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Fully Summary: When Edward and Bella meet in college, sparks fly. He doesn't care that she's on scholarship and comes from a lower middle class family. She tries not to let his affluence intimidate her. Their relationship progresses and his family disinherits him, forcing them to start at rock bottom. What will happen when something goes tragically wrong? Will relationships be healed, or not? Loosely based on the 1970s movie, Love Story.



Where do I begin? What can you say about a twenty-one year old girl who died? That she was beautiful? That she was brilliant? That she loved Mozart and Debussy, the Beatles, and me? Or most importantly that she taught me the real meaning of love?

No matter what, I know that my heart and my soul will always belong to Isabella Swan. She is my life, whether she is here to accept that or not. What she taught me and what she left me with will always be my reason to go on. And she taught me so many things. She taught me what love is, real love. Not that superficial love that most people claim.

The second most important lesson I learned from Isabella Swan was the meaning of forgiveness. For forgiveness is divine. And I swore I would try, always try to made amends, because you never have forever. Even if I wished for an eternity, that was never possible. It brings that old saying to mind, "Tis better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all." That proverb always makes me think of my Bella, because even if I had to do it all over again, to lose her all over again, I would have rather had the short time we had than to never have had her at all.

So now, here I am, left behind to carry on without my reason for existence. But survive I will. After all, I made a promise. A promise I don't intend to break. No matter what.

Author's Note:So, what did you think? The story seems to be stuck in my head and I will continue it no matter what… but I'd like to gauge your reactions to it. Is there anything from either story that you feel absolutely NEEDS to be in this adaptation? For those of you who don't know Love Story, it's the ultimate in chick flicks and you need to go out right now, rent it, grab a box of tissues, then sit down and watch it.

Author's Note 7/22/09: So I now realize the difficulty I was going to have writing this out until they were 23. Or until she was. So I changed her age to 21. It fits better into the timeframe I've now worked up for this. Don't worry people... there is a method to my madness.