Chapter One: Privet Drive

Harry woke up to a scream of "BOY!" Harry smirked this was going to be fun.

"Coming Aunt Petunia" Harry called back.

Petunia told him to make breakfast. Okay he said. Harry raised a hand and said "Accio

Bacon!" Petunia looked on in shock as the bacon floated over to Harry's hand. Harry waved his hand and breakfast began to cook itself. Petunia promptly shouted "Vernon!" And fainted.

"Darn" Harry thought to himself "I had so much planned for her too. Oh well its Tubby and Lard boys turn."

"Boy what did you do to her with your freakishness? Well?" Vernon shouted.

Harry simply shrugged and pointed towards the kitchen. Vernon looked over and fainted. "Grr I can't have my fun if the prey keeps fainting." Harry thought. Dudley stared at him and ran out the door. "Well this is a change. It's time for Dudley hunting instead of Harry hunting."

Harry walked out the door and saw a very suspious cat sitting there stiffly. Perfect Harry smirked who would suspect a ten year old of this? "Hello kitty kitty aw how cute"

Harry picked the cat up and took her inside. "Now kitty I think you need a snack." Harry smirked and set a plate of sardines out on a plate in front of her. "eat'um up yum! Kitty"

Now the professor absolutely hated sardines. Kippers were fine but no way was she eating those. She turned around to leave but Harry grabbed her and said "Bad Kitty! If you won't eat how bout a bath instead?"

She tried to leave but Harry held to tight. In we go he said and dumped her in. "Well let's see I like Aunt Marge's dog Rippers Baby powder flea shampoo." Harry proceeded to wash her up.

"There all done kitty. Oh wait I can't keep you aunt 'Tunia would have a fit! Oh I know Mrs. Figg can keep you she has tons of cats kitties. I'm sure you'll like her."

Harry could practically see the wheels turning in her head. "Just so you don't run off here ya go a Collar and Kitty Leash!"

He knocked on Mrs. Figg's door. "Mrs. Figg here I gotta kitty! Can you keep her though cause aunt 'Tunia would through a fit! I gave it a bath and everything!" "oh you did, did you?" Mrs. Figg asked. Harry could see her trying not to laugh.

"Yea! But first I gotta name her hmmm how about Nippy? I like that name yea!"

"Err ok then Harry I will take care of her for you"

Harry turned and started to walk down the street, a few seconds later he heard laughter coming from behind Mrs. Figg's door.

Harry went back to privet drive to see what his family was up to. He saw dudly hiding behind the fence. "he really needs to lose some weight if he thinks thants going to work." harry thought. "Oy Dudders whatcha hiding for?" He asked.

Dudley tried to run but Harry simply cast an invisibility spell on him, then levitated him inside and stuck him to the bathroom door. He cancled the invisibility spell and walked away laughing.

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