I Guess Jasper Likes His Name

Bella's Point Of View (POV)

"Hey Jazzy," I said. "I'm sad."

"Yes, Bella, I know," he replied.

Esme, Carlisle, Edward, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie were away on a "camping trip," which left Jasper and me alone. I was bored, and he was reading some book on World War II, so I decided to change my emotions, randomly and sporadically, just to annoy Jasper. I had gone through happy, excited, angry, hungry, tired, surprised, calm, relaxed, hyper (with a little help from my friends the M&M's), and now sad. He seemed very affected by it. I eventually got bored with twenty minutes of that, and I also ran out of emotions, whichever one came first. I asked him, "Jasper, do you like your name?"

"Yes Bella, I do."

"Would you rather be named Tim?"







"Definitely not."


"No, thanks."





"I guess you like your name!"

"I told you that."

"One second."


"Do you want your name to be Alice?"