Hello! It's me again! Yes, the one who seems to have too much time on her hands. Well this is a different one shot than the one I wrote previously, and I mean really different. It's an AU, and it's first person. I really still hope you like it, because I tried my hardest to keep it as close as I good under these differences, but if I did it bad then I'm sorry! So I hope you enjoy, and the rating is for the second part of this. –Blushes-

Warning: If you do not like Sasunaru, then I suggest that you do not read this. If you do not enjoy reading lemons (which will be in the second or third part), then I would please ask you to not read this. Otherwise, enjoy!

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Bad Luck has a Brightside

"If you think that I'm going to wait for you one more minute, than you're sadly mistaken! I'll leave your sorry ass if you don't get down here!" It seemed the sudden threat affected the boy that I now screamed to. His sudden shout caused a visible flinch in my features. I tried my hardest not to sigh as I heard the tornado that was dubbed 'Kiba' running around the upstairs of the house. Once again, I knew that we were going to be late, not that he cared. Last year he got over twenty tardys on his record. Kiba was never a morning person.

I couldn't really talk when it came to days that I didn't have school or work. Sometimes one o'clock seemed too early to get up. But when it came to my academics, I knew that I had to be ready very early in order to get to school on time. Don't get me wrong, I hate school. If I didn't love both my parents and step-parents as much as I did, then I would currently be applying to become a ramen tester and become eternally happy for the rest of my life.

I guess I should explain that, huh? You see, the summer of my freshman year, my parents were killed by a drunk driver. I didn't really have any relatives that were willing to take me, since I came from a marriage that both sides of the family didn't agree with. So instead, my friend's parents, Kakashi and Iruka, decided to take me under their wing. After all, I practically lived there with Kiba, who was their adopted son. I was paying for my food so I wouldn't eat them out of house and home. They even had me give them a grocery list every week! So after some legal papers were signed and yada yada yada, I became a part of the most messed up family I had ever seen. And I loved it.

Their only condition was that I honored my parent's will. I thought it would have been simple, like make sure that I found love and happiness and that I stayed healthy…but no. Even in their will I had chores. I had to graduate, and then I had to go to college. There was also something about changing my underwear in there, but I'm pretty sure my dad did it in order to make sure that I didn't cry during the will reading. Even though I joke about it now, the pain still gets to me. But the last part of their will was that whenever I thought about them, to smile. And throughout the past four years, I beamed the goofiest looking grin I could in order to make their stay in heaven a little brighter.

The grin was currently MIA because of a certain brown-haired idiot.

"What is taking you so long, did you get hit by a bus?!" I screamed up at my brother, who now ran down the stairs with a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and a hairbrush lodged in his hair. The scene itself made a wave of laughter take over, and only stopped when his foamy mouth seemed to scowl. I couldn't tell; the white bubbles frosted his mouth too much to actually see the formation of his lips.

"You look like a rabid dog!" I croaked out, continuing to laugh at the disgruntled boy.

"Gu kink gat's founy?" The distorted sentence only seemed to heighten my sense of humor as I tried to decipher the meaning.

"What did you just say?" I asked, watching him pull the toothbrush from his mouth.

"I said, do you think that's funny?" He replied, a slight attitude edging his sleepy voice.

"Oh, so that's how you speak foam! I thought for a minute you were just trying to learn Japanese or something." The death glare he sent me only made my smile widen. I had experienced worse than that measly look. After all, I knew an Uchiha member! That small attempt of a glare was like a poke compared to the death sentences I had been put through just with the glance of an eye.

"You can be real annoying at times, you know that?" Kiba slowly walked into the kitchen, throwing on his shoes as best as he could. I tried to sympathize with the dog-boy in front of me, but snapped out of the thought at the reminder that he had gotten over nine hours of sleep. I had managed to salvage four, and I was perfectly functioning.

"Yea well that's what a brother's for you know. You're in the same school as me, so it's my responsibility to make sure that you get to school on time. I'm sure that if you don't, you're going to meet some big consequences." Kiba rolled his eyes and grabbed his red backpack, slinging it onto his shoulder as if it weighed more than him.

"Because of you, I've only been late four times this year, and there is only a week of school left. What are they going to do if I miss one of the last days? Suspend me from the rest of the school year? I'm graduating!" I followed the stubborn boy out the door, locking it and shoving my keys into my coat pocket before walking over to my car. Its rust orange coating brought a smile to my lips as I jumped in, admiring the soft interior of the Jeep. It was one of my trademarks at the school. Everyone knew my car, or more importantly, who was driving it. Though it was not a cheap jeep, I still worked hard enough to pay for the car that I knew Kiba detested. What can I say; I like to do what feels right for me. If he didn't like it, he could put his tail between his legs and walk to school. The only money he had saved up was for all the debts he owed.

"So do you have all you're stuff for the last week of school?" God I sound like Iruka, and I'm only 18! This should be a crime or something. As if Kiba read my mind, he nodded his head and crossed his arms.

"Yes mom and I made sure to wash behind my ears extra hard." I hate it when my smart-assness rubs off on him; I start to see how annoying it can be. Still, I sent a grin his way as I started the car.

"Good, wouldn't want something living behind them, dog-breath." I watched him laugh and punch my arm. Shrugging, I started to drive towards the school. I felt a smile creep on my lips as the words 'Summer Vacation' slipped into my mind. It was my favorite time of the year, especially this one. My senior summer vacation. It sounded like some type of b-rated movie, but I still was happy. I shook the thought as I stopped at a red light, glancing at my brother. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing much, maybe I'll go see what Hinata is up to." Hinata was a girl that lived down the street from us. She was the quietest girl I'd ever met, and my brother had the hots for her since she first moved here. It had been seven years, and he still hadn't asked her on a date. Instead, he called it 'hanging out with a friend'. "What are you doing?"

"What everyone else is doing, going to the dance and partying!"

"Ugh you're actually going to that stupid thing?"

"I bet you Hinata's going too," I said casually. I could feel Kiba's curious gaze glance over to me before he looked up at the cars that drove by.

"No, way, she's too shy to go there. Too many people around."

"Nah, you know how Neji is with her. He always drags her around with him, and I know for a fact that he's going. Maybe if you're lucky, he won't kill you if you ask her to dance," I replied humorously, slowly driving into the morning traffic in front of the school. Neji was a good friend of mine that absolutely hated Kiba after he 'accidentally' grabbed Hinata's chest in the pool a couple years back. Ever since then, Neji had been very watchful when his cousin was around Kiba.

"That was so not cool. Neji freaks the hell out of me," he said, visibly shaking. I couldn't help but laugh at the poor kid.

"You have to go to the dance tonight anyways; it's your last chance to dance with her!" Both me and Kiba had gracefully stepped up to become a senior and were leaving in a week. And for every senior, the tradition was to have a school dance in honor of our graduation. The only reason we had it was because our school was way too poor to afford to give us a real prom. So it was the big thing that girls bought dresses for, and guys groaned through the alterations of a tux. Still, it was almost murder to any senior that didn't go.

"Eh…I don't know…I mean they play really crappy music and it hurts my ears half the time."

"Kiba! Everyone BUT you is going to go, they do every year! Come on, just this one time? You'd get to see Hinata all pretty and hell, if you ran fast enough I'm sure you could lose Neji in the crowd! We're all going to look like a bunch of penguins with wigs on anyways. He'll never be able to spot you." I parked the car in the front of the parking lot(getting there early was the place to be) and slowly stepped out; locking the doors once Kiba shut his. I began to explain to Kiba why it was essential he go to the dance of the penguins as I turned away from my car…

…Only to smack right into a body of warm steel. I quickly dropped my stuff to the ground as I looked up at the person I attacked, beaming when I recognized the face. I tried not to snicker as I bent down to pick my stuff up, brushing off the boy's shirt when I came up in an obnoxiously sarcastic manner, as a wife would do for her loving husband. Yup, that was me, Mrs. Jones at your service…

Throughout the entire exchange, I could feel black eyes glaring at me. Still I brushed it off as nothing, which I could tell made him angrier. Well this morning was turning out to be more fun than I expected. Deciding that I enjoyed the look of frustration on his face, I continued to push his buttons.

"Well I should have known only a teme like you would be standing in a parking lot alone! Were you waiting for my car? You're such a pal." When I glanced up at the slightly taller boy, an angry growl that danced around my best friend's lips. Yup, that's right. Meet Sasuke Uchiha, my long time rival and best friend. Course I'm sure he'd deny it if you ever asked. After all, why would he want to acknowledge the blonde dobe as his best friend? Ever since the day we met in the sandbox in elementary school, we were hooked on each other. And I don't mean literally, although there was the one time I lost the key to the handcuffs during my magic trick freshman year…. that story had a happy ending. For me anyways, because I got to embarrass the idiot by walking around with our hands practically holding onto each other. I wasn't afraid of what people thought, but Sasuke? I'm sure he glared at me for every second of the trip. I even had to sleep over his house because the locksmith was closed by the time the talent show was done. And would you believe I got first because the judges were all girls who found me and Sasuke's arguing too cute to ignore? So yea, I'd say that was a happy ending.

I hated him. The annoyingly way he walked, the freakish glares he gave me, and the way he spoke down to me drove me up a wall! He was the kid at school that could do no wrong. I think that's why we had always hated the fact we were friends. We were the most opposite people to ever walk the earth. He was tall, pale, black hair with matching onyx eyes. He was the class president, second in the class (Somehow that lazy assed Shikamaru beat him every time), and had the personality of a rattlesnake.

Me on the other hand…well I was the life of every party! Blonde hair, blue eyes, killer smile that could get me out of anything and a body that made girls faint! …Okay, so maybe that was also Sasuke's department, but I made those girls on the chess club drool. Or maybe it was their retainers. Anyways! I was captain of my baseball team, and I also played the guitar. I was defiantly the cooler one, but all the girls fanned over him. Stupid Sasuke.

"Dobe." Was his so eloquent reply. As if that just completely countered what I had said. I mentally cursed myself for feeling my blood boil at the weak response.

"Whatever," I replied, shifting my books slightly. "Look, I'd really like to keep wasting my time with you, but I've got to talk to Miss Kianme. I'll talk to you later!"I didn't wait to hear Kiba's complaining, saluting sarcastically to Sasuke before I made my way into the building of torment. Sorry, school.

"And so when the Spanish realized what the English were planning…" Though I really did like world history, I felt my thoughts drifting away from the Spanish and onto the decision about tonight. Was I going to go to the dance alone? Sure I could just ask a random girl to come with me, but then by the end of the night it would turn into a competition with the teme to see if she would stay with me. It always was the same thing. If I liked a girl, that jerk would somehow manage to take her away. And if he liked a girl, I would….well okay, so Sasuke didn't date. It was part of the mystery thing that all the girls fell for. I didn't understand chicks.

My thoughts were easily torn from me when I saw a note fly onto my desk. I look at the direction the note had come from, only to see Sasuke looking straight at me with an unreadable gaze. I only rolled my eyes and directed my focus back onto the note, carefully unfolding it. That's funny, I thought as I pulled the note open, I thought we were way too old to be writing notes to each other. Stupid Sasuke, and he calls me a child! I laughed silently to myself before slowly reading the note.


Don't want to waste gas on money, and since I know you don't have a date tonight, you're giving me a ride. Don't complain; you still owe me for driving to Shikamaru's house when you lost your keys at the party. I'll be at your house by 7:45pm. You better be ready.



That stupid prick. I wanted to take the note and huck it at his head, but I knew he'd just say I was being immature. Yea, okay, says the one who writes me stupid notes. And the only reason I bothered to call the teme on that particular night was because I thought he had been at the party. How was I to know that he had to take the SATs the next morning? And if I had known that it was gonna cost me a possible chance of getting a girl back to my house tonight, I would walked the 4 miles back home! But then I wouldn't have had a key to get in….damn that Uchiha!

But when I looked down at the note again, my anger turned to confusion. There, above Sasuke's name, were three letters I'd never seen him use before. YSA? What the heck is YSA?! Did I miss something here, or has he been acting strange lately? Even though he'd never admit it, Sasuke had been at my house much more than usual. It seemed like every time I had a break from baseball practice or school, Sasuke decided that we were going to drive.

I'm not sure when it started really, the driving part of our friendship. Maybe it was when Sasuke got that new midnight blue corvette from his ultra rich dad. Something about being a present for turning 16. All I knew was that I had wanted to ride in it. So, without real permission from Sasuke, I hopped in his passenger seat and demanded he let me test run it with him. I don't know if he was shocked or not, since he never tells me anything with that porcelain face. Instead, he silently got into the car and we drove. We didn't really talk much the first time because there was no reason to.

No, the talking started the second time. I had been upstairs in my room when I had gotten a text from him, demanding I come outside. I would have normally ignored it, but I had nothing better to do. And hey, he may be an ass, but he was still my best friend! And at times we could stand each other, like the drives. He didn't speak at all when I got into the car. In fact, he hardly even acknowledged me before he sped down my street like a racer instead of a teen. It was the first time I had ever seen true anger in Sasuke's face.

He eventually pulled over on some deserted road and told me what had happened. Itachi, his brother, had been robbed and shot at his college. He wasn't dead, but I knew Sasuke and Itachi's bond was close. Sasuke's grip on the wheel was so tight, his normally pale skin turned pure white. I had to pry his fingers away from the wheel before he seriously hurt himself. And after twenty minutes of Sasuke telling me how unfair the world was, I had hugged him. I don't think he expected me to crawl over the seats to get to him, but I did. I didn't care that the wheel was pressed into the small of my back, or that we both were guys. Sasuke…for once in his long stupid life, needed me. Yea, that's right. Sasuke needed me, Naruto.

We didn't talk at all. Some stupid song was on in the background, and I felt like such an idiot trying to figure it out. Out of all of the things I could have done that day, I had to listen to the radio. It was some girl from a singing celebrity show, I knew that for sure. Certainly not my normal type of music. Probably Sasuke's considering how girly he can be. Okay, so I don't really have any proof of that, but he's way more girly that I'd ever be!

The drives kind of just…happen. When one of us is distressed or angry, or ever just bored. It's the same formula every time. Text the other, wait 10 minutes, drive around for a half hour, park some deserted area, and…talk. Like best friends are supposed to. We still insult and fight, but it's not the same. We're in our own reality stuck within four midnight blue walls that we always forget about as soon as we walk away. Once we're out of his car, we take part in everyone else's world. In the world when me and him are rivals.

It's always Sasuke's car. It couldn't be my jeep. Sasuke has an issue with my color, and he always gives it a disgusting look whenever I offer to drive. Oh, how could I forget? Uchiha's only drive in dark, emo looking cars that scare little children. So his whole note was a bunch of crap. Leave it to the teme to waste time writing out a lie just to get me to drive with him. Obviously he wanted to talk. I'd be surprised if we actually made it to the dance on time.

"Naruto, freak's going to call on you." Despite being lazy as hell, Shikamaru seemed to always pull me out of my thoughts right before the teacher would call on me. He must have Jedi mind tricks I don't know about. I quickly looked to him as he languidly tossed me his notebook. Right on cue, the teacher turned around and called out my name.

"Mr. Uzumaki, do you know the answer to my question?" I looked down at the notebook, reading the question that Shikamaru had written for me.

"1756!" I shouted quickly before blushing at my sudden outburst. Some of the others in my class laughed and I slowly sunk into my seat, trying to hide my pink face. Others simply sneered, making me want to sneer right back. Jerks. They acted like that never had a day dream before…well okay, mine was kind of more like a year dream that I paused when I was out of class. Still.

"That is…correct." Do you know the type of teachers that you wished would just disappear? Or the ones that you made nasty pictures of when you were little? Well, was no exception to that category. He was one of the most annoying teachers I had ever met, and I hated the way he picked on me. I bet it was cause I still had all my hair. "Now will you please try to pay attention in this class? I know you have a short attention span, but it is necessary in life to listen to others." I only looked at my desk, waiting for him to continue. Surprisingly, he didn't get the chance.

"If he already knows the answers to your questions, then he was obviously paying attention to your class." I glanced back at Sasuke, who now looked very serious. Well, more serious than his usual serious! I blinked slightly, wondering why he would stick up for me at such an awkward time.

"Mr. Uchiha, I don't believe I was talking to you." Who cares who you were talking to Mr. Freaky! Sasuke is sticking up for me! Hey, wait, who said he could stick up for me?! Stupid bastard!

"I understand that, but you always seem to embarrass my best friend and I don't think it's very fair to him." The entire room went silent as everyone stared at Sasuke, including myself. Even the teacher seemed speechless at the comment he made. Maybe teachers weren't as dumb to what happened in the halls as I always thought.

I suddenly felt every pair of eyes shift from Sasuke to me, guessing that they were all thinking that same thing as me. Did Sasuke just admit I was his best friend?!

"I uh…just try to keep your eyes on the board Mr. Uzumaki, and we won't have this situation again." I felt a rush of relief pour from me as I felt the eyes move away from me and back to the board. Every pair except my friend…or my lazy friend that is.

"Troublesome." I slowly looked over at Shikamaru, taking in his features the best I could. He had brown straight hair and was always up in a pony tail, and sluggish brown eyes that seemed to hide knowledge that only he knew about. Like now. "Note from Sasuke?" I smiled at him and nodded. Shikamaru rolled his eyes and leaned on his arm, trying to get comfortable again as I spoke.

"Yea. Wants to carpool to the dance. That idiot, couldn't he have just talked to me after class. I hope none of the girls saw it, or I'm going to have to hide in my locker for the rest of the day."

"Well are you going to?"

"I have to. Stupid teme is using something that happened last year against me. You'd think he would just get one of his fangirls to do it. They'd make a care out of their bodies just to get him there."

"Suppose that's why he asked you." I blinked at the odd statement from my friend, who closed his eyes in boredom from the lecture.

"What do you mean?"

"Why would he want to carpool if he was in fear of being molested to death? If given the chance, half of those girl would have him hogtied and in the back of their trunk in a few seconds. Would you want that to happen to you?" Hmm. I never thought of it that way before. Maybe Sasuke was just trying to hide with me in order to get away from the girls! …Meaning he thought none of them would be near me.

"That jerk doesn't think I can get girls!" I quickly shut up as I looked towards the board when Mr. Freaky looked back at me. I sent Sasuke a glare while he only smirked. I moved to speaking to Shikamaru when I realized he was looking at my note. Damn, for a lazy kid, he sure can move! His eyes seemed bored as he scanned the note before handing it back. It was weird, but I swear I saw something flick into normally passive eyes. And for once, Shikamaru started a conversation.

"So you going to dance with anyone?" He asked. I mumbled about thieves with big brown hair before I answered.

"Maybe a few of the underclassman. Some of em are really cute this year, ya know?" I grinned cheekily at him.

"Ino said she wants me to bring her. I hope she doesn't want to dance. It's hard enough to stay awake at school." Ino was Shikamaru's girlfriend since sophomore year. She was a firecracker who wasn't afraid to knock anyone, male or female, around if they pissed her off. I would know, I still had a bruise from the time I dropped my ramen on her new shoes.

"You better do what she says. You're the one who has to take her home afterwards! At least I can drop the jerk at his house!" I replied, laughing. The teacher glared at me again, and I was seriously tempted to glare back. However, being around him as little as I could was what made me fake an apologetic smile. Looking back at my friend, I was surprised to see him not looking at me, but staring at Sasuke. It was weird, because the two hardly ever spoke. In fact, the only time I saw them together was as senior stuff or when I randomly decided to drag everyone bowling. And even then the two weren't very…sociable with each other. So why was the lazy ass staring a hole into Sasuke's head?

"Shikamaru?" I asked softly, or as softly as I could. It wasn't my fault god graced me with such loud vocal chords!

"You two…are so troublesome." The odd statement was the last thing Shikamaru said the entire class. I sat, confused. What the heck was going on around here? First I get a cryptic note, than an out loud admission, and finally a mysterious message. Who died and put me in the twilight zone?

Deciding I would be fine until an alien stuck an anal probe up my ass, I tried to listen to the horrible screech coming from my teacher's mouth.

"Why you no good son of a gun piece of shitty metal!" I felt my foot connect with the steel, and had to bite back a scream of pain as I pounded my fist against my locker. It was now the end of the day, and I had no time to waste with the locker that now seemed to be mocking me. I once again kicked the locker and slumped down onto the floor in front of it, placing my elbows onto my knees. I glared at the evil contraption in front of me, and I swear the top vents smirked. What the hell were those used for anyways? Fumigation? You certainly couldn't fit your hand in there. Lee had tried doing it and the school had to get a welder to come take the locker apart.

"They shouldn't let you outside of the house without a zoo keeper. You can't seem to function right on your own." I looked up, though I didn't see anyone. I knew the voice, but the bastard wasn't there. Slowly, I placed my hands behind me and bent all the way back, watching Sasuke approach me with a smirk. I growled back, though remembered that I was upside-down and it would appear pretty stupid. So slowly I sat back up, waiting for him to come over. I knew what he was waiting for as he slowly leaned against the locker next to mine. He probably did this once every two weeks. But it still didn't mean I didn't put up a fight.

"I can open my locker."

"Alright, do it." I swear I felt, tasted, and smelt his smirk. It wreaked such superiority. Mentally praying that my locker would listen to me for once, I slowly spun the numbers around a few times to erase my seven previous tries. 21 , I twisted it to the 21, 13¸ a rotation to the left till 13 was locked securely under the arrow, and 7, I jerked the last number into place before pulling down on my lock with anticipation evident in my eyes.

I swear it laughed at me before locking itself up again.

"You…stupid…" My eye twitched as I moved to beat the living shit out of it, and probably break a few knuckles, when a warmth caught my hand. Glancing up, I looked as Sasuke held my hand back, waiting until the strain was gone before he pushed me out of the way. Feeling defeated from a piece of scrap metal, I let myself sigh.

"You should know the combination already," I muttered.

"21-13-7." He said without hesitation, watching me nod. It showed that either Sasuke had an amazing memory (which he probably did anyways the perfect little…) or he had saved me way too much for my own liking. Slowly he let his fingers glide across the lock and I watched in slight fascination at how easy he made fighting with the demon lock look. I knew I was scowling at him. Show off.

But as I watched him work, I couldn't help but notice the weird face he now sported. No, no it wasn't really weird I guess. It was…different? No that wasn't the word. I searched my inner thesaurus for a few seconds before my eyes lit up in success. Cute! Sasuke looked cute! ….What?! I had just thought that Sasuke, the Sasuke, the one who sneered and snorted and used stupid noises instead of words to answer people, was…cute. It wasn't possible!

But when I felt my cheeks heat in embarrassment, I scanned the hallway, making sure nobody was around to witness my moment of insanity. Before I could start to scold myself for such insane thoughts, I heard the sound of success. I glanced back to see the inside of my locker, causing me to scramble to my feet. The excitement of having my locker open overrode my sense of limitations.

"You did it again! Take that you stupid demon!" I laughed as if I had triumphantly slain the beast myself. Then, without thinking, I hugged him. Tightly. So caught up in my moment I wasn't aware of my actions until two slender arms pulled me against a hard wall of flesh. I looked up quickly in pure shock, and I swear my eyes must have almost fallen out of their sockets. Sasuke was hugging me. Okay, I now was certain that someone had placed me inside of an alternate universe. And frankly, I wanted out! Or, I…I thought I did…

I slowly stumbled out of the awkward embrace, catching a glimpse of his face. When I noticed his sudden change in color, a sense of worry was sent spiraling into my stomach. Maybe the idiot was sick! Maybe that's why he was acting weird! Yes, yes it had to be that!

"What?" He snapped out, catching me off guard. Okay, apparently his fever made him an ever bigger jackass than before. Still, I didn't want to see my friend get worse.

"Are you feeling Okay? You look like you have a fever or something." I slowly placed my hand on his forehead, trying to find any heat centered there. When I felt nothing out of the ordinary, I pulled my hand away from the pinkish-pale boy. "Maybe you should go get some rest; I don't think the girls would be happy if you didn't go to the dance. No, correction, they would slaughter me if they found out I somehow didn't perform a miracle or something to help cure you."

"You read the note?" He asked, changing the subject. I almost pouted. What a jerk! Here I am, worried about both of our well beings, and he's concerned about some stupid note.

"Yea, yea what about it?" I asked.

"So you're okay with driving?" What the hell was his problem? First he tells me that I have to take him, and now he's asking if I'm okay with it? Who blackmails, and then confirm it's okay to blackmail? The fever was probably messing with the functioning of his brain.

"You stupid te-" I stopped my insult in mid sentence once I caught sight of the look Sasuke now sported. Although he seemed normal except for the coloring in his cheeks, I could tell that he was off in some way. There was something about the Sasuke standing in front of me that wasn't right at all. Was it his pose? I glanced down his body before I shook my head. Nope, still the same. Well what about his hair, or his clothes? No…both were still intact. It took a few moments for my brain to finally wrap completely around the chain in my head before it jerked hard, the light bulb clicking on.

There it was, right in front of me. The only thing wrong was Sasuke was…he was nervous. I could tell by the way his eyes focused on me, and the slight tightening and releasing of his hands at his sides that the boy in front of me was anxious to know my answer. I almost took a step back in shock, though I kept my feet in place. Did it really mean that much to him that I drove? "I…I guess I'll drive or whatever."

"Fine." He said it so sharply, it sounded like I had asked him to do something and not the other way around. Maybe it was compensation from waiting for my answer? This guy was unbelievable! I watched his cocky smirk return and all signs of the previous Sasuke were gone. The sudden change almost made me rethink my choice for the evening. Maybe I should just do what Kiba said and hang out at home. I'm sure there would be some types of old pay per view movies I cou—

Something soft brushed my lips. My eyes were frozen open, and my body tensed at the unexpected tingle that now pressed against my mouth. But when I realized it was his mouth on mine, something reacted. I felt a million shocks connect in my body, causing a low pulsation to hum in every muscle I owned. Finally I blinked, for just a moment. It only took that one second for the contact of skin to disappear, and Sasuke to walk away.

I tried to fight off my first feelings of sickness….wow. I blinked in the realization that they were gone. Were they even there to begin with? Well, there had to be some type of disgust running through my body, taking control of every single cell tha—huh, nope, still not there. Actually, as I let my fingers run through my hair, I didn't know how to respond to that. It didn't feel bad…but, I mean, it couldn't have felt good! This was Sasuke we're talking about! The entire kiss shouldn't have even happened!

But, now that it did…what was I supposed to feel? I tried hard for a couple minutes to muster up some anger or grossed out feelings. But the only thing I felt was the tingling sensation that was left bouncing through my lips. I probably just did something that fangirls thought of at night. I…I kissed Sasuke. The thought made me heart skip. No no no, only people who liked someone had their heart beats skip! Mine must of…of tripped over a rock or something.

I wanted to stay still and pretend that the kiss did nothing to me. I felt like my movement would show just how deeply I felt about it. I didn't want him to know, even if there was no way of him seeing me in the now deserted hallway. Somehow I felt like Sasuke knew that his actions shook me. He was an Uchiha after all, and everything they did had an impact.

I soon felt my fingers dance over the flesh that teme's lips had just graced. Gah! Stop saying it like that! You make it sound like you liked it or something! Still...feeling Sasuke's lips against mine weren't bad. In fact, I could almost say it felt…good. Almost. And that thought made my entire body shiver. Finally, after some of the clouds disappeared from my thoughts, one reflection came to mind.

I'm going to the dance…driving the boy who just kissed me…and I have no clue what the hell what just happened!!!

The End…?

I sure hope not! Haha well this was really fun! I got a really good response from my first story, and I figured while I waited for people to review, I would just fool around with one of my old regular stories, and I came up with this! My logic kind of fell through since I've already got 16 pages of my sequel done –sweat drop-. Well, if you want to see the ending of this one, I'd be happy to write it. If not, then that's fine. =) I'm thinking this may be a three-shot though, depends on how my mind works. Well, hope to see your reviews!