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I was sitting on the couch watching the news, more death and destruction, depressing, but I still watched it. Esme was painting the backyard, she was looking threw the patio's glass doors, she was painting Alice and Jasper on one side just laying in the grass, and Emmett and Rosalie were playing a hand game. Carlisle was trying to read next to Esme, but he kept on looking at her. As I watched their happy moments, I could not help but think that I was happy like that once, but I did not dwell on that, that someone probrobly forgot about me a long time ago.

Jasper felt the depression sweep over his thoughts intrupted and me, "Are you ok, you are really depressed."

"I'm ok." I lied quickly, nobody new that Jasper had asked a question, but they herd my response. Everyone turned to me with worried eyes, "Who asked if you were ok?" Carlisle asked worried, before I could answer Jasper was answering for me, "He was happy, then he was really depressed, it was a really heavy depression, I was worried." He said, "What made you so sad?" Esme asked

"Its nothing, don't worry about me, go back to what you were doing, I'll be fine." I said a little harshly.

"Edward, we are you family, it is are right to worry, what got ya down in the dumps?" Emmett asked then I snapped, I did not like them worrying about me, and ruining their happy moments.

"Don't worry about me, I am depressed because of what happened 80 years ago, so just ignore me and go back to being happy." I started off yelling then drifted down to a quieter tone.

"Oh honey we are only happy if you are, now what happened 80 years ago?" Esme asked in a motherly tone she had stood up and was standing next to me with a hand on my shoulder.

"Nothing it is nothing to dwell on, it is history… and… just don't worry." I said softly she nodded and said, "Whenever you want to talk about it, I'm always here."

"We all are." Alice said she had been quiet the whole time. I nodded and they all went back to what they were doing before, I didn't feel like sitting anymore, so I took off for a run.

I ran north until I got to the Canadian border, I stopped in the middle of the woods and sat down, I thought back to the day that changed my life, changed me,…………….


It was July 1929 I had left Carlisle about four years ago, rebelled, I was now hunting humans, but not any humans, murders, rapists, robbers, etc. I would look into ones mind looking for the signs of a dirty human, when I did; I fed on them, clearing the world of the bad. But I was getting depressed, killing people though bad, was still killing I was a monster, I thought about going back but, Carlisle would never accept me, I though. So I went on just being on earth not really living, I hadn't lived for about 11 years now, my heart stopped in 1918.

But then one night I was going through the back alleys of Los Angeles, It was an unusually quiet night, there was hardly any people there, only the homeless, sleeping. It was also an unusually cold night, especially for July in southern California, so a lot of people stayed in doors that night, then I heard what I wasn't expecting, it was conscious thoughts, and not only that when I breathed in I smelled the most wonderful thing, it was not human, but it smelt wonderful. I fallowed the thoughts and the sent to a dead end ally "I am so bored, I'm not hungry, so what to do what to do…" his thoughts went on it was entertaining, finally I rounded the corner, and he noticed me "Another vampire, maybe he would like to play a game…" I chuckled and he smiled a beautiful smile, his brown hair was neatly combed to the side and his ruby eyes sparkled.

He chuckled and said "So, I have a mind reader in my presence." He was very perspective, "Yes you do, what gave do you have in mind?" I asked he thought about it for a moment and then smiled and said, "Lets go to the park and play tag." I raised my eyebrows and said "Tag? Don't you think that is a bit babyish?"

"Well, maybe, but I never want to grow up, it's not fun." I gave him a crooked smile and said "Sure lets play," we ran to the nearest park and stopped at the edge, "Ready?" he gave me a devilish smile and I said "Set, go" he took off I ran after him, I was usually faster than everyone, but he gave me a run for my money. I sped up, he was weaving through trees and park benches, I gave one last push and tackled him to the ground. I was laughing so hard that if I was human tears would be running down my face, he was laughing so hard that he wasn't making any noise, I rolled off of him and caught my breath.

When we both stopped laughing I stood up and helped him up, not that he needed it, just being kind.

"You are very fast." He said with a smile on his face.

"As are you." I replied

"I believe I have not properly introduced my self, I'm Jesse Alexio Leonidou." He put out his hand and I shook it and an electric current went threw my hand, "Greek?" I asked he nodded and I said "I'm Edward Anthony Masen-Cullen"

"Nice to meet you."

"Yes the same to you."

"German and Scottish?" he guessed I chuckled and nodded "Long story." I said "I've got time he said and started walking, I fallowed I told him about when I was changed, and about how Carlisle was like a second father to me, and how we fed off animals

"You fed off animals, no humans?" he sad not believing me, I nodded and continued. I told him about him finding Esme, and how they were happy and how I rebelled, and at the same time giving them some space.

"I'm actually thinking about going back, I miss them and every time I kill I just get even more depressed, but I don't think they will take me back." He nodded and said "I understand, but after you described Carlisle and Esme, I truly think they would take you back, no matter what." He said with a smile. We walked in a comfortable silence for a bit then he said, "I guess I should tell you my story."

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