Author note: Word count is an exact hundred. Makes me happy when I can pull off a perfect-sized drabble. Anyway, this was kind of inspired by an old episode of So Weird, which posed the following idea: "For every choice one faces in their everyday life, there are a variety of different outcomes. What if each of those different outcomes existed in an alternate reality?" So I kind of ran with that. Hope you enjoy, and please review. I'm jonesing for a review-fix, you know.

"Love your hair."


The world seemed to freeze. She was looking at him, looking right at him, he had talked to her and she had talked back. Panic swirled in his stomach, jolted through his chest, he hadn't meant to; he wasn't ready…

Wait. Steady, be steady. Reach down, find that piece of himself, the doctor, the visionary, the man who could stand up even if it meant getting knocked down.

Come on…

"L-love your hair." He couldn't stop twitching, but she was so pretty when she smiled, she was smiling now, and it really was like sunrise.