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Edward: umm actually you dont

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Bella: Stephanie Meyer

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The first time I saw him was during the first week of school. Class had just begun when he walked in. My first thought was that his eyes were gorgeous. They were a bright emerald green and they sparkled mysteriously.

But then he spoke.

"Hey Donny. What's up man?"

"Ah, you must be the infamous Mr. Cullen. You may address me as Mr. Varner. Take a seat please." He grinned and looked around for a place. Two seats were open. One next to a girl who started nervously brushing her hair with her fingers, and the other next to me. He took one look at the other girl, shuddered, and headed towards me. He stuck his hand out as he sat.

"Edward Cullen. You?" Gingerly I took his hand.

"Bella. Bella Swan."

"It's a pleasure." I grimaced at his laugh.

"So you're new?"

"Yep." He paused, waiting.

"Where from?"

"Phoenix." Seems I was down to one word answers.

"Forks must be a big change."

"Sure." He laughed.

"You don't like to talk much do you?" I stuck my tongue out.

"Was it that obvious?" I asked sarcastically. His eyes sparkled again. I decided that was the only thing I liked about him.

"Alright class. Now if you'll open your books you'll find tonight's assignment. I want you to do both pages 20 and 21." The classroom was filled with groans. Luckily the bell rang. I grabbed for my stuff but found the desk empty. I stared blankly at it for a second. Then I heard a cough. I looked to my right and saw a very amused Edward holding my things.

"Hey!! Those are mine!" I exclaimed. He rolled his eyes.

"I'll walk you to your next class. What do you have?"

"Government. I don't need to carry my stuff. I'm perfectly able."

"Too bad." He turned around and headed past the building. I glared but chased after him, tightening my coat.

"Hey!" He glanced over his shoulder laughing. He paused, waiting for me to catch up.

"Yes?" I stopped and cleared my throat.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd give me my things back." He nodded across the way.

"As soon as I get you to your class. By the way, wait for me after class. I'll take you to your next hour." And with that he started off again. I could see people inside and out watching us. I blushed and held out my hand for my things. He handed them to me grinning.

"Now don't forget to wait for me." He spoke loud enough for those few people who weren't already staring to start gawking as he went back down the stairs and to his next class. I headed into the classroom silently and kept my head down as I found an empty seat away from prying eyes.

The entire class I didn't hear a thing the teacher said. I was trying to figure out what to do about Edward. I really didn't want to have to deal with him but I didn't want to be known as a bitch either. I decided that after class if he wasn't there I would leave. When the bell finally rang I gathered me stuff and headed for the door. I paused, ling enough to glance around and then went down the stairs. I froze when someone grabbed my arm.

"Hey. You were supposed to wait for me." His voice was soft and turned me legs into jelly for some wierd reason.

"My bad." I headed back down the sidewalk to Spanish.

"Hey what's the matter?" I stared at him.

"You took my books." He laughed.

"Aw come on. I was just kidding." I narrowed my eyes. He seemed to be earnest but that didn't help my trust issues any.

"Why me?" He sighed and rolled his eyes as if it was obvious.

"Because---you don't stare at me." I tilted my head confused. "All the normal girls either stare at me wanting my looks or my money. The rest don't talk to me because they think I'm bad news."

"You don't think I'm normal?" He grinned.

"Nope." I glared and started walking to Spanish again. Unfortunately, he grabbed my arm again. "I think you're much better." He whispered. I stared at his hand on my arm, my cheeks flaming at his closeness.

"I have to get to class." He smiled slightly and let me go. Slowly, I stumbled my way into class. I could feel him standing there, his eyes like darts at my back. When I got to my seat facing the window, sure enough he was still standing there staring at me trough the glass. His face was a complete mess of emotions, impossible to read.

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