#1. Of Adorable Yellow Boots and Finger-Biting

I remember when I first met Sasuke.

Well, kind of, anyway. Not the specifics—just that we were like, four or five or something, and in a department store, I believe…oh! And it was raining that day. I remember 'cause I was wearing an adorable yellow rain-jacket with adorable yellow rain-boots. I looked like the fricking Morton Salt girl.

But anyway. I'd gotten separated from my mother, but I wasn't worried too much because, y'know, when you're an adorable little girl in adorable yellow boots, worrying isn't high on your priorities list. Neither is learning how to spell the word 'priorities,' but that's another story.

So there I was, wandering around and touching everything and being adorable, when I saw him. He was hovering a few feet away from where two women were talking, one of them wearing salesperson attire and the other his mother (I only learned that later, though). He was scowling and sulking and looking like he was working himself up to a classic I-Am-a-Small-Child-and-I-Am-Being-Ignored-and-I-Am-Not-Okay-With-This tantrum. I thought he was beautiful.

Which is probably why I ran up to him, pointed my finger in his face, and exclaimed ecstatically, "You look like an angel!"

He stared at me. Then he frowned and screwed up his face in concentration.

And then he bit my finger.

And it freaking hurt.

So there's some stuff I need to say. Bear with me, it'll make you a stronger person in the long run.

Samurai Deeper Kyo has officially taken over my life. KyoYuya has ousted SasuSaku for the dubious honor of being my OTP. What will that mean for my SasuSaku writing? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. I dunno, yet. But I just thought of this idea like, twenty minutes ago. It's standardized testing week, and I opened up a Word document with the intent of writing this like, SasuSaku vampire reincarnation story that was gonna be all angsty and depressing and they were both gonna end up dying. Because standardized testing messes with my mind. But as soon as I saw the blank document...I started typing and this was born. It was all very disconcerting, but I like to think that I go with the flow.

Eneeweigh. This is gonna be like, a series of related drabbles, basically chronicling Sasuke and Sakura's relationship from four (or five or something) up to...uh, whenever it ends. Again, I like to think that I go with the flow. AND YES I KNOW THAT THE CONCEPT IS IN NO WAY ORIGINAL. Your face.

The others will be longer and actually have SasuSaku in them, I swear. Oh, and when you get the chance? Actually, not when you get the chance. READ SAMURAI DEPER KYO NOW. Or I myself will throw a tantrum. And it will not be pretty, I promise you that.

Oh, and guys? Thanks for all conspiring to update when I don't have time to read. Really. I appreciate that. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I think my author's note is longer than the drabble. Actually, it is. Man, is that sad or what? -is impressed with own ability to ramble-

(And who can tell that I'm currently obsessed with Taylor Swift's new CD? =D)

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers applied. I don't know what that means, but I saw it on TV. And everything you see on TV is true. I mean, obviously.