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"Have you ever wondered where she goes every night?" Morgan pointed out as they watched JJ approach Garcia's office with her young son.

"I don't know, but I bet it has something to do with how tired she is in the morning." Emily said conspiratorially. "I bet she's exercising or something."

"Seriously girl, you're a profiler, and that's the best you can come up with? Exercise? She does that in the morning, we all know that from cases when she gets up at the crack of dawn on cases to run three miles. Nope not exercise." Morgan shot down Emily's hypothesis, not noticing his stoic boss came to stand behind him.

"Maybe she's trying to get her PhD?" Reid postulated.

"Not everyone is you, Reid. Plus, JJ already has a double BA in Criminal Justice and Public Relations, she wouldn't go back to school." Emily insisted. Although her theory had been debunked, JJ was obviously not going back to school.

"I bet it's a guy. JJ's getting some loving, she deserves it." Morgan insisted confidently. Hotch could feel his stomach drop at the idea that JJ was seeing someone. He and JJ had spent many Saturdays at the park with Jack and Henry, he would sorely miss that if she got involved with someone.

"Are you kidding?" Reid asked incredulously, "After Will, I bet she never dates again. She had me watch Henry for a couple of days, after….after it happened, but there's no way she would be dating someone so soon." He declared.

"Isn't there a rule about inter-team profiling?" Hotch asked, startling the three others.

"Doesn't count, man. She's not on the 'team' technically." Morgan pointed out. Hotch had to concede that point, JJ was only assigned to the BAU as she technically worked for the Media Relations department.

"And, she's not a profiler." Reid defended.

"What's your guess Hotch?" Emily asked.

"Whatever women do. Maybe she's taking a sewing class or like a cake decorating class or something." Hotch proposed to questioning looks from his subordinates.

"Ok, who's up for a profiling challenge?" Emily asked after a moment, her eyes shining wickedly, "I say we each put $100 in the pot for whoever finds out what JJ's really doing after work."

Morgan and Reid nodded immediately, "I've so got this." Morgan muttered. If anyone knew what was going on with JJ it was his Baby Girl, and she wouldn't keep secrets from him.

"And, no going to Garcia." Reid added quickly.

"Hey, that's an afterthought, not an official rule." Morgan smirked.

"Why? Don't think you can figure it out on your own? If you get Garcia, we all get Garcia." Emily countered. "Hotch? You in?"

"It would be inappropriate for me to profile someone for money." Hotch replied, not adding that he would definitely find out what JJ was hiding, though he wouldn't do it for money.

"Whatever." Emily dismissed, turning to the others as JJ left Garcia's office, "Let's go get Garcia."

The four of them quickly made their way to the lair where Garcia spent the bulk of her time, outsmarting all with her vast amounts of knowledge, all from her desk top. Morgan smiled to himself. Garcia would totally sell out JJ for him. He had this in the bag. "Hey, Sugar Mama, why is JJ's kid here with you?" Morgan asked sweetly.

Emily shook her head, hoping that Garcia would not collapse in the midst of Morgan's flirtation--not that she didn't want to know, she just didn't want the woman to cave so easily.

"Because JJ asked me to watch my handsome godson while she ran out and did some things." Garcia said matter-of-factly.

"What kind of things?" Morgan asked innocently. He was still hoping that JJ wasn't doing some things but some ones. He would love to be right about JJ having a secret relationship while Emily, who was supposed to be one of JJ's best friends, thought she was exercising.

"Things that you are going to need a court order to hear about, Sweetness." Garcia informed him affectionately. "I am like the crypt. All this brilliance is not to be shared with the outside world. Mere mortals would not be able to handle the power."

"Baby Girl…."Morgan whined, pouting his lips, attempting to sway Garcia.

"Nothing doing." Garcia replied seriously. She was not about to leak the only kept secret in the entire BAU. It was too fun to watch the profilers finally not know something that she did.

"Why won't she tell us?" Reid asked confused at why JJ would not tell him something. He was after all, Henry's godfather, what if JJ's escapades effecting Henry? Then it would definitely be Reid's business.

"Because she would feel embarrassed. Can't a girl just keep something to herself?" Garcia defended as if it were obvious.

Emily quickly realized that they were getting nowhere with the technical analyst so attempted to use a different tactic. "Wow! He's getting so big!" Emily cried, sitting down next to Henry who was playing with blocks. "Aren't you Mr. Henry." Emily cooed, ignoring the questioning glares of her male colleagues.

"I know! It seems like yesterday he was this itty bitty baby, then he's crawling and has teeth, and now he's walking!" Garcia said proudly.

"So do you watch him a lot?" Emily asked casually.

"Yep, every night when all of you aren't on a case, but just for—" Garcia stopped as she realized that she revealed way more than she intended. "YOU! You tricked me! No more! I'm not telling you anymore." She insisted angrily as she pointed angrily at Emily. "Now out!"

"Well, points for you Miss Prentiss." Morgan commented, walking out of the Technical Analysts office as they continued to devise a plan. "I say we follow her. We shouldn't have a case tomorrow, so tomorrow night?"

"A stakeout!" Reid shouted excitedly as the others groaned, remembering being holed up in a car with him for far too long.


Hotch mused in his car as he drove home, racking his brain for any differences that JJ may have exhibited. One major one stood out in his mind, though he wasn't sure why.

"He's a power-excitation rapist, he wouldn't have asked her 'How did I do'?" Emily dismissed the suggestion that the latest rape in the area was connected to their serial rapist.

"A what?" Detective Lee asked angrily. The profilers tended to get a little focused on certain things and forgot that their jargon wasn't always used by every agency.

Hotch waited for a moment for someone to explain to the poor detective, but when silence met him for longer than he would have liked, he prepared to answer the detective while the others continued to pour over case files.

His explanation was cut off by JJ who spoke softly, assuming that the others had tuned her out. "Power-Excitation rapists want to hurt people as much as they can. It makes them feel powerful to cause pain to their victims, the more the better." She explained. Hotch couldn't help but be impressed with her explanation.

"There's another kind of rapist, a power-reassurance rapist, that feels like he's in a relationship with his victims." JJ continued, seeing the detective calm as he understood what the others were trying to tell him. "That's the type that would ask the woman how his performance was. She's just saying that the suspect can't be both, so the rapes can't be related." As she finished, the detective nodded. Hotch caught her eye and smiled encouragingly.

She had been slightly embarrassed as he offered her a slight nod in praise. When he asked her about it later, she had just said that she had picked some things up from the team, which he laughed and encouraged her to take the profiling classes once more. She smirked proudly to herself at that suggestion, but again politely declined.


"Ok, there she goes." Reid stated as the bullpen doors closed behind JJ.

"Let's go." Emily said as she grabbed her keys.

They followed her for almost twenty minutes, always maintaining a safe tailing distance. Surprise graced the features of all three profilers as JJ stopped at a local diner.

"See! I bet she's meeting somebody!" Morgan said excitedly.

"Yeah, that's about as likely as JJ getting a job at the diner to pay the bills." Emily muttered, hoping that she would not have to admit defeat.

"If she's meeting someone, why does she have four cups of coffee?" Reid asked as the clerk handed JJ the large cups.

"Maybe he really likes coffee?" Morgan offered. The trio ducked slightly when JJ exited the diner and walked towards the car.

Knocking slightly on their window, she laughed lightly, "Why are you guys following me?"

"Because you have a secret." Reid admitted, causing Morgan and Emily to glare at him.

"Well, you're not finding out what it is. But, here's some coffee. Good night!" JJ smiled, hoping into her car and heading back to the BAU to pick up Henry from Garcia.

"She may have won the battle, but we will win this war." Emily promised.


"Fancy meeting you here." JJ chuckled softly as she handed Hotch a cup of hot coffee. Henry loved to crawl around outside, and the park was a perfect place to let him 'play'. It had started many months ago when she and Hotch would mysteriously run into each other on a Saturday morning, but now it had become routine.

They chatted amiably as they kept their eyes on their respective children. Finally, Hotch felt brave enough to broach the question that had been plaguing him.

"So, Emily, Morgan, and Reid are a little obsessed with your personal life?"

"A little? They followed me from work yesterday! I noticed they were following me as soon as I walked out of the bullpen, so I led them to my favorite coffee shop."

Hotch laughed heartily, "I bet they were surprised by that."

"Yep. But, now I've got Morgan trying to invite me to his Hand-to-Hand Training Classes, Reid asking me to join his book clubs, and Emily asking me to join her for drinks every night of the week." JJ moaned. "All because they want to know what I do in my free time."

"What do you do in your free time?" Hotch asked casually.

"Not you too!" JJ laughed, "Why do you all care so much? It's embarrassing!"

"We just care about you. So, what's going on?"

JJ fell silent a moment at his question. "Why do you want to know?" She asked directly.

"Because, I'm curious." He lied. The truth was he wanted to know everything he could about her.

"Oh." She said lamely, she had definitely hoped that he would have said something more. "Well, Henry and I should just go." She stood.

"JJ, wait—" He tried to stop her, but it was too late.