It's our Turn

It's our Turn! 2

They went back and got into their space suits. Heero told Relena more about the ZERO system as she put her helmet on.

"I understand, Heero," she told him.

Dorothy pulled her hair back in a pony tail. Quatre came to her as she got back in the cockpit.

"Hey, if you're going to pilot Sandrock," he began, "you'll need these," he threw her his goggles.

"Thanks, Quatre," she said with a smile. She immediately put them on her head. "Maybe they'll give me luck."

"Remember," Lady Une said, "you have only ten minutes to do this. Too many colonies are in the asteroid's path."

"Ten?" Hilde stressed, "Ha--I only need eight!" she started up Deathscythe.

Relena got out and transformed Wing Zero into it's second shape. She flew straight to the asteroid. For a split second, she saw and image of herself. "What the?" she whispered. Then remembered Heero's words: 'The ZERO system shows you who your true enemies are.

"Hey, Relena, wait up!" Hilde cried. "What is she doing?"

Relena landed in the middle of the asteroid. She saw herself again. "Am I really my own worst enemy?" she asked herself. "Think, Relena…What would Heero do?" she remembered when he self detonated. "Then that's what I must do." She reached her hand to the self detonation device. She left it there, trying to find the nerve to do it. "Should I?"

Hilde landed on the asteroid, then felt something give underneath her feet. She was in a soft spot. She looked down and it gave her an idea.

"Hey, Hilde…" Duo's face came up on the screen, "be careful, don't kill yourself!"

"Don't worry, Maxwell, I'll be fine…"

"It's Shinigami," he corrected with a grin, "SHINI-GAAAAMIIII!"


Duo thought of what Sister Helen told him. It was the only thing he could really think of, "May God bless you and keep you?"

Hilde smiled, "thanks…"

Duo stepped back and gave her a thumbs up, "kick some ass for me, will ya?"

She nodded, "you bet." Then she and Duo turned the screen off at the same time. She released the buster shield into the asteroid and it went all the way, taking off a big chunk.

"My turn!" Midii cried, raising the gun. She blew it into pieces.

Dorothy finished off smaller pieces with her machine gun. She turned to Relena, who was still standing in the middle of the asteroid. "What is she doing?" she said.

Relena turned on the transmission, "stay away from here. I'm going to self detonate." She said gravly.

Hilde almost dropped Deathscythe's main weapon, "what are you talking about? You don't have to do that!"

"Yes, I do." Relena held her hand on the device. "It's the only way."

"Someone stop her!" Sally shouted.

Midii released the Gundamiam blade and flew to Relena. She was about to pry off the door to get Relena out but then Dorothy stopped her, pushing the blade with the sickle sword.

"Let Relena get used to the system!" she ordered, "she can handle it if you only let her!"

"She'll kill herself!" Midii objected.

"Relena!" Heero cried out, "what are you doing?" he leaned over the screen, "don't do it! Don't be a hero!"

"What would you do differently?" she demanded, "you would do the same thing, wouldn't you Heero?"

Heero was silent for a moment. She was right, "you mustn't do this! I'm a soldier…you're not. Too many people love you to see you die!"

"I'm sorry I'll have to blow up your gundam just save these colonies and Earth," she apologized, "but it's the only way." She reached her finger to the button.

"It's not Wing Zero I'm worried about," he mumbled as she shut him off.

Midii dropped her hands to the side, "well if she's going to do it, I am too!" she reached for the button.

"Midii, wait!" Trowa's face came up on the screen. He looked worried, concerned. His emotionless face, that mask that couldn't cry, now showed fear. Catherine was behind him, her arms on his shoulders in a comforting way. She too was worried.

"Trowa, she's right," Midii mumbled.

"Come on, Midii, think about people you'd leave behind," Catherine said behind Trowa.

"There is no one left for me to leave behind," she said with a tear in her eye, "they've all left me."

"No, stop!" Hilde and Sally went forward to the two girls in the gundams, who were about to throw away their lives.

Just as Relena was about to push the self deonate button, she was grabbed from behind. She made the gundam turn around and she fired the machine guns on her shoulders to her attacker, Lady Une, who was piloting a Leo.

"I won't let you do this!" Lady Une cried. She shot at Wing Zero's face. "There is no time!"

Then it dawned on Relena, the image of herself she kept seeing was the weak person she used to be. And she was still weak. What was it that made her weak? What made her want to be strong? She racked her brain for an idea. "Lady Une…." She remembered the day her father was assassinated, "YOU ARE MY ENEMY!!!!" she raised her beam cannon at Lady Une.

"Relenaaa!" Heero shouted over the intercom. He started for the room containing the Taurus's.

"Stop this!" Hilde demanded, "we've got to blow up this asteroid before it destroys everything!"

"I thought Relena was a pacifist," Midii mumbled, dropping her hand from the self detonate device, "why is she fighting Lady Une?"

"Long story," Dorothy answered.

"You can't do this, Relena!" Lady Une told her.

"You killed my father!" she cried.

"I thought that was behind you now. Let's not fight now. You've wanted peace. And now you've got it."

"This battle isn't about peace!" she fumed, "it's about war! Survival!" she and Lady Une began to fight.

"We've got to get her out of there!" Sally cried.

"We're headed for that colony!" Hilde shouted in fear. She backed away, "Relena, think of the people's lives. We're doing this for them, not for revenge!" she went between her and Lady Une, "so are you going to be a bitch and fight Lady Une for something you've gotten over or are you going to do what you've came here for?"

"If Lady Une isn't my real enemy," Relena whispered, "then who is? Am I really my own enemy? Why am I so damn foolish?" she saw the colony they were headed for and reached her hand to the self detonate device.

"That's my colony!" Quatre cried. "My sisters are there!"

Dorothy heard the fear in his voice, "nooo," she said to herself. "Not this colony…." She found herself clicking the button that had the woman's voice recored on it.

"I believe in myself…goood. Believe…."

Relena finally caught hodl of her thoughts. "The colony!" she cried. "Goodbye, my friends…" Relena clicked the self detonate button, just as Lady Une opened her hatch. Relena found herself falling out of the cockpit and Midii Une caught her. Lady Une jumped into Wing Zero. It was all happening in slow motion, but still all too fast. "Lady Une?!!"

"You still have a life to live," she said as the alarm kept going off, "good thing that it did not self detonate automatically. Better go now."

"Come on, Miss Relena!" Dorothy urged.

They went to the shuttle. Midii kept hold of Relena.

"Lady Une, no!" Relena shouted.

Lady Une smiled as the Wing Zero was about to self detonate, "Treize…." She whispered, looking at the view, Two seconds later, the gundam blew up, starting in the center and then the top and bottom at once.

Heero came out in the Taurus, staying near the shuttle opening. He went to Midii, "give her to me," he ordered.

Midii did as he told her. They all went inside.

Dorothy chanted along with the saying, "I believe in myself…I believe in myself…." Quatre opened the hatch.

"Dorothy, are you okay?" he saw tears in her eyes. "What is it?" he came in closer.

"I saw the asteroid blow up…it was kind of…amazing," she looked up, "I hope your sisters are okay."

Hilde was furious, she opened up her hatch and jumped out. She went to Relena, who was still in shock. "what were you thinking, Relena?" she demanded, clenching her fists. "You have only been piloting a Mobile suit, like, what, five minutes and you try to self detonate?"

"I-I'm sorry, Hilde," Relena stammered, "it was the ZERO sytem. I saw myself as my worst enemy so I…"

"Listen," Hilde moaned, "you can't just say that you're sorry. You were so close to killing us all!"

"That's enough!" Duo restrained Hilde. "It's over."

"If you just focused on doing this all together as a team." Hilde explained, still angry. "I've been piloting mobile suits longer than you have."

"I know that," Relena murmured, "but it's over now, so forget it, okay? I've messed up, I really messed up and I'm sorry, I'm very, very sorry!" Tears swelled up in her eyes, "I've messed up! Maybe we should've left it to the Gundam Pilots instead. I just wanted to make a," she choked up, "a difference!" she removed her helmet, dropped it and left. Heero was right behind her.

Midii was still confused, "I guess she wasn't exactly prepared about this, was she?"

Dorothy shrugged, "at least it's over." She saw something shimmering outside. "Quatre, look! It's so beautiful!" pieces of the asteroid was flying toward space. "and to think that the people on the colonies could have died today."

Midii smiled, "I helped make this happen," she said to herself, "nothing to be guilty about." She took off her helmet and raked her hair. "I'm glad I didn't self detonate."

"Me too," Trowa said behind her.

She turned around and walked in his arms. "Trowa."

Hilde crossed her arms and looked at Deatscythe, "well, I brought it back in one piece."

"Thanks," he mumbled, but his voice didn't sound appreciative.

Hilde sighed, "what is it?"

"You didn't have to be so hard on Relena. You try piloting Wing Zero!"

Hilde uncrossed her arms and removed her helmet, "okay, look, I'm sorry." She rested her helmet on her hip. "But you weren't there, Duo," she brought her thumb toward her face, "I was!"

Duo put his hands on her shoulders, "Hilde, you're not with OZ anymore." He said simply, as if she's forgotten.

Hilde's lip trembled, "I know that." She looked down and them met Duo's eyes, "but I'm still a Mobile Suit pilot, so don't you forget it!" she pushed her helmet in Duo's stomach.

"Ughhhh!" he grunted as he put his hands around her helmet. He dropped it, sank to his knees and grabbed his stomach, "augh…" he groaned, "Mannnn, you're one tough girl." He said as he watched Hilde walk off, more pissed than ever.

Trowa led Midii to the lobby where Catherine was waiting. She smiled and walked to Midii and put her arms around her, "I'm so glad you didn't sacrifice yourself." Catherine told her.

Midii shuddered and returned the hug, "I guess I just realized I still have something to live for."

Wufei waited for Sally in the mobile suit holding unit. "You made it," he said flatly.

"Thought I wouldn't?" she said in the same tone.

Wufei shook his head. "Nice job." He turned his head, smiled and walked off.

"Well," Sally crossed her arms and smiled, "that's the first time he gave me a compliment!"

Relena sat on the couch, her legs were shaking and she clasped her hands together as she leaned forward. Heero sat next to her, wondering what he should do.

"Maybe self detonating wasn't the best thing to do," she said, "but you would've done." She looked at him, "wouldn't you, Heero?"

He nodded, "Yes." He scooted close, "but I wouldn't be able to go through with it. I almost self detonated on Libra, I would have if Wufei didn't find my buster rifle."

Relena bit her lip, "I should've done that instead." She groaned, "but I kept seeing images of myself."

"Images of yourself?" Heero asked.

"Yeah." She cocked an eyebrow, "weird, huh?"

He took her hand, "it's over, Relena."

"Lady Une…."

"Relena, it's over," he said again. He gave her hand a squeeze.

She nodded, "I did what I came here to do. Let's go home."

Hilde heard Duo coming up because he was groaning all the way. "You want some aspirin?" she demanded, setting down her cup.

"Give me a gun instead." He sat next to her.

"Sorry, Duo."

"I pushed you too far," he groaned, "I forgot how tough you are."

"No, you're just a wimp." She smirked.

"Hey!" he shouted, "that hurt…"

"I'm, kiddin' Duo," she sipped her drink, "a wimp can't pilot Deathscythe."

Noin walked by them, "ready to go back home?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"Hell yeah!" Duo cried. "Let's go home!"

When they went back to the Earth, the were surprised by a bunch of video cameras and reporters. The news was spreading through outer space and Earth.

"So, you're the heroines of outer space?" the reporter asked, pushing her microphone toward the girls.

"That's right," Dorothy said when no one else decided to speak. "We just did what anyone would've done!"

The reporter smiled, "will you continue to pilot the gundams?"

The girls smiled at each other, "well…"

"No!" Heero cried. The other real Gundam Pilots came behind him, "we forbid it!!"

The End