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Verdict (No, seriously this time)


"The winner is Concerned Father. Court is adjourned." The words left Esme's mouth in moments, but it took me a good five minutes to comprehend them. We had lost. Renesmee couldn't have sex with Jacob. How could this have ha--Emmett. Wait, even with Emmett's horrible argument, there was no way that Esme could have actually chosen this and--

"Why, Esme, WHY?" I begged.

"Simple. Edward took this case out of love. You took it because you wanted to prove you could win in a fight. Edward deserved to win this case. Court is adjourned." She stated plainly and walked out of the room.

"BUTYOUCAN'TDOTHATCAUSETHEYHADSEXALREADY!" Alice called after her. Renesmee's jaw dropped in shock.

"Betrayed by the pixie." Jake mumbled. I looked over to Edward. His face was blank, sort of like when you get punched but you can't feel the pain yet. I could feel shock mounting inside me, anger, and just the slightest bit of satisfaction. I had won without even winning. Take that, Edward.

"What…was…that…you…said…Alice?" Edward's voice shook with both fear and anger.

"Yeah, what was that, Alice?" Renesmee shot at her. Alice just stood there with a defiant look on her face.

"I said Esme's verdict doesn't matter. Yesterday, when Renesmee went out with Jacob and--"

"THAT'S ENOUGH, ALICE!" Renesmee snapped. Edward's face was pained.

"Let me finish! Jacob took her to his place and they had sex and I probably shouldn't have said that."


"I can't help it! We've been waiting for this for years!"


"What is it with you and virtue, Edward?" I asked.


"Because Jacob is the only man she will ever be with, and you know that! And yes, very much so." I said sternly. Emmett shook his head.

"Um, why is everyone overlooking the most important question??" He shook his head as we looked at him curiously. "…how was the sex?!" He cried. Edward looked like he would burst, but beneath the fear, an unmistakable grin spread across Renesmee's face. I looked over to see Jacob looking away with a lustful expression in his eyes. I could tell Emmett and Rosalie saw it, because a satisfied look was exchanged between them. In my peripheral vision, I saw Edward shudder, probably at Emmett's thoughts. When he next spoke, his voice shook with anger.

"My daughter…my wife…my family…and whoever is thinking that, will you PLEASE STOP!"

"I'M SORRY I CAN'T HELP IT!" Emmett cried.

"Try." Was all he said. We sat in silence for several minutes, each of us wrapped up in our own thoughts. Edward sat perfectly still, his face hard, his eyes dark. Emmett had his face screwed up slightly, as if he were thinking very hard about something (…I had never seen Emmett make that face…) Alice was biting her lip, very nervous about the tension she had caused. Jasper wasn't reacting well to that. Renesmee's face was serious, but every so often she would crack a tiny smile. Edward would wince. Jacob looked guilty. Carlisle was looking at his watch. After about five minutes of silence, Renesmee spoke, so quietly that it couldn't have been heard by human ears.

"I love him." She said. Edward shook his head.

"You are too young."

"This is the oldest I will ever be." She reminded him.


"Look, dad." She stood up, walked to Jacob and took his hand. "I love him. No matter what happens in my life, I will always love him. But I will also always love you. You are my father, and that can't ever change." She smiled, and I could tell that the heartfelt family moment had been intentional.

"Aww." Alice sighed. Edward's eyes softened a bit, and he almost smiled. Jacob looked very wary standing beside her.

"Renesmee, I'm not happy that you went behind my back. But…I guess, in time, I could be able to trust you again. You're my only daughter and I love you." He smiled slightly.

"Thanks dad." She smiled.

"AWW!" Alice exclaimed again. Renesmee went over to hug Edward. The moment she pulled back, his face fell a bit.

"Jacob, on the other hand." Jacob's eyes widened in fear. Edward smirked. "I'll give you a three second head start."

The End.