It's nights with a bright moon and sparkling stars that she finds she can't sleep, even though the warmth of her bed is enough to make even the worst insomniac close his eyes for a brief moment. With the moon already having begun it's descent, she crawls fom the bed. The bed is especially warm, bit it's also quite empty.

She finds herself standing in the doorway to her living room, looking at the handsome man sprawled onto her, no, their couch. He's yet to bring many of his things over, but that makes no difference. She scratches her bare shoulder, her summer night-dress sufficing in the winter for how high he'd turned the thermostat. She leans against the doorway, watching his lips part in an exhale and his chest rise with a breath inward.

Moments of staring later she is at his side, her fingers grazing the flesh of his forehead and teasing his fringe. Cloudy, dark eyes open quickly and stare. Her fingers don't cease their movement, as if to coax him to remember the events prior to the nightfall. His glassy eyes only continued to stare, almost seeing through her. Her lips slip into an easy smile.

"Come on; let's get you to bed," she tells him, her hand now beneath the base of his neck to help him sit up.

He leans against her as they move through the hall to the bedroom. He flops on her-- their-- mattress. She has to remember that it's all their's now. She sighs when he doesn't move to remove clothing to get into pyjamas. She unbuttons his pants with a snap of her thumb and middle finger. She hears the mattress squeak at the adjusted pressure. He's leaning on his elbows and staring at her. The zipper already low, she looks at him questioningly.

"I never pegged you as one to take advantage of someone under the influence of too much alcohol," he tells her teasingly, his words still slightly slurred.

Her arms cross and she leans against his stomach. "I never pegged you as one to drink too much alcohol," she pokes at him.

"You would have too if you had to listen to your family talk trash about my bride."

He stares at her a few more moments, then she returns to tugging his pants past his ankles. She takes the dirty slacks and folds them, setting them beside the man in front of her. She takes his hands and pulls him to sit. Her fingers unknot his tie and unbutton his dress shirt.

His dark eyes still survey her as she walks across the room and sets the clothes in the hamper. He stands and, from the bottom drawer of the dresser, pulls out a pair of cotton pyjama pants. He tugs them on carelessly and flops back onto the bed. She turns and her soft smile is curled back into her features.

She crawls onto the bed and over her new husband. He looks at her for a few long moments and pats the top of her head. She sighs and leans her head against his shoulder, the pillows left abandoned at the head of the bed. The moon crawls closer to the horizon, the sun squeezes through the trees to peek into their room. The stars blink away one by one. She sighs into the warmth of a pale shoulder and presses a kiss to the flesh in her reach without having to turn her head too far.

With that said and done, they close their eyes and greet their first morning as a married couple asleep and tangled with one another atop the blankets.


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