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Summary: Harry received mysterious mail on his nineteenth birthday. He, Luna and their true friends shared the memories. They found out his life was full of lies and manipulations. They are going to try to change things, but how?


It was Harry's nineteenth birthday. The party had started with all of Harry's closest friends and family coming to Potter Manor and hanging out. Ginny was there with her boy friend Draco Malfoy, Ron was there with Hermione, The twins and their parents were there as well. Sirius and Minerva were there as were Nymphadora and the Dursleys' and Madam Bones with her niece Susan. Of course his wife Luna was there as well.

Harry with Luna's help were getting ready to open presents when a strange metallic black owl flew in. In its talons it held a purple box addressed to A Mr. H. Potter, Ballroom, Potter Manor. "Whose owl is that?' Luna asked. 'I dunno.' Harry replied, as he reached for the box. "Harry James Potter! Don't you dare touch-" But it was too late Ginny's warning went unheeded. In a flash of Purple sparkles, everyone in the house disappeared.

"Harry Potter! What is the matter with you? You don't know whose owl that was! We could have been killed! We don't even know where we are! Who knows what-" Hermione was cut off by loud laughter. "James-shut up" another voice said. "Whose there?" Harry said. "Relax Harry" the voice said again, "Its your parents."

"What!? My parents are dead! This is a terrible thing your doing! Making fun of my family! Show yourself and maybe I will let you live." Harry shouted angrily.

Two figures shimmered into view. One had short messy black hair a lot like Harry's along with warm smiling brown cinnamon eyes and a skinny frame, but with clearly defined muscles. The other had flaming red hair with avada kedavera green glowing eyes like Harry's. She was skinny and had the same nose and ears as Harry.

"Wha- Mum? Dad? Is that really you?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry its us and we have a sad story to tell you along with some very important information afterwards." Lily said sadly. "but first any one whose not loyal to Harry won't remember this and will disappear in 5..4...3.…2.….bye!"

Everyone aside from hurry's parents were astonished when Ron Hermione Molly and Arthur popped away. "Now then down to business. Lily get our other guests."

James said.

Out of nowhere came some of the last people they expected to see. Severus Snape came out and Tonks ran over and kissed him. "Well… see..well the thing is.. Wearemarriedandmadlyinlove." Tonks mumbled.

"Sorry I didn't get that what?" Fred asked.

"Dora here and I are married." Snape drawled.

Various what's? and No way's were heard. Almost everyone was astonished and wondered what other surprises they would get today.

"Okay so who else." James asked Lily. Instead of replying she brought everyone else out. Percy Weasley and his new wife Penny came out, Daphne Greengrass and Poppy Pomfrey, Fleur and Gabriella Decluar came out with Fleur holding Victor Krum's hand. Lucius and Necrissa Malfoy came too. The biggest surprise of all was Bellatrix Lestrange holding Lord Voldemort's hand.

"Huh?" asked Harry.

"Shush dear and let your parents explain." Luna whispered

"Quite right Luna dear and with out further ado THE STORY!" James said with a flourish. "James stop being a prat" Lily said and smacked him on the back of his head. "Owww What was that for" He wined. "Anyway when I was about three I had a best friend named Lilith Flamel. She lived next door to me and was completely beautiful. She was the daughter of Paula and Reggie Flamel. Paula was the daughter of Nicholas and Perneille Flamel. One night the death eaters attacked her house looking for the sorcerers stone. Paula and Reggie were found dead from the killing curse. Little Lilith's body was never found."

"Now I didn't remember any of that as I was obliviated, but I was taken to the Evans household and dropped on their doorstep in the middle of the night. I was raised as a muggle with no idea of the wizarding world. Once I got my letter and school stuff I went to an empty compartment on the train and waited. A few minutes later James and his gang of friends came over. In hindsight now I can tell that he was surprised but then he seemed like a prat to me. He stared at me for like ten minutes then said Lily? I said what do you want and why are you being so rude? He just shook his head and walked away. We got into thousands of fights over the years until seventh. We were both the heads. We talked and ended up falling in love. Together we found out her true story and found it hadn't been an death eater attack, but our esteemed headmaster had attacked and killed her parents. We contacted Tom here and joined him. Dumbles killed us, not him. Tom would never attack us or try to kill an innocent. You got that scar from his charm. He was trying to protect you. Dumbles messed it up in the middle. Your scar would never even twinge but Dumbledore keeps manipulating it. Every one is on your side here."

"Wait I'm a pureblood? Harry asked.

Lily Just nodded. "and Tom is going to help me?" he continued.

"Yes and now you have a choice to make. You can continue on this path with these memories, go back and remember nothing of this, or together we can send you and Luna back and you can change things around. Harry looked at Luna and Together they said "Lets change things!"

Lily nodded and said "Remember we love you son."

James added "Give Dumbles and the Dursleys hell for me!"

"Love you too guys and don't worry I will."

With a flash of silver they were gone.


Next chapter Harry and Luna are kids again and stir things up and cause trouble.

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