Stepford Friends

Chapter 7 — All of Me


Well, this is the final chapter of a story that was a lot of fun to write. Thank you so much for sticking with it. I hope you enjoyed watching Luke and Lorelai fight and make up, break each others' hearts, and fall in love.

As usual, it wouldn't be nearly as smooth without the eagle eye of my beta, Jewels12. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jewels is so awesome! She offers so many great suggestions, I love getting my stories back from her!

I also need to thank LorelaiSquared, who helped out at the last minute, because it seems that I can't stop tweaking after Jewels fixes it! Thanks, you helped me feel brave enough to put it out there!


They lay together like spoons, legs intertwined. Luke's eyes followed the gentle slope of her shoulder as she slept silently in the moonlight that streamed through her window. He didn't know how long they'd been asleep, but his internal clock told him that he still had several hours to spend with Lorelai before morning. Not wanting to waste a single minute of this precious time with her, he took in every detail. Her hair spilled all around her pillow as she slept with her back pressed lightly up to his chest. He was content to feel the warm wave of emotion roll over him like a thick, soothing fog.

All these years of wanting and waiting for Lorelai had finally resulted in a night of passion, which far surpassed anything he had ever allowed himself to imagine. She was lying near him, her breath was soft and sweet. His heart was so filled with affection and care that he wasn't sure if he would be able to sleep another wink tonight. Luke remembered the years of friendship and the closeness that they shared. He recalled the countless times he longed to hold her in his arms, to smell her perfume, and to disclose all the secrets that he kept in his heart.

His mind reached back to all the times that he wanted to kiss her chatty lips, and all the times he argued with her. Sometimes he said things that he knew would rattle her cage, just so he could listen to her jabber on, and watch her smile near him, even if only for a short time longer. He reflected on all the times in recent days that he felt like a prisoner in his own diner. The times he found himself waiting and hoping for her to come back, but knowing in his heart that she wouldn't.

Luke saw the tears she thought she was hiding. He noticed the devastation in her eyes, the slight quiver in her lip, and the hitch in her voice as she walked out of his life. He hid behind anger and frustration, trying to conceal the desire and longing he held for her. He knew that the only way to drive her from him was to treat her so callously. How he wished those days hadn't happened. He knew now that he couldn't live without her. After tonight, he believed that she wanted him too, in her life, and in her heart.

He inched closer and smelled the fruity shampoo that wafted from her wavy locks, and slipped the comforter aside to reveal the curve of her hip covered loosely in the flimsy cotton of his worn t-shirt. The moonlight offered a glimpse of her silhouette that he found so irresistible. He rested his hand on her hip, allowing her body to exude warmth into his palm. He was content to hold it there only for a moment, before he slowly and gently caressed her feminine curves. Her skin was so yielding that he lost himself in the velvety feeling.

She dreamed of soft, downy vapors, warm and flowing, floating over her core. The mist swirled into circles, which grew larger and larger, enveloping more of her flesh. First her hip, then across her lower back, the hazy sensations turned to liquid. In her reverie, she felt it pouring over her in increasingly expanding waves. Her nerves relished the feeling as she imagined the fluid gaining consistency and firming into pure, heated silk, now sliding over her shoulders and upper back, then over her hips, and around to her stomach. She craved more, and unconsciously leaned into the source of the smooth sensation.

Slowly she began to awaken, realizing that the warm pleasure she was feeling was neither vapor, liquid, nor real silk, but the firm and gentle touch of the man whom she had wanted for longer than she allowed herself to admit. Luke was the source of the intense sensuality that she was experiencing, and her body cried out for more.

Unable to move for several minutes while spanning the threshold between sleep and consciousness, she relished his caresses and allowed him free reign over her skin. While stirring slowly, her breathing began to deepen, and match the strokes of his hand. She snuggled deeper into him as he continued to savor her soft skin. Finally able to respond vocally, she allowed soft murmuring sighs to escape her lips.

Lorelai rolled onto her back, and Luke's hand smoothed over to her stomach, stroking and rubbing gently, sliding over her body as she basked in his soft, patient caresses. Silently yet determinedly, he lifted the hem of the t-shirt that she wore. She aided him in removing it by lifting her arms, before he cast it away carelessly over her head. His fluidly moving hand drifted from her shoulder as he smoothed it down her arm, elbow, and forearm, then stopped as he held her hand. He brought it up to his lips and kissed the back of it, then turned it over and planted tender kisses on her palm.

She curved her fingers gently around his cheek. He nuzzled into them as she explored the stubble that already shadowed his strong jaw. While turning to face him, she allowed her hand to run through his hair and stop at the nape of his neck, twirling and toying with his soft, fine curls. Facing each other, their bodies were closely aligned as they embraced in a warm reassuring hug, feeling as if they had just been reunited. Lorelai lifted her face to meet his waiting lips as he kissed her softly at first, then more insistently. His lips parted hers, to find her mouth inviting and eager to taste his. Still affected by the cloudiness of sleep, she found the smell of his skin and the electricity of kiss so intoxicating that she had to hold onto him tightly, while catching her breath.

The kisses intensified as they wrapped their arms around each other in an attempt to get as close as possible. Tantalizingly slow, they relished every sensation as each twirl of the tongue was met with yet another. Each beat of the heart was matched as their pulses quickened and their bodies melded into each other, increasing the heat between them, and igniting the passion that had simmered for so long.

Still susceptible to the raw emotion that sleep doesn't censor, she didn't hesitate, or question the inevitable journey they were about to embark upon. Lorelai's reluctance from earlier in the evening was gone, as were her fears and misgivings of being hurt. The only thing she knew for certain was that she and Luke were together in the moment, suspended in time, with no other reality except the compulsion to be together. There were no barriers between them, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. She felt for the first time in her life, that this is how it was supposed to be.

Without thought of consequence or heartache, she pulled Luke on top of her. With his forearms resting on the bed above her shoulders, he cradled her head in his hands. He gazed at her, studying every feature, marveling at her breathtaking beauty, and needing to feel connected in every possible way.

Slowly moving directly above her, Luke watched for any of the previous hesitations. He wanted her so badly, but he also needed her to give herself freely and completely to him. He kissed her neck and breathed words of tenderness and intimacy, and of hope and longing, softly into her ear. She gasped slightly as he worked his way down her throat and sucked and kissed it softly. Turning her head to relish his throat in kind, she positioned her hips squarely under his, feeling immensely comforted by his weight bearing down on her. She felt the heat of his arousal on her inner thigh, coaxing her legs apart.

Using the entire length of her arms, she wrapped them around his shoulders, enjoying the tingling sensation of her skin skimming over his soft hairs, as she grazed his strong body, trying to maintain contact with as much of him as possible.

He lowered his head and kissed the tops of her breasts before settling his face in the valley between them. She cradled his face to her chest, and they took an appreciative moment to grasp the enormity and the relevance of the turn their relationship would soon be taking.

When he resumed kissing her breasts, she watched intently as he kissed and licked her eager nipples. Suckling and laving them soundly, he cupped them gently in his hands and growled in appreciation. Deep gasps escaped her mouth with increased frequency as his caresses intensified. Instinctively, she pulled her knees up, sliding her legs along his outer thighs. The velvety softness of her skin on his strong muscular legs caused them both to relish the differences in their physiques.

Present was the burning, smoldering urgency from before they slept. But absent were the questions and insecurities that had plagued them. All of their previous misgivings were replaced by the clarity and the certainty of the connection that they needed to make. Maintaining eye contact, he positioned himself at her entry. Knowing that in just a few heartbeats, everything would be permanently and infinitely changed, he paused momentarily.

"Take me, Luke," she whispered ardently.

He kissed her with everything he had, licking and nibbling her lips as he said, "If I take you, Lorelai, I want all of you."

"Take all of me."

"All of you," he breathed, before crossing the threshold. Once there, he slowly inched in, intently observing every expression that flashed over her face. She fought to keep her eyes open so they could remain fixed on his smoky blue irises, and succeeded until their mouths found each other again. They kissed even more intimately than the previous burning, urgent kisses. She allowed small groans of pleasure to escape her mouth, as he prolonged his insertion. He kissed her eyelids, her cheeks, and her neck, and marveled at how breathtakingly sensuous she was.

At each interval she pulled him in deeper, raising her hips to meet him half-way, attempting unsuccessfully to quicken his advancement. Luke's approach was steadfastly measured, and he savored every inch of penetration, wanting to memorize each increment, which caused her to gasp almost imperceptibly. He might have missed it, had he not felt her breath on his throat, and her interior muscles contracting with each gentle thrust.

He marveled at the feel of her, amazed at the heat they generated. Finally filling her to capacity, he halted. They remained motionless while allowing their bodies to get used to each other, matching breath for breath and heartbeat for heartbeat. Subtly, at first, they moved their hips in sweet, gentle circles. Lorelai's bent knees entwined around his hips, and her calves gently grazed his muscular ass. They adhered to their minimal movements, until neither of them could refrain from increasing their response: Luke, by thrusting slightly deeper, and Lorelai, by squeezing more intently.

Still hovering over her, he refrained from accelerating excessively, and they reached a sustainable plateau. They held their pace, relishing the sensations of each other. The sensuous grazing of her areolas against his chest, the soft, smooth sliding of her legs against his thighs and ass, kept rhythm with their hips, and the intermingling of their breaths, as they increased oxygen consumption. He relished the tight peaking of each rosy breast, as he tweaked them between his thumb and forefinger, then gently sucked them in turn, causing her interior muscles to contract strongly with each caress, increasing the pleasure for both of them.

With their bodies moving in harmony, Lorelai's mind began to grasp the magnitude of the situation. Luke is making love to me. I'm making love with Luke. 'Making love,' her mind chanted while they remained merged as she had never known.

"Lorelai, we're making love," he whispered to her.

"Love," she said aloud this time, convinced he had been reading her mind.

"Yes," he breathed. "Love."

He slid his arms under her, one at her shoulders, the other at her waist and turned her over to straddle him, being careful not to kick her injured ankle. He remained inside her, while they repositioned themselves so that Lorelai's knee was placed near the edge of the bed. Her foot rested, hanging over the side, allowing her sore appendage to maintain its proper angle.

Being in the driver's seat, Lorelai gained some self-assurance as she positioned herself so that each ministration rubbed her in the most advantageous way. At first, she moved tentatively, sliding over him slowly. Then she increased the distance she covered with each stroke as she slid over his rigid shaft. Sitting up higher, they grasped hands, with her leaning on his, until she was fully vertical. Once there, her long legs allowed her to rise and fall effortlessly while communicating in the most intimate way. She watched Luke's eyes close in ecstasy, and studied the kaleidoscope of expressions that crossed his face as she enveloped him.

He opened his eyes and she gave him a dazzling smile that took his breath away. He couldn't believe this lovely creature, the woman of his dreams, was finally his. On him. Surrounding him. Loving him. He released her hands, and filled his own, with her softly bouncing breasts as she accelerated her movements and increased the intensity of their union. He slid his hands to her hips, assisting her with each down stroke, while lifting his hips completely off the bed. Their voices resonated off the walls. They were energized by each other's pleasure, as flesh met flesh, causing a slight slapping sound against their skin, which began to glisten under a thin veil of perspiration.

Rolling over so that he was on top of her again, his senses heightened as he responded to each nuanced movement of her body, and felt her gentle insistence for him to plunge more deeply into her. He slowly began to lengthen his strokes, sliding smoothly in and out. They settled into their rhythm and he could feel his desire beginning to ascend. Before reaching the point of no return, he wanted to bring Lorelai with him, closer to his level of completion. He kissed her fully on the mouth as her back arched and her hips bucked under his.

Without warning, he withdrew from her, causing her to whimper in slight bewilderment. He kissed her chest, then her stomach, and worked his way down, not lingering until her reached the apex of her legs. Her confusion disintegrated as he planted kisses on the top of her wet curls. His hands eased her thighs apart as he began pleasuring her with his mouth.

Lorelai groaned in ecstasy, never having fathomed that making love could be so unexpectedly, deliciously, non-linear. He allowed himself to regain his forbearance while he delighted in the sensuality of her aromatic flesh. Following her lead, he used the sound of her voice, and the swing of her hips, to place just the right amount of stimulation on her sensitive nub. Sliding his tongue over her heated sex, he could feel the temperature radiating from deep inside, warming his mouth as he gratified her, leading her to the pinnacle of desire.

Feeling confident that he had properly elevated her level of arousal, he was ready to venture into her tight, warm body once more. He climbed up to meet her, plunging into her with newly stoked gusto as his rock hard sex filled her to capacity. He kissed her with relish, wanting to remind her of where he had been. She tasted herself on his lips, and found it unexpectedly sensuous to share this intimacy with him. She was suddenly experiencing a freedom over her sexuality that had, with every other partner, eluded her.

Her hands journeyed around him and explored the rippling muscles of his back. Her fingernails trailed lightly down his shoulder blades, then dug in more insistently. She reacted to his expression, and decreased the amount of pressure, settling on long strokes, the length of his back, and ending with her palms flat on his ass, pulling him into her.

He placed his hands under her hips and pulled them up to him. The change in angle caused her to moan loudly with each thrust. His arousal heightened as he continued his ascension. She succumbed to him fully as he plunged into her, rocking together, their movements merging into one fluid motion.

"Are you mine, Lorelai?" he asked urgently.

"Yes, I'm yours."

"Tell me you're mine," he coaxed. "Say my name."

"Luke, I'm yours. I want you, Luke. I only want you," she chanted, as he pushed himself into her, feeding off her words, increasing his desire.

"God, Lorelai," he gasped, as the power of his thrusts increased and he approached the summit of ecstasy. He groaned from deep within his throat, pouring himself into her. "I want you with me, Lorelai," he said urgently, as they tumbled over the edge together.

"I'm with you," she reassured him, calling out his name, punctuated by husky groans of pleasure and awe. Holding on tightly, they basked in the waves of ecstasy that repeatedly washed over them. Lorelai's interior muscles spasmed as he reached deeper and deeper inside her. They remained joined until the involuntary tremors ceased.

His rocking subsided, and he collapsed on top of her, panting. They still held onto each other; neither wanted to let go. Regaining his equilibrium, he was determined to stay inside of her for as long as possible. She hugged him tightly already dreading the moment it would be necessary for him to exit.

After several minutes of recovery, he tried to extract himself, but she hugged him even closer and pleaded, "No, not yet."

"But, I should go get you a towel."

"Just a few more minutes," she beseeched. He kissed her forehead in acquiescence and remained where he was, until it was necessary to get up.

As he rose, she said, "Hurry back." Then she added, "Don't use the pretty ones hanging up."

He let out a sigh. "I wasn't going to use the pretty ones. Where are the after-making-love-acceptable-use towels kept?"

"Under the sink. Oh, and use the blue ones. No, wait! The green ones. The older, faded green ones. Not the darker ones with the embroidery." She could hear his chuckle over the sound of the running water.

He returned with an unembellished towel. One corner was generously dampened, while the rest of it remained dry. He handed it to her while crawling under the covers. She took it saying, "Ohhh, it's so warm, thanks." He nodded, happy to please her with such a small gesture. After using it, she rolled it up so that the dry section was on the outside, and she dropped it on the floor, before turning all her attention back to him.

Snuggling up together, Lorelai trailed her meandering fingers through his chest hair. "I'm going to feed you breakfast tomorrow," he said.

"Really? What are you going to give me?"

"What if I start with coffee?"

"Oh, perfect place to start, I have coffee," she purred. "What else? I'm going to need more sustenance than coffee after all that!" she teased, causing him to beam proudly.

"We're kind of limited by your lack of inventory, so how does Cheesecake sound?"


"And leftover pizza?"

"You really know the way into my heart," she said softly, realizing the meaning of her words as they floated off her lips.

"I hope so," he whispered back. The held each other tightly, lost in thought for several minutes, relaxing in the safety of each other's arms.

Lorelai broke the silence. "So, tomorrow. Um, what are we going to tell the inquiring minds?"

"Tell them it's none of their damn business," he replied automatically. Her faced flashed a momentary expression of hurt and disappointment that wasn't lost on Luke. In a much softer tone he followed, "That's what I'll say, because, well…because I'm me. But, you can tell them the truth."

"The truth?"

"Yeah, that we're in a relationship," he said. She smiled at him, knowing that he was incapable of refraining from completing his thought, " . . . a relationship that's really none of their damn business."

"So, this is a relationship?" she questioned hopefully.

"That's what I'd call it. Wouldn't you?"

She nodded.

"Lorelai, did you mean what you said? About being mine?"

She averted her eyes in self-consciousness, before meeting his gaze. "Yeah, I meant every word."

"That's good," he exhaled in relief.

"Luke, can I tell them that I'm happy?"

"Lorelai, you can tell them whatever you feel comfortable telling them," he said with a reassuring kiss. "If you tell them that, um, will you tell them that I'm happy, too?"

"Yeah, inquiring minds would want to know," she said, settling on her side in front of him, as they embraced tightly, allowing themselves to drift off to sleep.