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As JJ and Hotch entered the BAU--holding hands as always--the couple was flagged over by a very excited Morgan. The pair exchanged confused looks and walked over, wondering what on earth could be so important that Morgan hadn't greeted them with his usual innuendos. Not that JJ minded at all, she found it awkward every time Morgan asked her if she 'got some' the night before.

"Have you noticed that Emily isn't here yet?" Morgan smiled ear to ear.

Reid, listening from his desk, nodded. "Yeah."

"Have you noticed that for the last three weeks, Emily has come in five minutes later than she used to?" Morgan said happily.

Rossi, who had accidentaly heard the conversation looked unfazed. "What does that have to do with anything?"

JJ caught on quickly to Morgan's idea. "Emily only lives five minutes from the BAU, and that's including traffic." JJ smirked.

"Here we go again." Hotch groaned sarcastically, squeezing JJ's hand. A bet like this had lead to the best thing in his life.

"You guys, what about the 'no inter-team' profiling rule?" Reid reminded them.

"Wait, the rule that even though I worked here for five years I was, quote, 'Exempt' from?" JJ quirked her eyebrow, daring him to try to go further with that point.

"Yeah..." Reid nodded sheepishly. "But in my defense, I reminded them about it before we made the bet."

"Well, I didn't help make the rules. I'm betting." JJ dismissed. "20 bucks says she's got a new coffee place and it's out of the way. She seems too happy lately."

"Yeah, we could say the same thing about you and Hotch whenever you come in after the weekend." Morgan retorted, receiving an unappreciative glare from Hotch. The unit chief could take whatever Morgan had to say or allude to about him and JJ. But he wasn't about to let Morgan say that kind of stuff with JJ present.

"Please, Emily practically guzzles the coffee in the break room when she gets here, why would she drink it before?" Reid pointed out.

"Because she's Emily." Hotch countered, as though it were obvious. If Emily Prentiss was known for anything, it was her caffeine addiction. He wrapped his arms protectively around JJ.

Morgan and Reid looked at each other knowingly. Of course Hotch would side with JJ, he had done it all the time before they were together. Why would it change now?

"My money is that she's seeing someone." Morgan said decisively.

"Morgan, you always say that. If we don't know what someone is up to, you assume they are seeing someone." Hotch responded pointedly. And he had good right to, Morgan had made him think that JJ was in a relationship with someone else. Now that they were talking about marriage, it seemed like that was obviously not the case.

"The kid's got a point though Hotch." Rossi reasoned. "If you guess that they are in a secret relationship every time we make one of these bets, he's going to be right sometime."

"Yeah, just like a psychic. Keep guessing obvious answers and sometimes you're bound to get lucky." Hotch grumbled.

"Hey, don't knock things you don't understand." JJ teased. Hotch had always given her a rough time for her love of horoscopes and the supernatural.

"Well, then, I'm just going to have to jump ship and place my own bet." Hotch smiled, "I say she's exercising--like walking to work or something."

"Oh, that's so lame." Morgan moaned, "besides, you didn't even bet when it was JJ."

"That was pleasure, this is business." Rossi teased his old time friend lightly.

"You got a bet man?" Morgan asked the older Italian.

"20 bucks says that she is just getting up later--sleeping in." Rossi decided.

"I say that she found a new bookstore and she's searching for a particular novel." Reid hypothesised.

"Emily doesn't read new books. She's all about the classics. And she knows her way around Ebay." Morgan said, shaking his head.

They heard the door open and watched as Emily walked into the bull pen. Knowing that they looked suspicious, the team quickly despersed.

Hotch grabbed JJ's hand and began to walk her to her office. The pair was silent for a moment before Hotch spoke. "What's on your mind?"

"You didn't bet." JJ mused, a smile wide on her face.

"Excuse me?" Hotch asked confused, he was grateful for anything that would bring a smile to her face, but he wasn't sure what he had done.

"When I was taking the classes, you didn't put any money into the pot. You didn't bet." JJ explained, as if Hotch were supposed to know what she was meaning.

"I just didn't feel good about it."

"Why?" JJ questioned. Her boyfriend was the epitome of morals, but a small bet wasn't so unprofessional. She wouldn't have cared.

"JJ, I've loved you for years. Betting felt like I'd be disrespecting you and your right to keep a secret. I wanted you to feel like you could tell me without feeling like I'd use it as barter." He smiled down at her.

While JJ really did intend on keeping their relationship seperate from their work life; she couldn't help herself. She leaned up and gave a quick kiss to the man of her dreams. "I knew you were a keeper."

JJ walked into her office and quickly began to look over a few files, as she heard the door knock, she assumed it was Hotch. "You can come in. I thought it went without saying that you didn't need to knock."

"When did we decide that?" Emily asked after a moment. She always knocked when she got to JJ's office.

"Oh." JJ said, slightly embarassed. "Well, just now." She tried to cover up.

"You thought I was Hotch, didn't you?" Emily deduced easily.

"Well...." JJ tried to think of a decent lie but failed. "Its hard to remember that there are other people who come to my office when there's one in particular that stands out in my mind."

"Gross." Emily groaned.

It took JJ a moment to catch on to what Emily was alluding to, but when she did. She let out a gasp. "We don't do that at work!"

"Morgan and I have a little bet going to see who can catch you guys in the act first. Looks like I know where to look first." Emily smiled.

"What do you want?" JJ asked, trying to change the subject to anything else.

"Can I get your advice on something?" Emily said, shifting her wieght from one leg to the other.

"Shoot." JJ smiled.

"Well I've got this secret...."

The End