Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing in any way shape of form, except this idea for my fic

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing in any way shape of form, except this idea for my fic! Thank you! Can I help it if I love Gundam Wing so much that I want to write about it?

It's Our Turn!!

The scientist looked through the telescope and made an unsatisfied "hmmm."

"What is it, Dr. White?" the student asked, leaning down.

"Take a look for yourself," he said, pushing back his chair to give room for the student to look through the telescope.

She put her eye on the lens.

"You see it, Hannah?" the scientist asked.

"Looks like an asteroid," she pulled back, "good god, and it heading straight for Earth!" she looked at the scientist, "Dr. White, it could destroy the whole planet! The asteroid looks like it could be big and it could hit earth in about a week!"

"Good job, Hannah," the scientist said, taking the calculations with the telescope, "the asteroid seems to be about 1000 miles wide. Perhaps the size of a state or small country."

"Could it destroy the Earth?" she asked.

"No, but it will defiantly destroy the colonies if they are in its path." He stated politely, "Depending on where the asteroid hits, it'll do moderate damage."

"What should we do, Doctor?" Hannah asked impatiently.

The doctor smiled, "a situation like this happened a year ago. Remember, Hannah? The battleship Libra was going to crash into the Earth?"

"Like yesterday," she said, "the Gundam Pilots saved us. Her eyes lit up. You think they'd….?"

"One way to find out," the doctor picked up the phone, "Lucile, get me the Gundam Pilots."

The Gundam Pilots came to the observatory with Relena, Hilde, Dorothy, Midii, Sally, Catherine, Noin and Lady Une. Doctor White gave a thirty minute explanation about the asteroid. It was indeed huge, like he said, the size of France. Might not do damage to the Earth, but it'll destroy any colony in its path, which was like half of them. If it hit Earth, it will land in the middle of Russia.

"Oh no," Relena cried, standing up, "how awful!"

"What can we do?" Hilde asked.

"The Earth isn't in real danger," Dr. White continued, "but the colonies are. Millions of people live in outer space and they could lose their lives in about a week. There will be meteorites perhaps the size between the size of this computer screen," he tapped the screen, "and your gundams." He pointed to the Gundam Pilots.

"Good Gravy!" Duo shouted.

"We need you to destroy the asteroid before it does any damage to the colonies," Dr. White told them.

"Mission ac…" Heero began.

"Wait!" Relena yelled, "you pilots have done enough all ready. As the leader of the world nation, I want to do this."

"I'm with Relena!" Hilde agreed. "And I can teach her! It's been a while since I've been inside a mobile suit!"

"You what?!" Duo shouted, "Hilde Shoodebaker, are you nuts?"

"It's SHI-BIKE-ER!" Hilde corrected harshly, "Schbeiker!"

"Whatever," Duo grumbled, "you risked your life when you helped me on the lunar base, you risked your life while letting me stay at your place and you really risked your life when you delivered that data on Libra to me! Now you want to take a dangerous mission! What the hell is the matter with you!"

"Are you saying this because I'm short?!" she cried, "come on, Maxwell, wanna fight? I'll rip that braid of yours right off!" she lunged at Duo, who gasped in surprise.

"Hey, hold it!" Midii grunted, stepping between them, "Relena and Hilde have a point."

"Thank you, Midii!" Hilde and Relena said in unison.

"I was a spy since I was a little kid, I had a sick father and three younger brothers. My father is dead now. I had to do some terrible things just to keep them and myself alive. I'm sick and tired of the things I've done!" she shouted, "this is my chance to do something right for a change!"

"Midii, that's over now," Trowa said in an effort to make her feel better.

"It doesn't matter," she mumbled, looking at him, "I can't forget what I did. Too many people have died because of me, maybe not directly, but I can still see the blood on my hands when I look at them." She paused to look at her hands, clenched them. " This may be my only chance to redeem myself, don't you understand, Trowa??"

Trowa was silent.

"I had a feeling you wouldn't."

"Hey," Catherine whispered, "I think you should go for it."

"Catherine!" Trowa grumbled, "why don't you just show her how to throw knives?"

"What do you think, Dorothy?" Relena asked.

"Miss Relena, it will be an honor to finally fight for the colonies," she said, "it is, still, in a way, a war after all."

"Your missing the point," Quatre broke in, "you don't even know how to pilot a gundam!"

"Then you could show me!" she said.

"Dorothy, I'd give you my heart from my chest," he said almst understanding, "the keys to my car, even my jet! But I absolutly cannot let you pilot Sandrock!"

"Why not?" she demanded, obviously hurt, "Quatre Rabera Winner, you're not much of a soldier yourself! All you do is drink your chamomile tea and tell people to surrender before you attack!"

"That's not true, Dorothy!" Quatre shouted, then groaned, "peppermint's my favorite."

"You should give the girls a chance," Noin said.

"We should all do it," Sally offered. "I can use Wufei's gundam!"

"Yes," Une agreed.

"No, Sally!" Wufei protested. "You have no right to pilot Nataku!"

"That's enough!" Heero shouted, then took a breath. He walked up behind Relena and placed his hands on her shoulders, his voice became calm again, "if they really want to do this, I won't stop them. I'll even teach Relena to pilot Wing Zero."

"Heero, are you crazy?" Duo demanded.

"I cant' believe you'd agree on this!" Quatre gasped. "She can't handle the ZERO system no more than you can!"

"She'll learn to use it," Heero said, giving Relena's shoulder a squeeze, "I have total faith in her."

Relena felt like she was going to faint, "really?" she turned to him.

"You're the leader of the world, Relena" Heero said with a nod. "People love you. You can give a moving speech about peace and influence people to fight for the right reasons. This is more than just a chance for you, in a way, it's like your duty, your mission."

"I'm surprised you'll let me do this," Relena mumbled.

Yeah, me too, Relena. Heero thought, but I can't make myself stop you from doing you feel so strongly about. I never felt this way when I was fighting. Maybe you'll surprise me and make one damn good Gundam Pilot.

Duo sighed, "okay, Hilde, if Heero is going to let Relena do this, I guess I can let you do it too." He told her, "but I'll warn you, piloting Deathscythe is much different than a Taurus!"

Hilde nodded, "I understand, Duo."

Midii looked at Trowa, "well?" she pressed.

Catherine looked at her and then at Trowa as if to say: If you teach her, then I assure you, everything will turn out like it should.

"This means a lot to you, doesn't it?" Trowa asked.

"Oh yes."

"Then Heavyarms will be your best friend."

"All you really have to do Quatre," Dorothy began, "is show me how to pilot Sandrock. How hard could it be? It's probably like a video game!"

"I've seen the way you fence," he said, running his finger over the scar he received from his duel, "You play for keeps, don't you?"

"Well, I…."

"Sandrock is more than just a mobile suit," Quatre said, "it's not a toy. When you began piloting it, you become the suit."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Still think I have no right to pilot Nataku?" Sally asked Wufei with her hands on her hips.

"You seem strong enough," Wufei said, "just don't do what Meiran did."

"What happened to her?"

"She died."

"Noin and I can take you to space on a shuttle," Lady Une offered.

"Wait," Heero said, "just a minute. You can take them to outer space and they can destroy the Asteroid on one condition."

"What is it, Heero?" Lady Une asked.

"That we go with them."

"Fair enough."

"Not a bad idea," Duo said with a nod, "not bad at all."

The Gundam pilots gave instructions how to use their mobile suits. "What does this do, Quatre?" Dorothy asked, immediately pushing the button.

"No, Dorothy!"

A woman's voice, like a computer, began talking. "How are you doing today, Master Quatre? Goood. Please fasten your seatbelt and prepare yourself for war."

Dorothy raised an eyebrow and giggled as Quatre blushed.

"Now tell yourself you believe in yourself, Master Quatre." The computer went on. "Say it, 'I believe in me. I can pilot my gundam. I am in control.' Goood."

Dorothy pushed the button again, "something you'd like to explain, Quatre?" she asked though her giggles.

"It helps me get in a fighting mood. Just don't put it in self detonate mode."

"It's this button right?" she was about to push it.

"Don't touch it!" he slapped her hand. "it will take days to rebuild Sandrock!"

"A lot of nice gadgets you've got here," Hilde noted, looking the cockpit over, "but pretty much self explanatory."

"Told you it was different from a Taurus," Duo muttered. He continued to show her different buttons and their uses.

"Relena," Heero murmured, leaning into the cockpit, "this will be different and confusing at first, but you've got to keep focused or the ZERO system will mess you up."

Relena looked at the joysticks. She put her hands on them, "so, this is like your office, huh?" she asked.

Heero nodded, "Yeah, I guess so."


"What happens when I run out of bullets?" Midii asked.

"Pull this," Trowa pointed to a lever, "it'll make the left arm lighter. And press this button to release the Gundanium blade."

"Thanks, Trowa." Middi murmured, "I should handle it."

"Think you got it figured out, Sally?" Wufei asked.

She nodded, "thanks for your help, Wufei." She smiled and looked at the buttons. "Quit a Mobile Suit you have here."

Doctor White came with them, "I have some bad news."

"What is it, Doctor?" Lady Une asked.

"Two colonies have been partially destroyed with meteor showers. The asteroid is heading close."

"I guess we better get to outer space quickly then!" Dorothy shouted.

They went to space. Relena spent most of her time in the Wing Zero, just sitting in the cockpit, hands on the controls, not taking the suit anywhere. She should be spending time with Heero and her friends, but she was taking a risk and she wanted to be ready for anything that happens.

"Get a grip, Relena," she murmured to herself, "you've wanted to be close to Heero so he can make you strong." She clenched the controls harder, "well, this is as close to Heero as you'll ever get."

"Talking to yourself, Relena?" Hilde asked, about to aboard the Deathscythe, "you know, if you don't want to be heard, you shouldn't leave the radio on!" she laughed and buckled herself in.

"Oh, whoops," Relena mumbled though her foolishness, "I guess I'm nervous."

"Hey, how about we all go for a test flight?" Hilde asked challengingly, clicking switches. "It always cheers me up!"

"Wait for us!" Dorothy cried, behind her were Sally and Midii.

They flew around outside in space for a while. Hilde did a thing or two with the scythe, "I can see why Duo likes this so much!" she moved it around like a baton, it never left Deathscythe's fingers.

Midii saw some meteors, no bigger than Heavyarm's head. She aimed at them for target practice. Biting her lip, she remembered Trowa. She fired then closed her eyes, thinking she didn't hit it. But she did. She opened her eyes. "I don't believe it!"

"I wonder where the girls are," Quatre mumbled.

"Just off on a testflight," Noin said. "They'll be back."

Quatre looked out the window and saw Dorothy piloting Sandrock.

Dorothy was having trouble handling Sandrock, "come on move!!!" she said, turning the joysticks. "Oh, great!" she leaned back and hit one of the joysticks, "it's not equipped properly for space, man!"

"Hey," Sally said to her, "try to do whatever Quatre would do."

"Uh, guys," Hilde gulped, pointing Deathscythe's finger outward, "is that it?"

Everyone turned to what Hilde was pointing at. It was the Asteroid.

"You know," Dorothy whispered, "it's a really beautiful thing, even though it can cost the lives of so many people. Just look at it!"

The asteroid was hurling toward space, like a ball that God threw in a ballgame.

"We'd better go back and tell everyone," Hilde said, "you comin' Relena?"

Relena was silent. She kept her eyes on the asteroid.

"Miss Relena, come on!" Dorothy called out.

Hilde came to her and grabbed the suit, "let's go, we must tell the others!"

"Y-yeah…sure," Relena said. But I will stop this thing. She thought.