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Chapter 4: The rise of the Gemini: Kyle VS. The Masked Duelist

Jaden's PVO

Kyle looked at me with surprise on his face "But we agreed that whoever won will face the masked duelist." Kyle said to me. "How long have you been separated from your sister Kyle?" I asked him. "It's been over 6 months now." He answered looking down. "You didn't use your real deck did you?" Atticus asked him "Well no I used my older brothers because I haven't seen him I'm over 2 years. Was that alright Jaden?" Kyle asked me. It's all so strange his brother went missing then his sister went missing "Yes it fine go save your sister Kyle." Said Jesse Kyle nodded at all of us then had a look on his face like he had seen a ghost "KYLE!!!" A girl's voice came from behind us "Your sister is up there and you're down here playing games with these guys." The girl said to Kyle and started to walk up to him "Sarah you don't understand…" Kyle started to tell her "You Baka go get your sister!!!" Sarah told him (Baka means Idiot for readers who don't know.) "Yes Sarah okay guys Igot to go guys." He smiled at Sarah and nodded he ran in the direction of the building "So who are you?" asked Syrus to the girl "Sorry my name is Sarah Knight and yes my last name rhymes with Kyle's also Kyle is my Childhood friend." She told us "So what kind of deck does Kyle use?" asked Atticus "I can't tell you that but maybe he will when he gets back but I can tell you this he won't lose." She told use and looked at the building with a look of hope on her face.

Kyle's POV

I ran as fast as I could towards the building I stopped at the door to Switch to my real deck I stare at my deck for a minute then put it in my duel disk. When I walked into the building no one was there the place was barren. I walked to the elevator I pressed the button to the top floor I ignored the elevator music I had to focus on my upcoming duel. Ding It was the top floor when I entered the floor there was a note on the wall right in front of the elevator I grabbed it said to go to around the right corner and stop there I did what the note said when I turned the corner there was a wide hall way there was another note hanging in the middle of the hall way It said to walk forward and open the door I did what the note said but at the end of the hallway was a dead end but then a black door appeared out of thin air I opened the door and walked in it was like nothing I ever Imagined I was standing on which looked like the stars at night then a light came on in the middle of the room or space where ever I'm at. The masked duelist stepped into the light "Didn't I duel you 3 days ago?" He asked me "Yes we did duel but now I'm going to win." I said with confidence. "You still haven't changed." He said to me "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked I haven't dueled this guy but once. "Just shut up and duel." He said I didn't notice this before but his mask looked like the red eyes black dragon It reminded me of my older brother Luke I shook the Idea out of my head. Another spotlight turned on It was my sister my twin sister Karla "Are you ready?" He asked me "Yes." "LET'S DUEL!!!!" we both said together.

Third Person:

"I'll start us off." Kyle said he drew a card Kyle's LP 4000 MD's LP 4000 "I summon Field-Commander Rahz in attack mode." He said. Field-Commander Rahz ATK 1600 DEF1200 "I use his effect I get to move one level 4 or lower warrior type monster to the top of my deck I choose Evocator Chevalier!" he said "I then set two cards face down and end my turn." He said ending his turn. "It's my turn draw!" MD said he drew one card. "I summon Luster Dragon in attack mode." MD said Luster Dragon ATK 1900 DEF 1600 "Wait a second the Masked Duelist I dueled used Spellcasters you are using dragons." Kyle said The Masked Duelist chuckled "You still haven't figured it out yet." MD said "Why do you keep saying that?" Kyle asked "I will tell you if you beat me." He answered back "Now I activate the spell Stamping Destruction as long as I have one dragon type monster on my side of the field I get to destroy one spell or trap card on the field and inflict 500 points of damage to the cards owner. I choose the card on the right." HE said the card on the right that Kyle set was Sakuretsu Armor. "Now I'll have Luster Dragon attack your Field-Commander." Field commander was destroyed 4000 - 500 – 200= 3300 Kyle's LP 3300 MD's LP 4000 "I end my turn with a facedown and end my turn." MD ended his turn "It's my turn draw!" Kyle drew a card "I summon Gemini Scorpion! This warrior allows me to special summon a level 4 or lower Gemini monster from my hand I special summon Evocator Chevalier!" Kyle said Gemini Scorpion ATK 1600 DEF 400 Evocator Chevalier ATK 1900 DEF 900 "But you see my Chevalier is treated as a normal summon until I use a normal summon to summon him again to be treated as a effect monster but this card will do this for me I activate the equip card spell card supervise this card can only be equipped to a Gemini monster it is treated as an effect monster also when the equip card is removed from the field I get to special summon a normal monster from my graveyard. I equip it to my Chevalier! Then I Activate double summon I get to normal summon again I could only use this effect once per turn so that only prevents me from activated another double summon I summon Featherizer In attack mode!" He said Featherizer ATK 700 DEF1100 "Three monsters in one turn Impressive." MD said "I then set one card face down and end my turn" Kyle ended his turn with no cards in his hand. "It's my turn Draw."MD Drew a card "I sacrifice Luster Dragon for Armed Dragon LV 5 In attack Mode. I then Activate his effect I discard Mirage Dragon My last monster in my hand I destroy your Gemini Scorpion!" Gemini scorpion has the same attack as Mirage dragon so it is destroyed. "My Armed Dragon attacks your Featherizer!" Armed Dragon LV 5 ATK 2400 DEF 1700 2400 – 700 = 1700 – 3300 = 1600 Kyle's LP 1600 MD's LP 4000 "I now get Featherizer's effect when he is destroyed by battle I get to send 0ne Gemini monster from my deck to the graveyard I choose my Phoenix Gearfried and then draw one card." "I end my turn." MD said. "It's my turn draw." Kyle drew a card "I activate the effect of my Chelvalier by sending one face up equip card I control to the graveyard to destroy one card you control to the graveyard I choose your face down card!" MD's card was destroyed Mirror Force was destroyed "I figured it was mirror force isn't that right Victor it's been awhile my old friend." Kyle said "You finally figured it out my old friend." MD took off his mask "I'm Victor Knight." Victor said "I know who you are Victor why did you leave your sister two years ago?" he asked Victor "For power the true Masked Duelist is the controller of space he has powers far surpassed yours." Victorsaid "What do you mean?" he asked him "You shall find out soon now finish me off I know you have all the cards you need."Victor said "Fine I will I get the effect of supervise I special summon Phoenix Gearfried he is treated as a normal monster at the moment." Kyle Said Phoenix Gearfried ATK 2800 DEF 2200 I then Activate my equip card Big bang shot to my Gearfried but its not staying long I send it to the Graveyard using my Chevalier's effect I destroy your Armed Dragon." Armed dragon Lv 5 destroyed Victor's field is open for direct attack. "Gearfried attack directly." 2800 – 4000= 1200 Victor's LP 1200 Kyle's LP 1600 "End this Chevalier attack directly!" 1900 – 1200 = 0 Victor's LP 0 Kyle's LP 1600 "Victor return my sister now." Kyle said "Here you won fare and square but you have not seen the last of me Kyle Wright you have 20 seconds to get out of this room or risk getting blow up." Victor said "Wait how many of you are there?" Kyle asked "Four." With that said there was a flash of darkness and he was gone the ground began to shake.

Kyle's POV

I ran over to my twin sister there was no time to untie her I picked her up and ran as fast as I could for the door we made it just before the explosion I untied my sister "Karla sorry for taking so long." I said to her after untying her she gave me a hug "It's okay Kyle you saved me that's all that matters." She said she let go of me and we started to walk to the elevator I pressed for the Lobby when it was our floor there still was no people "If you want to see the girl again Jaden Yuki come to Egypt near the sphinx where a lone villager will guide you to the final battle you need four people one must be a new friend you guys have met today and dueled so Kyle Wright must Come. Come In one days time or else the girl dies!!!! " It was victor's voice "Karla we can't tell Sarah about her brother." I said to my twin "Agreed." She replied we walked out into the street.

End Of Chapter

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