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116 Dreadful Bond

It was hard to understand. By 'it' she was referring to herself as a whole. After her truce with Joss things between them have been sketchy.

Casimir was more than a little upset that she didn't kill him when she had the chance. His sons seemed to agree…all but Davide at least. Davide always took her side in everything.

Vlad was still avoiding her and Tomas but never at the same time. He would spend hours with Tomas without a hitch. He would spend nights with Mina in the Belfry talking in whispers until dawn. But once Tomas and Mina were together in one room Vlad vanished without a trace.

The last week of her summer was spent in short meetings with Joss. They were nowhere near a solution to the Cleansing problem. Not only that but Joss was now very curious about everything he's missed in Mina's life from the moment she moved out. It helped to talk to him unlike Tomas because he gave no opinion. He just listened. But the more she explained the more she realized how bugged up her life really was.

Her first life committed suicide.

Her second life cheated on her husband with a vampire, became one, hunted one, and was haunted by one for the rest of her life.

The moment she was born she had a 600-year-old vampire warlord prince play guardian angel to her.

Her parents died when she was five.

The relative meant to raise her—Uncle Abraham—neglected and argued with her enough to send her away.

Her cousin Cecile died by a vampire attack and she was a constantly reminder of the tragedy for the rest of her family by being the last girl of her generation.

She moved every other month growing up.

Joss's parents ignored them both but even he was sent away to her Uncle Abraham.

She moved with other family members only to meet a vampire boy only to fall in love with him when she was only thirteen.

She got promptly friend-zoned by Vlad.

Her only friends keep secrets from her.

Joss tried to kill Vlad, which got her turned into a vampire by fourteen.

Vlad dropped her to date Meredith for a year.

She found out she was being stalked by her past-past-life's husband's brother and his entire family and coven since she was little.

She gets into a vampire-themed band.

She starts to date the reincarnate of her past-life's husband.

She found out Dracula's blood magically found its way into her own and that gave her some unknown powers—thanks to Dorian.

Her vampire-father is out to kill not only her but Vlad too.

Dracula's ghost decided to make her schizophrenic.

Vlad might die within a year.

The Romanian coven wants her to become some Dracula-remake and rule the world, or something like that.

The Council of Elders wants her and everyone she loves dead.

She breaks up with her boyfriend right when Vlad drops Snow.

Vlad only has a week to live and she thinks he may finally love her back when they decide to run away together.

Joss, Vlad, Dorian, and her get into a fight that ends up with two in the hospital and one in the morgue.

Uncle Abraham disowned her around a bunch of slayers.

Tomas decides to return from the dead.

Vlad gets an extension on his execution.

She meets Tomas that causes more awkward drama for her and Vlad.

Vlad is still hopelessly depressed about losing Snow.

Henry has been too busy for her.

Her friends are in danger by being near her.

Jonathan all but hates her and is dating the reincarnate of her past-life's best friend.

The Romanian Coven wants her to drop Vlad.

The Dracula Coven wants her to listen to the Romanian Coven.

Dracula is always stressing her out and making her insane.

Her I-won't-stop-until-I-kill-you slayer cousin Joss decides to help her out after announcing he has to kill Vlad again.

And she's starting her senior year of high school.

Granted, there were some parts she left out when telling Joss but all that summed up her life. Now trying to get Joss to understand what it means to be a mate…that was hard. Nearly impossible, she might add, but he managed.

The only thing that came out of it was more wondering on her part. Self-reflection was pawing at her mind constantly as she got ready for the start of her senior year.

What did it mean to be a mate?

Every night she spent with Vlad in the Belfry he told her about how he felt about Snow. She was warm and everything that made him human. He felt jolts of electricity when he touched her. He could sense when she was near him. They were connected…just like when Mina was human.

If she was honest with herself, that bothered her to no end. In the scenario that Snow was to become a vampire…would she be the same as Mina?

She liked to think that she was different from Snow like she was from Meredith but with what Vlad said that seemed less likely. He even craves her blood like he did Mina's.

He somehow was able to see what the topic did to her and was always fast to correct it. His way of doing that would be telling her what he felt for her. Hearing him confess everything she already knew from experience but still refusing to love her was just stabbing at her wounds. It didn't make her feel better.

What he felt for Snow was soft and gentle.

What he felt for Mina was fierce and strong.

Snow made him happy…Mina made him miserable.

How he described it, it seemed almost opposite in some small way. For instance, being around Snow was easy while being close to her was hard to manage. With Mina he has difficulties staying away and it only eased when close to her. Snow was like medicine and Mina was like a drug. Snow was helpful and Mina was harmful.

Being around Snow was like returning home from a long vacation.

Anything concerning Mina was an ache in his bones, muscles, blood, heart, mind, and soul.

Vlad related Snow to being able to fly.

Mina was fire. Passionate, unforgiving, powerful, desirable, and completely consuming.

The connection between Snow and Vlad was just what Mina was thinking about when she wandered to her locker on the first day of school to find Vlad and Snow talking. There was no reason for her to bother them. Vlad would tell her why Snow was there and what happened sometime later. Instead she went to find Henry.

Through the day it never left her mind at how she saw them. Their first day in class proved to keep Vlad and Mina too busy to communicate at all.

Maybe Snow was a little bit of love and Mina was a whole lot of lust.

Still, that didn't stop Mina from being elated when Vlad came to Otis's house. She had been rushing to finish her first day of homework so that she could visit Casimir when he got there. Math was horrible which led her to complete its homework first before going to mythology. No matter how much she loved Otis she would always say 'you are evil' and other such comments whenever she saw him lurking around their shared home on the days he gave her homework. Otis would only laugh and leave her with the order to finish it that night. He never allowed her to leave it for the next day, and due to that her grades have improved since she moved in with Otis last year.

So when she saw Vlad walk in to the living room where she was situated with her scattered worksheets and textbooks she jumped up and hugged him. He spun her saying that he felt how she did; upset that school started anew and bummed that they didn't get to speak at all that day.

Once they were situated and her mythology homework was conveniently forgotten he told her about Eddie Poe's recent plan. She had nearly forgotten about the creepy bully-to-the-supernatural. When she asked to go with Vlad to his meeting with the photographer Vlad declined it. She was concerned that Eddie would try and hurt Vlad. Also, if Vlad was exposed so was Mina and the rest of Elysia and she needed to do her part in stopping that. Still, Vlad refused. When she asked why he said he wanted to protect her.

Eddie thought Vlad turned Mina into a vampire. He already used Snow against Vlad and that pissed him off. If Eddie got anywhere near Mina Vlad wouldn't think twice before he drank him dry.

Plus, Mina was known for having a temper with Eddie. If things got bad she would act rashly and Vlad didn't need that.

After she pressed the matter further Dracula appeared and offered a solution. If Vlad went alone Mina could send Dracula to go with him. That was shot down since Vlad could hardly stand the ghost. It was Mina who suggested she stay with Vlad by Mina telepathy and they settled with that.

With that aside Mina brought up that she saw Snow at school. Vlad seemed reluctant to speak about it and that troubled Mina.

Vlad asked Mina not to fight with Snow at school. He was aware that the girls never liked each other and any conversation was tense and poised for a battle. He reminded her that she never got in a bad encounter with Meredith during school so he asked for her to keep that up. She knew he hated seeing the females in his life fighting for him so she agreed.

Vlad left and Mina had nothing to do once her homework was finished until Vlad went to meet Eddie.

Snow was a problem, just like Meredith was. Mina loved Vlad but that was hard to do with every girl being in love with him too.

Meredith was easier to compete with for obvious reasons. Mina knew Vlad's true self and loved him more for it. Mina cared for Vlad and not her popularity. Mina lived with his faults while Meredith ignored them. But everything that separated her from Meredith made her more similar to Snow.

Snow also knew secrets about Vlad. Snow would drop everything for Vlad too. Snow tried to make him a better person as well. Snow was acting like Mina. And Mina felt like she was succeeding in replacing her no matter what Vlad said to shoot that idea dead.

Mina couldn't say that she thought she was better for Vlad than Snow was because honestly…Snow was perfect. Snow was everything Vlad could ever want. Mina hardly stood a chance.

And that hurt Mina more than watching Vlad when he was dating Meredith.

She asked Dracula how he felt watching Wilhelmina live her life with Jonathan Harker after his physical death. His response did not lighten her mood.

It was agony.

Every kiss seemed bitter. Every touch was stabbing an old wound. Whenever the couple said those three small words Dracula only wanted to weep. Wilhelmina thought of his often, though, but that did not stop her from loving Jonathan Harker dearly. That rejection, that solitude that he accepted with open arms just for her to live a happy, human life was heartbreaking.

Could Mina do that?

Snow and Vlad had a connection.

Mina and Vlad had a bond.

It was a curse and a blessing. It would be the end and the beginning of them. It was like standing under a spot of light from Heaven while falling into a pit of fire from Hell. It was counteractive. It made no sense…

But at the same time it was the only thing that made any sort of logic.

Mina is in love with Vlad but he does not love her. At least, he doesn't seem to.

"Mina, I need you." She perked up with a smile instantly plastered on her lips from the moment his thoughts entered her mind. With a bought of determination she emptied her depressing thoughts before he could read them and fret over them.

She flowed into his head and once she knew his location she laughed. "Just walk through the door and sit down, scared-y cat."

"Eddie's in there…"

"Dun dun da!"

"You're not helping."

"Did you really think I would?"

Vlad viciously fought his grin as he walked through the doors. "You have a point." He took drastically slow steps towards the booth that Eddie Poe was casually sitting at. Mina could feel his hesitation, worry, and agitation. "Mina…" He whined with his plea.

"Here, give me a second to concentrate." She closed her eyes on her end and focused on their bond and their pull. With that and her current residence in his thoughts she brought back every memory and feeling from each time she held his hand. This in turn made Vlad's hand tingle and twitch with the heat of her flesh. It was as if she were standing beside him with her hand in his for support. "Is that better?"

"How did you do that?" He gasped down at his empty hand.

Mina smiled and it warmed her heart to know how much it was already helping his motivation. "Go get him, Vlad."



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