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How Do I Look?

Kim luxuriated under the covers. She had been on an extended mission and not gotten a good night's sleep while gone. She had arrived home late last night and gone almost straight to bed - after waking the twins to kiss them goodnight. She planned on spending a couple days at home before returning to Global Justice and the drudgery of having to file the report on the mission. Will Du could be a royal pain on mission reports, she was surprised he hadn't asked her to file the report before going on the mission.

The minor movement caused by Shego leaving the bed and the slight noise of the green woman's shower had raised Kim to a level of drowsy consciousness, but she had almost returned to deep sleep when Shego's voice demanded, "How do I look?"

"Huh," Kim mumbled.

"How do I look?"

"Le' me 'lone. I'm tired," Kim groaned.

"C'mon, I'm interning at the law office today, do I look professional?"

Kim threw the blanket off her face and stared, bleary-eyed, at Shego. Her partner was worth staring at. Her makeup perfect and every hair in place, Shego wore a dark green, silk blouse with a black tailored jacket and skirt. The high heels made her legs, sheathed in dark hose, look impossibly long. She turned slowly, then grinned at Kim, one hand resting on her hip. "How do I look?"

"Too sexy for the office," Kim groaned.

"Too sexy?" Shego pouted

"Skirt's too short." Kim got up on one elbow for a better look.

Shego frowned, "No it's not."

"You look like the wrong kind of professional woman."

Shego shook her head in disgust. "I'm heading for the office." She turned her back on Kim and swayed her hips back and forth a couple times, "And the skirt is not too short."

"Hold on," Kim demanded, pulling off the covers, "I've got an idea to make you look a little better. Shego turned back towards Kim. The redhead got out of bed, her over-sized pink Betty Boop t-shirt making an odd contrast with Shego's outfit.


Kim quickly reached up and mussed Shego's carefully brushed hair.

"Kim! What are you doing!"

The younger woman stepped back and eyed her critically. "You needed a little casual element. You looked too perfect. Now you look slightly windblown."

"Any other fashion tips before I head to the office?" Shego asked coldly.

"Um, maybe another one." Kim grabbed Shego and gave her a hard, passionate kiss.

Shego seemed to resist Kim's lips, then began to surrender, after a few seconds the older woman pushed her away, "Kim! What are you doing? I need to get to the office."

The Global Justice agent grinned. "Lipstick slightly smeared, like you were making out before you got to the office. It really makes you look sexy."

"I don't want to look sexy. It's a law office."

"Okay, then how about a goodbye kiss before you go off to work? I haven't seen you in days."

Shego nodded and Kim pulled her close for a kiss even more passionate than the first. Shego struggled slightly, but didn't want to damage her clothes as Kim began to unbutton the green blouse.

"What are you doing?" Shego panted when she finally manage to pull away.

"You were buttoned up to the neck! You needed to undo the top button. Or maybe top two… or three… Let me see how it looks with four undone."

"Hey, I need to get to-"

Kim's lips cut off further words.

There was a knock on the door, and a little voice asked, "Mommy! Can we come in?"

Startled the two women broke their embrace. "No," Kim called too loudly, "Mommy and Eemah are… talking."

"Go ask Ron to make breakfast for you," Shego suggested.

The two women held their breath and waited for the sound of little feet on the stairs, although Kim took advantage of the imposed silence by trying to unhook Shego's bra while the pale woman was afraid to make much noise in fighting her off.

"Please, Kim," Shego begged as the redhead pulled her towards the bed, "I need to get in to the office."

Ron was in the kitchen, putting away the dishes from the dishwasher when the twins entered.

Kasy gave him a hug. "Daddy! What's for breakfast?"

"How do waffles and fresh blueberries sound?"

Sheki jumped up and down, squealing with joy.

"I'm going to take that as a good. Kasy, get the blueberries and buttermilk out of the 'fridge. Sheki, take out the waffle iron and plug it in."

Within minutes Ron poured on the batter for the first waffle and the girls began the terrible task of waiting until it finished cooking.

"Do you hafta marry Aunt Bonnie?" Kasy demanded.

"Yeah, who's gonna cook for us?" Sheki added. "Can you marry her and live here?"

"Eemah can cook. Sorry, Shek, but Bonnie and I want to be together the way your Mom and Eemah want to be together. And, speaking of them, one of you want to scamper upstairs and tell them I'm making waffles?"

"They said they were talking," Sheki told him.

"But it didn't sound like they were talking."

Ron put his lips together tightly and didn't say a word, simply wondering how Shego managed it. He and Shego had been watching television when Kim dragged herself home last night. He remembered how utterly exhausted Kim looked, and every word of his conversation with Shego.

"She's going to sleep for a week," Ron had chuckled.

Shego pouted, "She's been gone for days, I wanted some when she got home."

"Hold that thought, she's not going to be in the mood for days."

"I don't wait."

"No way," Ron had argued. "I know how stubborn she is. She won't agree to anything you suggest tomorrow."

Ron wondered vaguely if whatever magic Shego had worked on Kim might work on Bonnie.

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