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Mein Gott: My God, Mein Lieber: my dear/love, Mein Herz schlägt schnell: my heart beats fast, Mein Ziel kommt noch: my turn will come,  Mir ist schwindelig: my head swims,  Ich Liebe Dich: I love you, Du gibst aber an!: My you are fussy,  auf meine bitte: at my request,  Eltern: parents, Ich verliere die Geduld:I'm losing my patience, deine arbet last viel zu wünschen übrig: your work leaves a lot to be desired, Meine Engel: My angel.

Meine Engel

They talked over coffee.

It started with Apollo apologizing for his actions when the thunderstorm had started, and then Klavier saying that it was okay. Not long after he admitted his crippling fear of clowns. They had both laughed, realizing they were getting along like old friends. Talk of family, mainly of Klavier's eltern since Apollo had never really met his real family, and of friends, even of dear friends who counted as family, like Mr. Wright and Trucy to Apollo.

It was nearly 4 AM when Apollo's eyes started drooping. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, something Klavier had only seen children on television do, and snuggled back into his pillows.

Humming lightly, Klavier proceeded to the door and as he left, he vowed to turn out the light.

"Don't leave…" Even without seeing the attorney's face, Klavier could hear the urgency in the command.

"I was just going to turn out the light-"

"Don't do that either!" Apollo begged; his eyes that were once on the verge of sleep now again wide awake.

"You want to sleep with the light on?" The prosecutor cocked his head sideways, obvious confusion shadowed his face. Apollo nodded.

"How about we leave the lamp on and I turn out the overhead?" Just like Klavier to always offer alternatives.

Considering what he had to loose, Apollo nodded, allowing the blonde man to rush back, flick on the bedside lamp, and then flit over and turn out the overhead light.

Apollo decided that this room had romantic mooding potential. The light was dull, seeing as the overhead light was sharp and hurt the eyes but now that light was off, and the bed was positively soft…

He let his thoughts trail off, lazily snuggling into the white pillow that had been provided.

On the verge of sleep, he heard distant humming and a quiet melodic voice singing something reminiscent of a lullaby. He recognized the voice even though he was so far gone.

"Klavier… you're voice… it's like an angel…"

And then he promptly lost consciousness again.

Klavier stopped singing, his eyes wide, a hand flew over his open mouth and blood swarmed to his cheeks. Had Apollo just said something like that? To him?

'Mein Herz schlägt schnell' Klavier comprehended. He rested back against the chair, trying to calm the throbbing in his chest.

No man had ever made these feelings arise in him before. In fact, no one ever had. What were these feelings anyway?

'Mir ist schwindelig' Klavier tried to calm his pulse, but the more he tried, the faster it decided to race.

Moving in a daze, he practically melted into the seat against the back wall; the one he had secluded himself to when he first arrived in that room. He was breathing heavily, long after the shock had first worn off. Labored breath in; labored breath out.

It wasn't long before he fell asleep in the chair.

Apollo woke first at 7 AM with the severe urge to vomit. He knew he wasn't going to, but he just felt it.

As he leaned off of the bed as to not, in case he did vomit, ruin the white sheets, he noticed soft breathing coming from the back corner of the room. His eyes darted to the face of one passed out Prosecutor, sitting lopsided in a chair.

Apollo sat back upright, staring at the prosecutor, watching his chest moved as his breathed; noting how long his eyelashes really were; mentally mapping the look of Klavier Gavin.

Not in his own mind, he reached for a pad and pen that were left on the bedside table he had barely noticed the night before. The only reason there was a pad and pen there were in case Apollo couldn't speak when he woke up…

He began to draw.

He hadn't drawn anything in months; not since he had been interned by Klavier's older brother. Even with the lack of use in these particular circumstances, Apollo's fingers wrapped around the pen, easily making glide across the paper. He was in a daze as he started drawing Klavier.

By the time he had finished, he let his eyes move off of the picture and stare straight at a grinning Phoenix Wright.

"You are a good artist, Apollo," Phoenix said, and Apollo could not tell if the man was being sarcastic or not. The picture seemed in order seeing as everything was in the right place; the angles all made sense and appeared where they should be.

Then the prosecutor stirred.

Apollo placed the utensils he had used back on the bedside table and began searching through the drawers. Phoenix looked at the younger lawyer confused.

"I need something to read…" Apollo answered the un-asked question and Phoenix lay himself back against the chair.

"What, they only give you gossip mags and the bible?"

Apollo nodded firmly, once.

Phoenix laughed. "Kind of defeats the purpose a bit, doesn't it?"

Apollo's brow crumpled. He was just so bored!

"You bored kid?"

Could everyone read his mind?

"Yeah… and I am dying for food that doesn't look like someone already digested it…"

Phoenix couldn't help but chuckle at expression his supposed "successor" wore.

"You're just lucky I am here to bust you out!" It was almost scary the grin that Phoenix gave him.

"Y-you're going to what? Isn't that illegal?"

"Isn't it illegal to keep you hostage and feed you inedible food?"

"I don't think that's the problem!"

"Oh, well enlighten me. What is the problem?"

Apollo wanted to shout 'I can't think with Klavier in the room' and then he realized that yelling may disturb his sleep.

"Shhhh, you might wake him…" Apollo mumbled. Phoenix stared.

"Well anyway, Trucy told me to bust Polly out and that is what I am here to do, so out we get!"

"Mr. Wright!"

Apollo had struggled against the hands of his new mentor as he helped him hobble down the corridor. They had barely made it to the fork in the path, when a soft voice called "Herr Forehead" and both men froze.

Phoenix turned sheepishly around and grinned.

"Got further than I thought we would," he mumbled to Apollo, who merely looked at Klavier, waiting to be scolded.

"Herr Wright, what business do you have kidnapping mein victim?"

Phoenix raised an eyebrow at Klavier and then retorted "what business do you have holding mein intern hostage, Herr Gavin?"

Apollo began to laugh at how serious this stupid conversation was becoming.

"It wasn't his fault, Klavier. I got bored and-" Klavier's smiling face cut him off.

"I'll take it from here, Mister Wright," Klavier began to walk forward.

Phoenix joking pulled Apollo away.

"How do I know you won't take him back and tie him up?"

"Ich verliere die Geduld. I grow tired of these games," Klavier was actually getting angry now. Phoenix was insistent of pressing him though.

"Mein Gott! Just give me an answer. Will. You. Keep. Him. Hostage?"

Klavier noticed the devilish twinkle in Phoenix' eyes before he got too angry and once again played along.

"To think, I actually thought I would win an argument fair and square against you, Wright. Never worry, mein ziel kommt noch."

Klavier walked forward and soon was face to face with Phoenix, who didn't move backwards. Or forwards as it was closer to the exit which had originally been their goal.

"What underhanded tricks will you use Klavier?"

Apollo noticed the challenge in Phoenix' tone and felt himself being hoisted into someone's arms.

Only it wasn't Mr. Wright's.

Klavier stood in the hallway of a hospital, carrying a young lawyer, bridal style, in his arms.

Apollo turned red as soon as he looked into those depthless blue eyes.

Phoenix put up his hands. "Seems I have been defeated… again… by Prosecutor Klavier Gavin…" He sighed, scuttling away quickly, mumbling something about those meddling kids.

Klavier looked at Apollo and smirked.

"Du gibst aber an! Come Apollo…"

Apollo couldn't understand the sentence before, but the last one sounded almost pleading as the Prosecutor carried him back to bed.

After days of watching Apollo sleep at the hospital, Klavier began to wonder who every single gift that arrived on his bedside was from.

Many flowers from previous clients, nearly all of them women.

As the lawyer kept on sleeping, Klavier began to search the drawers, pulling each one out until he found something interesting.

It was the pad of paper he had left beside Apollo when he was unconscious, just in case he couldn't speak when he awoke.

On it was a picture of a person Klavier knew only too well. It was a drawing of himself sleeping, lopsided but upright in a chair.

"When did you draw this, Forehead?" Klavier mused; looking at the almost perfectly captured picture of himself he'd seen in a long while. This wasn't the rock star image they had in magazines or the picture in the newspapers that announced he'd won yet another case. This was him at his weakest; his most defenseless. Apollo had captured that perfectly.

For no reason, other than to keep the scrap of paper, he tore it from the pad and placed it in his pocket.

Apollo mumbled again in his sleep. "Ich… liebe…"

Klavier stood upright. Had Apollo just spoken German?

And had he just been about to profess his love for something? Or someone?

"Ich liebe…?" Klavier prompted. Apollo moaned and rolled his head to the other side.

"Ich… liebe… dich… Klavi…er"

Even with the broken syllables pronounced in a highly un-German way, Klavier knew what he had heard.

Apollo had just said he loved him. Just announced that he loved his worst enemy who just happened to be paying for his hospital stay.

'This must have been a set up by Wright' Klavier thought, but then he realized that even Phoenix wouldn't stoop so low as to have his own colleague placed in hospital.

"Where did you learn German, mein lieber?" Klavier asked no one in particular.

Then a certain mewing could be heard from outside the door.

"Trucy, why did you bring Judge Kitty to the hospital?" Apollo remarked, holding the kitten in his hands. He really wasn't worried though, Klavier could tell. He loved that cat more than anything.

Well… after that dream confession… maybe one thing rated higher than the cat…

"You named your cat Judge Kitty?" Trucy marveled. Apollo merely shrugged and picked the cat up again.

He looked a lot like a child on Christmas.

"Damnit, I left my magic panties at home! Listen Polly, you can keep the cat until I get back, okay?" Trucy had already run through the door when she set her limits.

Apollo looked at Klavier pleadingly.

"You won't tell anyone, right?" He tried using puppy-dog eyes. It was very strange considering he was obviously a cat person.

Smiling and shaking his head, Klavier rejoiced as Apollo's face lit up like a Christmas tree, if only it were possible. And why was Klavier using all these Christmas references?

"Apollo," Klavier found himself intrigued.

"Yes, Klavier?" Apollo was just happy he was being called by his first name and not simply by "Forehead" anymore.

"Where did you learn to speak German?"

Apollo was not expecting this question. In truth he had Ema go and get him a book which would teach him, so then he'd be able to understand Klavier's quirks. He was learning to speak German for Klavier was even harder to admit to.

"Ema brought me a book… so I could understand what you were saying when you were insulting me…"

Apollo's bright red face seemed to betray anything he had just said.

Klavier paused and then began to laugh.

"Well then, Mister I-Taught-Myself-German, please translate these sentences for me, okay?"

Apollo was too stunned to respond with anything but a nod. Klavier's grin turned into a smirk.

"Ich liebe dich, Herr Forehead. Apollo ist meine engel, nein, mein lieber."

Apollo held his breath thinking it through before he suddenly understood.

Klavier found it interesting watching the light bulb flick on inside Apollo's brain.

"You… You do?"

"Ja. You got a problem?"

He didn't need to say anything.

Bouncing up from the bed Apollo caught the prosecutor in a lip lock before he'd even had the chance to move.

Behind the slightly ajar door, stood Phoenix, smiling to himself as he watched the two men embrace lovingly. He closed the door quietly behind himself and walked down the corridor, humming softly, his mood lifted.

"Er ist ganz in ihrer hand, Herr Gavin."

"He is now entirely in your hands, Mr. Gavin."

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