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Yugi groaned and slammed his head on the table.

"Aibou? Are you okay?" A certain crimson eyed man asked from his perch on the bed, where he was watching his hikari anxiously. I finally work up the nerve and he's going crazy over something. The god's must have something against me…

"I DON'T FRIGN UNDERSTAND THIS!! Frign AP Math, how the hell am I suppose to do this? The teacher hasn't even gone over slope-intercept form and we have homework!" Yugi was basically grumbling to himself at the end. Yami wanted to help him but he didn't know what to do. "I know! I'll call someone!" Yugi grabbed the phone. "Let's try…Anzu!" He dialed the number in and pressed the phone to his ear. Yami sighed. Maybe today just isn't my day.

"You don't get it either? Ms. F is so frign evil! I can't stand it when she does this. I better get back to attempting. It. Thanks. Call you later? Kay, bye." Yugi clicked the phone off and slammed his head against the desk again.

"Aibou, I'm worried that if you do that again you will get brain damage." Yami said. He had counted the number of times his hikari had slammed his head into his desk today. 27 times in the last hour.

"I'll be fine…well, not when Ms. Fass sees I didn't do my homework. Ugh I'm so frign screwed." Yugi sighed. He tried calling all of his friends (even Jou, that's how desperate he was). Yami was getting antsy. Math this, math that I DON'T CARE! I just want to tell my little Hikari how wonderful he is. Yami stood up. Now or never. He spun Yugi's desk chair around and took Yugi's hands in his own. Shocked violet eyes locked with determined crimson ones.

"Yami?" He squeaked. "What, what'd up?" Yami took a deep breath, leaned down, and kissed Yugi.

It was slow at first, partly from Yugi's shock, and partly from the fact that Yugi had never been kissed and it had been over 5,000 years since Yami kissed anyone. But the kiss grew, and the kiss became steamy and hot. Yugi clutched at Yami's shirt, pulling Yami down to his level. Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi, running his hands up Yugi's sides, getting shivers and moans in response. Yami pulled Yugi onto the bed. He ground his hips into the younger boy, who mewled in pleasure. Yami continued kissing Yugi in this manner, until the need to breathe overcame their desires and they pulled away from each other. By the time that had happened, both boys' shirts were lying on the ground, discarded.

"Yami." Yugi said.

"What is it my hikari?" Yami asked.

"I love you too." Yami smiled mischievously and pounced on Yugi they continued right where they left off, and Yugi's math homework sat on the desk, all but forgotten. And the ringing of his phone, his friends saying they figured the damned sheet out, was drowned out by cries of pleasure coming from the bed nearby.


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