A/N: Written during a fit of insanity.

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Demyx sat on the pure white couch in the Living Room That Wasn't Supposed To Be trying to decide what to watch on T.V. 500 channels and nothing good on! What was this inexistent world coming to! After a few more seconds of channel surfing, he clicked the power button on the remote and settled his head against the couch cushions.

"Maybe I should take a nap," thought Demyx, "Or maybe I could go annoy Vexen..."

Just when it looked like he would be swallowed by the gaping jaws of boredom, something mildly interesting happened.

Axel suddenly bolted into the room, leapt over the coffee table, and plunged into the narrow space between the couch and a black nightstand. His wiry frame made the task a snap.

It should be noted that this took place in merely 4 seconds.

"Axel?" said Demyx, peering over to see the fiery Nobody crouched into a tight ball. He seemed to be trying to make himself as small possible.

"Yeah, and if anybody asks , you didn't see me at all!" Axel quickly replied. Grabbing a nearby pillow from the couch, he pulled it over his hiding place trying to be as inconspicuous as he could be. It wasn't working.

Demyx opened his mouth to ask what the heck was going on but as soon as he did, he felt a strong gust of wind against his back as well as a sudden sharp jab in his posterior.

" Oh good Kingdom Hearts please don't let it be..."

Demyx turned slowly around to face a very pissed-off Whirlwind-Lancer.

"Where is he!?" Xaldin spat, skewering a nearby throw pillow for emphasis with one of his lances. Despite the fact that Xaldin didn't have a heart, he was doing a good job of pretending to have emotions. Namely rage.

"Where is who?" asked Demyx, doing his best to feign innocence. What he received was a spear levitating a few inches from his face. Xaldin was never a great conversationalist.

" You know who I'm talking about! He ran this way, the little red-headed weasel! This time he's crossed the line!" ranted the Nobody. Not wanting to incriminate his friend, Demyx pointed at the other hall leading out of the living room. "Axel ran to the castle's left wing," the Nocturne lied.

And without so much as a thank you, Xaldin parted. Lances, wind, dreadlocks, and all.

A few seconds later, Axel remerged from his hiding place.

"I owe you one Demyx," spoke a very relieved Axel, "But I'm gonna have to lay low for awhile until Mr. Blowhard cools down, so see ya!" With a snap of his fingers, a shadowy portal materialized in the center of the room. Before Axel could begin to walk into its depths, there was one blaring question that still rang in Demyx's head.

"Hey Axel!" called Demyx.

"Yeah ?" replied Axel.

"What was that whole thing between you and Xaldin?" he inquired.

"Oh we just had a small disagreement between the two of us about the general ideas about each of our supposed origins and beginnings."



"You said his true name was Linda didn't you?"


And without another word, he was gone.