Animals -- Nickleback

No; we're never gonna quit

Ain't nothing wrong with it

Just acting like we're animals

They looked at each other as they left the station to head back to the lab. The week that they were having was a hellish one. It was like instead of people living in the city, it was a bunch of animals had taken up residence. Though they supposed, animals don't kill each other near this much.

Later that evening, after the shift was over Mac had asked Stella to go for a walk through Central Park with him before they each went to their respective homes.

As they were walking through the park, a couple of teenagers ran by and knocked Stella off balance. Mac pulled her to his chest to keep her from falling.

They looked into each other's eyes neither felt compelled to step away from the other. They slowly, moved closer, and when their lips were just barely touching, Mac said against her lips, "I love you Stella," then he pushed his lips against hers before she could reply.

The only way that she could tell him right then how she felt, was to respond to his kiss, and encourage him to continue it.

When he deepened the kiss all she could do was moan in pleasure, and press her body against his. He held her tighter against him.

They parted when air became an issue, and he put his forehead against hers. When she got her breathing a little better under control, he looked into his eyes, and said, "I love you too, Mac."