..::A Toast::..
by grayx3eyedsoul

"Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back."
Arthur Rubinstein

"They had never spoken to one another. Just little glances, a polite smile, or a simple nod. Sometimes, when the other wasn't looking, they snuck little admiring glances toward each other."

"She would watch the way he pushed the fringe out of his face, or the way he smiled and played with the children on board."

"He would watch the way her socks never seemed to perfectly match, or how her hair was always windswept from rushing onto the train."

"She would admire the rare color of his hair, of the perfectly lopsided grin that brought out his invisible dimple."

"He would smile, watching her trip onto the train everyday, her pale face pleasantly flushed."

"This continued for years, until one day, she tripped onto the train as usual, and fell straight into his arms, her face flushed and a crimson red."

"They stayed that way for the rest of the train ride."

"For the next week, they sat on the train together. The week after, they showed up on the train once or twice a week. He went to pick her up everyday, and they walked together."

"After four months, they boarded the train once more. Expect this time, she had a lovely engagement ring on her finger, and they were glowing."

"Today, we gathered here to celebrate their love."

Alice Whitlock and Emmett Cullen raised their champagne flutes, and toasted to the couple next to them on the stage.

Bella was blushing, Edward's arm curled around her protectively. They smiled, and motioned for Alice and Emmett to finish.

"To the new Mr. and Mrs. Masen."

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