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The next day at school Edward wasn't there. I breathed a sigh of relief when after Biology he still didn't show up. At lunch instead of sitting alone, a small girl about the size of a pixie, grabbed my arm and steered me towards her table towards the back. When we got there she sat down and introduced herself for the first time.

"Hey I'm Alice. This is Emmett. Emmett this is…what is your name?" I laughed at her expression. I decided that as weird as it was, I liked her.

"Bella. Bella Swan. Nice to meet you guys." Emmett waved and said in a booming voice,

"Sit down Bella. It's nice to have someone else for Alice to talk to. Maybe my ears will get some rest." Alice smacked him on his humongous arm making me grin. I sat down and started in on my muffin.

"So you're new. Where'd you move from?" Surprisingly, I wasn't that shy around them.

"Phoenix, Arizona."

"Must suck to come to a small, rainy town after the blistering heat of Phoenix, huh?" I nodded grimly before cracking a smile. "So how come your coming here now?"

"My mom got remarried to this guy, Phil. He loves to travel and I didn't want to weigh them down so I thought I'd move in with my dad 'til I graduate from college. Plus I haven't seen my dad in a really long time. I missed him. Forks…not so much." I laughed. "I don't remember seeing you guys around on my few trips here." Alice nodded.

"I moved here 3 years ago with my brother and mom and dad, Emmett moved here 6 years ago with his parents, Jasper and Rose have always lived here but they spend most of their time in the cities. Rose likes to do part-time modeling and Jazz is into photography." She had a surprisingly gentle tone when she spoke of Jasper. Hmm…I wonder if they're going out… Emmett got all dreamy when she mentioned Rose…they're probably going out too.

"How old is your brother?"

"Same age. He's my twin. But we don't really look that much alike. I think so anyway." I laughed. Unfortunately, the bell rang interrupting her and causing us all to scurry out of the lunchroom to our next class.


(next day)


"Hey Em."

"Yo Edward. What's up?" I shrugged as I shut my car door.

"Notta. You?" He shrugged as well.

"You actually going to classes today?"

"Yep." He raised his eyebrows.

"Girl?" He knew me so well. I grinned. Just then, I saw her get out of an old, rusted, red Chevy that was possibly older then her grandfather. Emmett saw me staring and so he turned to look too. He wolf-whistled causing her to look up and me to slug him in the arm.

"Hey Bells!" She grinned and headed towards us. I stared open-mouthed. She knew Emmett?

"Hey Emmy. Hey Edward." Her voice was so cute.

"Hello Bella." God I sounded like a prick. Em looked at me funny so I'm guessing he noticed.

"You're looking hot today. Alice?" She laughed.

"No not yet." I grinned.

"Alice try to give you a make-over?"

"Unfortunately." I laughed.

"I know how you feel." I assured her. She looked at me curiously. Her mouth opened to say something, but just then the bell rang causing her and me to jump.

Ah well, until class then.

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