was trying to pin him down, and he was doing the very same thing.

See, I'd never given thought before about doing this with a boy – well, not really thought about it at least – but I had a few well-used fantasy about girls. I knew, in theory, what to do to a girl. I also knew, though I was a bit less sure there, what to do to a boy. But having a boy do something to me? That just didn't compute. My mind kept getting stuck on one thought – I'm not a girl – and I couldn't get past it.

We could have stayed like this for a long time, each pushing the other onto his back before being pushed in turn. Maybe in the real world neither of us would have given in, and we'd have resorted to handjobs – or to a real fight. But, even if I had forgotten it, we weren't in the real world. We were in Sasuke's little fantasy. What Sasuke wanted, Sasuke got. Including my ass.

He had managed to pin me down, again, and I was about to shove him off me, again, when I found myself unable to move. It was like ropes were holding me down with my arms and legs spread on each side of me. I looked at my hands, but I could see nothing there. A flash of blind fear ran through me, and I tried pulling harder, and bucking, to no effect. And then Sasuke's hand rested on my cheek, just barely, and brought my attention back to him. I was about to yell at him and demand that he let me go, but he quieted both me and my fears with just a few words.

"Please… Naruto, let me…"

His voice was trembling with need. He had said please. To me. And he had called me Naruto.

Between you and me? He could have asked me for anything at that moment. Anything at all.

But all he wanted was me. And I said yes. And then I could move again, but I didn't try to get above him anymore. I let him—

Well, you get the picture.

When we got out of the illusion, I was still holding Sasuke's wrist. Neither of our bodies had moved one bit. And still, we were both flushed. And both our pants were wet and sticky.

Sasuke's eyes were black again. They were also more uncertain than I had ever seen them. He didn't say a word, just looked at me and waited.

"So…" I cleared my throat.

"So," Sasuke repeated in a too blank voice.

"That's what you want, huh?"

"That's what I want."

I found myself grinning before I really knew it. Sasuke's features softened, just a little. He looked… relieved, I guess. Although I'm not sure what he was relieved about.

I cleared my throat again, and then I said, "How about we go back to my place. I'll show you what I want."

So we went there. And I showed him. And I, Uzumaki Naruto, got to fuck Uchiha Sasuke.

Two days later, when we got out of my apartment to hunt down some food, some fangirls spotted us. They noticed the hickeys on Sasuke's neck and the matching ones on mine. I guess they added two and two, and finally figured out their idol was taken.

The fanclub declared three days of general mourning. The rest of Konoha was a bit bewildered, I think. Tsunade got drunk – and so did Sakura. Talk about setting a good example for your students!

And then, the fangirls decided that Sasuke and I looked cute together, and they started following us around, and swooning when they caught us kissing, and that one time when they found us in the bushes—

Well, that's another story. Ask me another time. I've got to go, now. There's a bastard waiting for me at home.


The End

I hope you enjoyed. If you did - or even if you did not - i'd love to hear your thoughts.