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No Longer YSA

I was sick. No, not physically sick, although I think running around without my shirt gave me a cold for a couple days. And the people that passed by a half naked blonde guy probably thought I was a little out of my mind. So yea, maybe I mean I was sick in those ways as well. But the one I'm thinking of doesn't come from societal rules of indecent exposure or antibodies not working up a good immune system. My sickness was that I feel in love with Uchiha Sasuke, a boy who is going to leave Thursday morning at 10:30 am.

I didn't even take a shower until the next morning. Sick, I know. But I couldn't pick myself up to walk over to the sink and get rid of the only part of Sasuke that I could hold on to. His bite marks were all over me, surrounding me, beating me senseless with the fact that I probably would never get to experience anything like I did that night one week ago. There was no real way to cover them, so I just prayed that collared shirts would be good enough for the two on my neck. And that scent, that order that actually really didn't smell that fucking great, was mocking me with the image of me running away from Sasuke.

Oh, you're probably wondering where I was right now huh? Graduation. Oh yea, it's supposed to be the biggest day of my life, and here I go thinking about a hump fest I had in the back of Sasuke's car a week ago. I got a shiver down my back just thinking about our Salutatorian, who sat so perfectly straight next to Shikamaru. If you looked close enough at his pulse, you could see that he had a faint hickey just under the black shirt and robe. But other than that, he looked perfect. So perfect, I wanted to run over and show everyone just how high and mighty Uchiha Sasuke could be with me between his legs. The high arch in his back would be proof enough that maybe second place is better.

I felt myself blushing at my insane thought but I ignored it. I was angry and upset. Even happy people can have their moments you know. Everything in the past week had been a blur. I didn't really remember much besides coming home every night in hopes that somehow, I would get a text telling me to come downstairs and talk about what happened in the very same car I'd be sitting in. But not once had he called or texted me. And then to make myself feel better, I would lie and say that secretly he was waiting for me to come back to him. That he had his phone next to him, fully charged and waiting to be used. But this is Uchiha Sasuke we're talking about. He wasn't like me.

Sure, he let me get him off. I mean, I'm pretty hard to resist. But just because one night in the corner of the parking lot, Sasuke became an exhibitionist with his best friend, didn't mean shit. I mean seriously, we were a bunch of high school kids who were meant to make really bad mistakes! So I was stuck with the ache in my heart when I saw him take the stand in order to give his parting speech to all of us. To me.

"Fellow students…" He began, as if he was so much better than us. Wow, the bastard didn't just say 'hn' and walk away? I was sure that the stick up his ass must of hit a nice spot today. I slid back in my chair a bit and played with the black and orange tassel that hung from my hat, trying to ignore the voice that had called my name that night…grr…What was the point of these things anyways? Sure I get the whole 'flip your tassel, you graduated' but why did they have to be so big? The strings kept poking in my eye and I was beginning to think the world was out to get me. Although, seeing two of Kiba's strings somehow get stuck in his teeth earlier had been worth it. Luckily his girlfriend was able to get them out before we had to walk.

Kiba asked Hinata out the night of the dance. I missed it, of course, but Ino told me that it was really sweet. He even got on his knee and everything, until Neji walked by. That had straightened him out real quick. I remember Kiba had wanted to talk about the dance the next morning, but I was in no mood at the time, so I made an excuse about having baseball practice and left a half hour early. I just sat in my car and listened to the radio, thinking about everything I had done wrong the night before. And like every horrible love story, there was nothing on the but sappy shit that I had no desire to listen to, but listened to it anyways because it made me feel like other people in the world were feeling how I was. Sadistic, thy name is Naruto. This happy ball of sunshine really wasn't in a good mood that day until I saw Tenten walking toward my car. Then it just turned fatal.

She had that look in her eye. You know the one women get when they know that something is wrong, but they're gonna beat around the bush until you tell them? Yea it was one of those looks that warned me that Tenten was going to try and be the first one to get me to crack about Sasuke. So when she hopped into my jeep in her little softball shorts and jersey, I lowered the music and waited to relive the pain.

"Hey Naruto, what are you doing here this early? Thought the boys didn't have practice for another twenty minutes or so?" I shrugged and gave her an Uzumaki grin, which I knew failed the moment she arched her eyebrow.

"I wanted to see you girls practice so I could steal some of your plays for the big game next Thursday." She rolled her eyes and punched my arm. Tenten was very strong and fierce, something I sadly noticed in almost all of my female friends. Why did all of the guys I hung out with have to be smart and the girls insanely violent? Well I guess Kiba and Hinata were exceptions. No wonder they got together, it was too dangerous not to!

"You were probably watching their butts you pervert." Oh, if only she knew how wrong she was…but instead of giving her what she wanted, I switched the subject.

"We're playing the Akatsuki's snakes you know." Tenten shivered as she looked out to the field, shaking her head. Akatsuki and Konoha were rivals, and had been for about ten years ever since they cheated our undefeated football team out of a win by paying the clock guy to work in their favor. Since then every one of our sport teams that went against them was like a battle for survival. Don't get me wrong, we still don't play dirty. That's an automatic kick off the team if the coach finds out. But that baseball coach, Orochimaru, he didn't care what you did as long as you won. So we always had to check all of our equipment and the baseball field before we went out there.

"I remember those jerks. That's the team that almost framed Neji so that he would lose his scholarship and wouldn't be able to play this season." And it was true. Somehow the players had snuck steroids into his bag, and then accused him of using them to make his swings better. The school had to do an entire investigation on Neji, and considering the lack of tolerance Neji had toward people touching his stuff, he did pretty well. He even had to pee in a cup and give them blood. After about a week, me and Tenten cornered the guys who did it and made them confess. The sad part was, they were more scared of her than me, and I had a baseball bat!

"Well Neji knows how to keep his cool when he needs to. He wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his school scholarship now that certain someone is going to be cuddling with him every night." I watched Tenten's face darken and she punched me again, much harder than the last time. I contained my yelp, but I knew there was going to be a bruise in the morning. "You two decide where you're going to stay?"

"Since Neji's school is closer to here than to Hokage University, we're thinking we might grab an apartment downtown and see how it works out."

"Jeeze, all you people are getting apartments. Am I the only one who cares about keeping family together around here?" I laughed, even though my stomach was acting up again from the memories of last night. She watched me for a moment (she was probably thinking of the best way to get out information) and then looked to the guys who were cleaning up the baseball field for our practice.

"I heard that Sasuke was also getting an apartment." She said it so passively, that I knew she had connected the dots. But I continued the charade and scoffed, rolling my eyes.

"He'll be back in a month. He can't stay away from his family long. Then he'll be banging on my door, bugging me about something else I did wrong. Man….what a teme…" I stared down at the wheel, my knuckles turning white from the pressure it was taking to keep my eyes from misting. I felt like some girl who had been dumped by her boyfriend. And me and him weren't even dating!

"I don't know about that. I mean he seemed very serious about moving away. It's right up near his school, so he can just walk to classes. Doesn't have to worry about driving." Tenten seemed to pause in her thoughts, tapping on her lower lip and looking at the sky. The one benefit of a jeep was being able to take the roof off when it was too hot.

"It is? Well that must be nice. Glad he told someone about it." I tried not to grind my teeth in anger. This must have been what they were talking about last night at the dance. It was obvious that the congratulations were for finding such a good apartment. "I'm guessing his dad's paying for him?"

"Oh no, he's actually saved up some money to pay on his own. You know how Sasuke gets taking money from his parents. It's why he got that job at the bookstore. I bet he's the only rich kid I've ever met that works and wants to go to college." That's because he's perfect. Everyone keeps missing this big detail. I feel like that Nancy Drew girl who kept pointing to the gun while everyone just walked around with their magnifying glass, searching for clues.

"How is he going to pay for an apartment by himself while going through college? There's just no way," I said, shaking my head. I wasn't sure if I was trying to convince her or myself that he really wasn't leaving.

"Well that's why he's getting a roommate to share his apartment with." I froze. There was no other word to describe it. My hands stopped moving, my eyes didn't leave the spot on the windshield I had been staring at, and I felt every part of my body tense up. Sasuke was leaving me. But not only was he leaving me, he was going to be living with another guy. A guy I didn't even know. I felt my heart truly break. In a desperate move to save my pride, I grabbed my bag from the backseat and pushed out of my car.

"I want to…get some pitching warm ups before the practice starts. You know how cranky Neji gets when I throw him shit to hit. I'll see you at the senior barbecue Monday." I didn't even listen to her response. She could have just told me that there was a bomb in the field and that I was going to die, but I didn't listen. I knew if I looked back at her, she'd know exactly what had happened to me the night before. I didn't want to tell her, I just wasn't ready yet. Maybe after he left I'd sit down with everyone and one by one, tell them what an idiot I was. They'd all understand, after all, who else but me would get into this situation.

I don't remember how long I threw for. I didn't even stop when the coach told me that practice was over. I just continued to stare at the target in front of me, thought of everything I was feeling, and threw the ball. Sometimes I would think of Sasuke's head when I was aiming. Sometimes I thought of my own.

"…-and we must always remember where we came from." Sasuke paused as if searching for something in the crowd. Whoa, was he still talking?! I just had a like, twenty minute flashback and he was still going on! Well okay, so the flashback probably only took two minutes in real like time, but still! How much can one perso—

He's stared at me. I felt my eyes widen in shock at the fierce look in his eyes, but I couldn't pull myself away. That was the effect Sasuke had on me, that no matter how much he hurt me, or how much he made me feel like shit, I couldn't look away from him. I mildly thought of all the girls that claimed to love him. Did their hearts start skipping beats? Did their hands get sweaty, and their stomachs burn with the need to run over and feel his arms around them? Did they think that one day, maybe twenty years from now, that they would see Uchiha Sasuke and still want him for themselves? Were they greedy and jealous? Were they like me?

"I want every one of you to think of the people in your life who have changed you. A teacher who said that you could do better and made you try. Your parents for giving you a loving hand when you needed it. A co-worker that helped you with homework and studying." A pause, and I felt my hands tighten in the stupid robe they made us wear. I wanted him to stop. I needed him to keep going. It was a horrible combination. "A friend, who annoyed you and helped you grow as a human being. The ones who have helped you on your road to wherever your life takes you. If you go to college or the military. Start your own business or work with your parents." He paused again, never taking his gaze away from mine. Someone please help me; please close my eyes for me. I think I'm falling in love with him all over again while he tells me goodbye. "Whether you stay in Konoha or leave this city for somewhere bigger and scarier. For things you may not be ready for and things you can't wait to start. No matter what you do, think of those people.

"Think of them as you stand up with your row. Think of them as you hear you name being called. Think of them when you walk to take your diploma. Think of them when we all officially graduate. Then after you've throw your hats, find them. And thank them. Because these are the people who made you who you are today, and every one of them carry an important part of your past. Make sure to come back to Konoha and thank them for everything that they have done for you. Senior class of 09," He's such a liar. He doesn't give a damn about the class. Not when he's staring at me that way. He wouldn't let me leave his gaze, not yet. "Thank you."

I'm not sure what I felt after that. I'm guessing I was sad. I clapped like the rest of the class and finally broke the spell, staring at my lap. It was times like these that I wanted to hate Sasuke more than anything. I didn't look up again until I heard Shikamaru walk up to the stand. His message was short, brief, clearly thrown together in twenty minutes and still knocked the socks off everyone that said he didn't deserve to be the valedictorian. Heck, I think even some of Sasuke's fangirls jumped ship. But they would soon learn that playing with Ino's possessions was a big no-no, and would return to Sasuke.

I watched as everyone went up for their diplomas. Shikamaru and Sasuke got their first for being smart or whatever. Then it followed alphabetical order: Sakura, Hinata, Neji, Kiba (yea, THAT must have been a fun combination), Tenten, me, and Ino with a grumble about the unfairness of her last name. I knew Sakura would tease her later for getting to be first of the group. The rest of the sweaty ceremony didn't matter to me. People cried a lot over dumb things like book signing and pictures. I think I was a little morbid after my eye-foreplay with Sasuke. After all, I couldn't even get to him with all of the girls hovering around him like vultures.

So instead, I went outside to get some fresh air. But the instant I took a breath, two hands were jerking me toward the baseball field. I looked down to see the pink and blond girls I was sure were going to be sobbing their eyes out. I could see the tear lines on their faces, but at the moment they seemed extremely happy.

"Hey! Are we going to have that threesome I always wanted?" Sure I was gay. But it didn't mean I couldn't still have some fun with the girls. Sakura rolled her eyes and glared at me.

"Oh knock it off. We've got something better planned!"

"Yea! Did I ever tell you that you and Kiba's dad is wicked hot?" I sighed and would have smacked my head if they didn't still have a grip on me.

"Yea Ino, only every single time you see him!" I laughed at the pout she gave me before I finally saw why they were rushing. There was Kakashi in front of the rest of my friends, reading one of his books while tossing a large baseball…no wait, was that a…

"No way! You brought a wiffle ball to my graduation?" I asked, staring as Kakashi looked up from the book and smiled. I laughed because in all honesty, I hadn't played wiffle ball since I was a kid. Standing next to him was Iruka, who looked less than pleased to be holding a matching bat.

"Well, you kids have just grown up too fast. So I'm teaching you a lesson." Kakashi moved forward, sliding his book to tuck into his arm and ruffling my hair. I closed my eyes and honestly smiled, something that had seemed to escape me the past week. I had a feeling that was the real meaning behind the game. But truthfully, what did it matter? "So you up for a game?"

I glanced around at my friends, who were now shrugging off their oversized gowns and throwing them onto the grass next to the field. I knew that days like these were going to be slim to none in the next part of our lives. Sure I was having problems with Sasuke leaving, but weren't everyone else just as important? I was getting so upset over one of my friends, when all the others were standing here with me in the middle of a gravel baseball field, sacrificing their time with their families to play wiffle ball. I had the best friends ever!

"Thank you guys…" It's kind of ironic that I did exactly what Sasuke told us to do. I thanked the people who truly made a difference in my life.

"I'm just going to ump with Kakashi and Iruka…no need for me to play," Our oh-so-motivated valedictorian said. I saw Ino tweak his ear before pulling him over to where she was standing, squashing his chances of running away. Maybe being single was a plus.

"Alright! Let's do this!" I smiled as I tossed my cap into the pile, pointing at Tenten as I spoke. "Let's do me and Tenten captains. First one to ten runs win."

"You're going down Naruto!" Tenten said, winking as she jogged to my side. And with Sakura, Shikamaru, and Hinata on my side, and Neji, Kiba, and Ino on Tenten's, we had the fiercest game of wiffle ball ever seen. Sure, other kids were getting pats on the back and pictures that they could look back on when they forgot the name of the other person in the photo. Sure, we were still in our good clothes, and people probably looked at us like we were crazy. Sure I had to pitch underhand to the girls because they threatened to beat me with the bat if I didn't. But in truth, it was probably one the best times I had that entire week. Maybe my entire life. Seeing Neji, the homerun leader in our league, get struck out by his own shy cousin was priceless. Seeing her congratulated with a quick kiss by Kiba (I don't think Kiba realized how fast Neji can run in dress shoes) was way better than anything or anyone else in that sweaty gym.

Of course we didn't win. Not like it really mattered anyways, because the game went on for a good while. Finally we, all eight of us, ended up back at my house, listening to "Soco Amaretto Lime" on repeat and remembering things from the past four years. It didn't feel like graduation. It felt like we were just being kids, like Kakashi had predicted. Speaking of him…

"Hey Kakashi?" I peeked my head into his study, knowing that was where he'd be to hide from the commotion. Despite his friendly, outgoing personality, Kakashi enjoyed his solitude. He was only 30, and yet I felt like he was the smartest man I had ever known. This sucks when you try to talk your way into getting a bigger allowance or trying to sneak alcohol into the house. He would always say some wise words, grab the liquor while all of us tried to figure out what he hell he meant, and would be gone faster than anyone could blink. I swear he was a ninja in his previous life.

"Naruto. How's your party?" He closed his book, which was an improvement from his normal need to keep the book to his face. I smiled and shrugged before jumping into one of his chairs, pulling it over to sit on the other side of the desk. Even though I know we were blasting the music upstairs, you could hardly hear it in here.

"It's fine. Kiba's got a black eye and I think Shikamaru fell asleep. How he manages it I'll never know," I replied, laughing and leaning back in the chair. He nodded once, titling his head.

"And you?" I blinked for a second at the question before shrugging again.

"I'm better than before. I've been a little stressed I guess."

"Because of a certain Uchiha I'm sure." How did he do that? He read me, and I mean this with the pun completely intended, like a book. Or maybe it was that whole 'wise sage' thing. I mean, he did have the silver hair. Iruka says it's natural and been like that since birth, which really creeps me out.

"Teme? Why would you think he's got anything to do with this?"

"Well besides the fact that I haven't seen him here in a week, you came home without him and half naked, and you two stared at each other during his entire speech? Lucky guess."

"Oh...you saw us?" Well duh, he just said he saw! Sometimes I amaze myself with my stupidity.

"Let me tell you something Naruto. I knew a man once who wanted to learn how to ride a horse. He went to a farm and picked out one way out in the back that had really caught his eye. But when the man got onto the horse, he hit the side of it hard with his shoe. The horse kicked him off and knocked him to the ground. The man was now scared of the horse, and left. The next day he came back to the farm to get his money. The owner tried to tell him what had happened, but the man ignored him and left.

"Five months later, the man decided that he wanted to try and ride that beautiful horse again. So he went back to the owner and asked. But the owner had sold the horse to someone else, and the man never got his chance to ride." Okay, either he was insanely brilliant, or a complete idiot. But taking my chances, I nodded slowly.

"So…because he left without listening to why the horse hurt him…he lost the horse forever?" I watched Kakashi nod before I scratched the side of my head. "Well then why didn't he just try to find the horse at the other stable?"

"Well actually, the horse was shot because it busted a knee a couple days later." I stared at him in shock while he casually opened the book again.

"This really happened?! I thought you were just making up a story to reflect me and Sasuke's problems?!"

"Oh no no, I just thought it was pretty funny that you two were going through the same issue. But I hope Sasuke doesn't get shot. I don't think they make good glue out of people."

"Oh my god!" I covered my ears and ran out of the room, missing the slight smile on Kakashi's face as he flipped the page in his book.

The next four days were awkward. Why? Because Sasuke kept getting invited to hang out with my friends. Well okay, they were his friends too, but I never thought that the others really talked to Sasuke. Until they all started to harass him. And what made it worse was that Sasuke was willingly coming. And he seemed perfectly fine too! I tried to ignore it, and play it off like we weren't having the longest silence of our friendship. I think maybe Kiba fell for it. Maybe. The rest knew, and were that much more persistent to invite him to come. Why? Because they thought it would be good if we 'talked'. Cause that happened so much.

The stupid horse story stuck in my head like…haha real funny. No matter what I did, whether it be errands for Iruka or extra practice for the game, I couldn't help but wonder what the man did after he had lost the horse. Did he continue on with his life and become perfectly happy? Or did he keep the horse's memory in his head, thinking of what could have been? And what would the horse have done if the man came back earlier? He may would have just gone 'hn' and kicked him back off…You don't know!



"Ah!" I jumped and fell out of the round booth we were sitting in on Wednesday night. It was the night before the big game, and we all wanted to eat out to celebrate just in case we lost. And hey, if we didn't, we'd go out again. It also was Sasuke's last night in Konoha, and everyone had wanted to give him a proper goodbye. I only tagged along because I was hungry and Iruka hadn't gone shopping yet.

I quickly recovered as the laughter around the table increased. Sakura shook her head and pulled me back up, glancing to Ino.

"You're such a loud mouth."

"Well you've got a big forehead."


"Saku-dork" I blinked at the new nicknames that were being thrown back and forth. It was so fun much to see them together.

"Now now girls, I know you both love me, but there's enough Naruto to go around." I threw my arms around the girls, pulling them into my chest for a hug.

"Let go of me! You're squishing my arm!" Ino whined, making Sakura roll her eyes.

"You're both squishing my body." I sighed loudly to ignore their cries of help.

"I just love group bonding, don't you?" When they finally broke out of my hold, Ino glared over to her impassive boyfriend, who was continuing to dip the mozzarella sticks we had gotten as appetizers.

"Hello! I was just shouting for my life, and you didn't even come save me!" When Shikamaru glanced over at her lackadaisically, she rolled her eyes. "What kind of a boyfriend are you?!"

"Here." He moved closer to her, gently feeding her the mozzarella stick before placing a kiss to her forehead. The unexpected action caused her to turn ripe like a tomato and eat the food quietly. The rest of the table laughed. Though very rare for us to see, Shikamaru was able to find ways to satisfy Ino romantically when he put the effort in. And it was always nice to see the quiet connection the two had, without them making out on the table.

"Uhm, guys…" Hinata's soft voice interrupted the laughter, and she pointed up to the two waitresses balancing our food. My eyes widened as I noticed one of them instantly. It was Temari!

"You guys sure eat a lot," She said, starting to drop the food onto the table. Somehow she had memorized what all nine of us ordered, and I felt my eyes narrow when she stopped at Sasuke. Go figure he gets the food last. "Oh hey king. How's the palace looking?"

"Not burned down yet." Was Sasuke….joking with her? No no, he was just answering her. Just giving her something to leave him alone. There was no way that Uchiha Sasuke was joking with someone so openly. I felt my hand tighten around my fork but I tried to shrug off the feeling. I mean, what was the worst that could happen with them?

"You still waiting on prince charming to move in?" Well I guess more talking would be bad. They become king and queen, happen to only know each other from the track team for three years, been in the same school for four, and suddenly she thinks she knows him? Pfft.

"Hn." I watched from the corner of my eye as Sasuke started to cut his food, still talking to the blonde waitress. I knew the others had passed it off as nothing because…well it was nothing to them. But to me, his best friend, it was something. "Haven't asked him."

"Well good luck and hurry up. Otherwise the clocks going to strike twelve and your kingdom will turn expensive." Then she did it. Maybe it was really in slow motion, or maybe I had been watching too many movies since nothing on TV was interesting anymore (News flash ladies, if you've been on Maury 5 times and still haven't found your baby's daddy, you ain't gonna find him). But Temari, in the most nonchalant way, tapped Sasuke's nose and walked away. She just walked away like it was no big deal! And what was worse, she looked at me when she did it! My blood boiled. How dare she openly flirt with Sasuke, my best friend, and then tap his nose! And looking at me just put the icing on the cake. She was not getting a good tip if I had anything to say about it!

"What the hell was that?" The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them. He looked up at me slowly, the table instantly falling silent when our eyes met. I glared, as hard as I possibly could without hurting myself. I wasn't a pro like him, but I could hold my own.

"That was a conversation dobe." His eyebrow arched, almost as if to ask what my next move would be. I knew the others were staring, but at the moment I didn't care. It hurt me more than it angered me. And for him to just act so okay with it, like we didn't do something two weeks ago, really made me mad. But, as calmly as I could, I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"She's not exactly your type."

"And you would know my type….how?" Damn. Got me there.

"Well…because I'm your best friend! And best friends just know what types of girls aren't good for you." That's because, as your best friend, I say no girl is good for you. But if I had said that out loud, it may have been a bit much. Instead I watched him smirk at me, sending those once dormant butterflies into high speed. I missed this, a lot. And even if it meant I had to try and swallow the fact that Sasuke didn't want me like that, I would.

"Oh really, dobe?" He asked, leaning his arms on the table and watching me nod dumbly. He stayed quiet for a few seconds, as if seeing if I would suddenly spill something else out that I didn't want to say. I smiled as stupidly as I could, and he leaned forward to flick my forehead. "Idiot."

"Teme!" I growled out, crossing my arms and glaring. I could feel the table visibly relax, and even though I laughed with the rest of the group, it drifted off when I looked back at where Temari was working. Maybe I was being crazy, but was there a chance that Sasuke really did like her? I mean, she was pretty attractive. Not the hottest blonde around, because…well that was me. But I guess they wouldn't look horrible together, and they had some common traits, like people liked them.

But when I looked back to Sasuke, the boy who would be leaving me forever the next morning, I felt like that wasn't who he belonged with. I mean, we had known each other for years. We had done everything together, gone through every awkward and freaky step of our lives. He didn't text her when he needed to talk, and he didn't come to her house just to watch her eat ramen and comment on her poor diet. And he certainly didn't have her name on his lips when he came.

He couldn't leave me at 10:30am. He couldn't pack all of his stuff into small boxes and just drive off like he said he was going to. There was just no way. So when I drove past his house on my way to the game (even though the school is the complete other way) and saw no blue corvette, something inside of me fizzled out. I shook my head and sped down his street, not believing the truth. He hadn't even said goodbye to me. It was like he didn't think I needed to know he was gone. And in the back of my mind, the horrid little voice was whispering I bet he told Temari he was leaving.

Every cop in town must have been on a coffee break when I went through it, because I was going at least 20 miles over the speed limit. In truth, it was probably the dumbest thing I thing I've ever done, and I must have been being watched from above knowing I didn't crash or kill anyone. I pulled in the school parking lot, slamming my breaks when I came to his spot. It was empty. It's not like I wanted it to be full, but…seeming it empty hurt. I sat there for ten minutes, my car running as I stared at the scribbled name of 'Sasuke', which had almost been washed away from all the snow and rain. Despite every reason why I should have run his name over and parked in his spot, I settled for the spot next to him. Even if I wanted to park there, I couldn't. If I did, he would really be gone.

"Naruto," Neji said in a soft greeting. I nodded and dropped my stuff onto the ground in front of the bench. I sighed when I saw the Snakes warming up on the field, looking just as mischievous as ever. I glanced up to Neji, who seemed have his eyes trained on the third baseman. He was the guy who had actually put the steroids in the bag, but didn't get punished for it.

"Don't worry about these losers. Spit on the ground is worth more than them. Plus, they let your girlfriend bully them around," I said, rolling my eyes. Neji glanced down at me, and I could see the pleased look on his naturally calm face. Laughing, I stood up again and patted him on the shoulder. "Let's just beat the snot out of them so we can go grab some more food tonight. I'm starving already!"

"It's a good thing I know you too well. Otherwise your team would be in a lot of trouble." I glanced back to see Tenten, along with Hinata and Sakura, dressed up in school colors and holding out a steaming cup of ramen. My stomach growled as if on command, quickly moving forward to eat the food. "We decided to come be you and Neji's fans. The others are coming in a little bit, but Kiba had work, and Ino and Shikamaru got stuck with her mom."

"How did you know I was going to be hungry? Is this chicken? I love the chicken!" I knew they were laughing at me, and I heard the loud sigh from Neji. Choosing to ignore it, I devoured the food as quick as I could before I sighed in pleasant relief. "Alright, I guess I can kick some snake ass now."

"Let's go check the field now that they're done," Neji said, walking toward the field without my agreement. I whined a bit at his lack of patience before I dropped the bowl onto the bench, waving and shouting a 'thank you' to them as I ran to catch up with Neji. In all honesty, I didn't want to be alone.

So most of the time, to keep my mind on the game, I checked with all my teammates to see if they needed anything. Hey, even though I forget to eat, doesn't mean I'm not responsible when it comes to other people! I made sure the bats, balls, bases, helmets, and everyone's personal equipment was set. I checked to make sure nobody was feeling sick or nervous, and if they were I did my best to pull them out of it. I was the team captain and all; I had to make sure that our last game was the best it could be. It was the last time Uzumaki Naruto would be known as captain in Konoha high.

I had seen the girls in the stands wave at me or shout my name every so often. I saw Neji scowl when my brother jumped up next to Hinata, but seemed to relax a small tiny smidget Kiba only grabbed her hand. That was because I threatened to hack off every limb of his body if he got Neji's mind off the game. And I do mean every one. They were soon joined by Shikamaru and Ino, and when Ino showed them something on her hand, the girls freaked out. I stopped walking the field for the second time that day to try and see what it was, when I swore my eyes played tricks on me. There was no way that I saw a ring on her finger. But staring at the diamond that continued to sparkle in the sunlight of the afternoon, I couldn't deny it.

"Holy shit…" I whispered, blinking in shock.

"Hm?" I looked over to Neji, pointing like a kid in a candy store. I could feel myself jumping, just knowing how excited Ino would be. Which was good for all of us, because then she wouldn't hit us for a while.

"Look at the rock on her ring! He asked her to fucking marry him! Is he crazy? I think he's crazy." Despite my childish antics, Neji glanced to the ring and nodded before turning and walking back toward the bench. "He-Hey! Why aren't you excited?!"

"That's not going to be the biggest surprise of the night." He said it so confidently, like he knew how the entire rest of the night was going to play out. Him and his dumb fate crap. Probably knew that Ino and Shikamaru were gonna get married. I frowned before following him off of the field, listening to the umpire call for the game to start.

And what a game it was. I hadn't pitched so well my entire baseball career. I'm not sure if the adrenaline of playing the Snakes or the anger from Sasuke was what got me to thrown the ball so fast. But Shino, my catcher, was having trouble keeping his hand from bruising beneath the glove. Not to say the Snakes went out striking every time, because they didn't. In fact, they got about three runs off of me going into the bottom of the 8th.

We were up by one, thanks to an added 2-run homerun in the 7th by everyone's favorite hitter. I swear Tenten fell in love with him just for his swing. And the best part was, Neji had jogged over home before glancing back at the third basemen and smirking. The kid was so angry; I should have known he was going to try something sneaky. The game had been played too fair, since our people did the scoreboard and it was our umps.

I really should of known, coming two people after Neji's amazing hit, that their goal was the take me out. Not pitching wise, because they already had my clinch pitcher warming up. But to get the team's captain was like shooting the general in a war. It would leave everyone disoriented and unable to focus. So knowing that, I should have suspected something was going to go horribly wrong.

But I had been too distracted. But what, you may ask. And even if you didn't ask, I'm going to tell you what. I saw someone park in Sasuke's spot. I saw someone fluently step out of their blue corvette and set that stupid alarm. Black strands of hair framing such an arrogant smirk. I knew I was staring. Black eyes that hadn't left mine since stepping out of that car. A boy who I once thought hadn't said goodbye. Really, he hadn't left me yet.

It was Itachi!

Haha, just kidding! But wouldn't you be pissed if that was who I was really watching? Come on, I knew your stomach's dropped for a second.

"Sasuke…" I felt my hands tighten of my bat, and even though I knew I was up next, I didn't bother to watch the pitcher's style. I'd figure it out at the plate. Right now, I had more important things to do. "Teme!! You stupid idiot! What took you so long to get here?"

"I got caught up, dobe." I growled to hide the goofy grin that would have appeared. Leave it to him to miss almost all of my game because he got 'caught up'. Then again, I didn't even think he was going to show up…

"Well go sit your ass down before I hit you with my bat!" At my statement he rolled his eyes in normal Uchiha manner and walked over to the stands. By now the sun was sinking to the point where we had to use the stadium lights.

"Will you stop playing lover boy and get on the field?" I blushed and glanced to Neji, who shrugged as if he hadn't just said that in front of the whole team. How he had figured it out I didn't know, probably that fate stuff again. I saluted him and jogged onto the gravel. The last thing I needed was to argue with Neji about my sexual preference, when the kid would probably know more than I felt comfortable with. I got up to the plate, got ready to hit, watch two balls and one strike fly by me. Finally, my perfect pitch came.

And hit it I did. Right over the first baseman's head and out behind the right fielder. I didn't even look to my first base coach, I knew I was running. And when I saw my third base coach flagging me to third, I felt a little pride in how well I had hit. Maybe it showed on my face, before I went in for my slide at third. Maybe the third baseman had seen it. Maybe that's why the next few moments happened.

Maybe he was just a prick.

I felt my foot safety touch the base. I thought the play was over. And suddenly, I felt the hardest force on my head I had ever felt. The helmet was hit so hard, and I was so unprepared for it, that my head hit the ground and bounced off of it. And yea, helmets are good for baseballs, but when your head gets practically smashed into the ground, the helmet becomes an added force to the hit. I heard the gravel under my head move, and I remember staring at my coach's shoes as he ran onto the field to check on me. It hurt to move my head too much at first, so I stayed still. I just closed my eyes and waited for the pain to go away. But damn the ground was hard.

I guess while I was seeing spots dance in front of my eyes, the third basemen was kicked out of the game. He tried to play it off that he was just touching me in case I hadn't touched the base, and the force was just an accident. That didn't fly with the ump, and the kid was benched for the last part of the game. Not that it mattered, since it was almost over and I knew he wouldn't get any sort of reprimanding from his coach. Probably would get a pat on the back that…snake. Yea yea, I couldn't think of anything better to call him since what little brain I had was currently trying to balance again.

But after a few minutes of getting my bearings, I was able to get off the field. Sure my head hurt like hell, and the screaming of the fans wasn't helping much. But Sakura had Advil in her purse, and I felt some of the ache in my head go away. We still won the game, and I pushed away the pain to join my team on the field, where we proceeded to jump around like idiots and cheer about how amazing we were. The Snakes didn't hang around long, not that anyone cared. I was just happy it was the last time I had to see their ugly faces again. And this excitement came with me all the way into the parking lot, when everyone was leaving and making plans for a victory dinner. My friends included of course.

"So where are we going to eat tonight?! I am staaarving!" I shouted, stopping next to my car and glancing back at the others. Sakura only shook her head, walking forwards and hitting me, though she kept the touch soft.

"You idiot, you're supposed to be injured. How do you have so much energy?" She asked me, making me blink.

"Well, I don't feel hurt anymore. So now I'm excited again! And hungry, those losers wore out my ramen. So lets go get some real food!"

"Typical." Shikamaru rolled his eyes at my actions before shaking his head. "Typical Naruto."

"Aw come on guys! You know there's nothing in this blond head of his to hurt." As if to prove his point, Kiba grabbed me in a choke hold and gave me a noogie. Yea, just like we did in 5th grade.

"Aw shut up, you have even less than I do," I replied, struggling to get out of the hold. After about a little bit of play fighting, I glanced to the group. "We should just car pool; it'll be easier to find spots this time. Anyone wanna drive with me?"

"No way. Seeing you after that old lady cut you off on the highway, I'll never get back in your car." Ino said, rolling her eyes. So much for the glowing girl from before.

"How about I'll drive Hinata, Kiba, and, Neji, and Sakura can drive the rest?" Tenten asked, glancing around at us. I nodded despite my pout at Ino's earlier comment.

"Wait I can't drive all of them. I still have all that stuff in my car from cleaning out our lockers," Sakura said, sighing. I moved to speak before Sasuke's deep voice took over, close behind my left ear.

"I'll drive the dobe." There was a pause in the group, and I felt my cheeks start to burn up. If Neji knew about us, just how many of the others did? And how did they find out?

"Oh, good! I can fit the other two in my car then. It works out that way, yea." I could see the breaking of the silence did not go as well as Sakura had planned, but it was still a good try. She sent me a glance and smiled. "So, we'll see you later, okay?"

"You'll see me hopefully by tonight if the grandma learns to go over 10 miles an hour," I said, laughing to help move the awkwardness away. We exchanged our goodbyes, and in my oblivious nature, didn't notice all the smirks they exchanged behind my back. They never planned on seeing me that night, but went along with my crazy ramblings. I watched them pull away, Tenten's radio blaring in a fashion I knew Neji hated. By this time, the parking lot had been deserted. It felt weird, staring around at a parking lot that I'd never have to use again, unless I wanted to visit the team next year or say hi to some teachers.

I gazed around until I stopped on Sasuke, leaning against his car with the most bored look on his face. He was wearing a pair of nice loose khakis that had dirt smudges, and a black hoodie covering a band t-shirt I couldn't see very well. Not really his style, but the outfit looked really good on him. I came to the realization that Uchiha Sasuke could wear a paper bag and still make it look hot. Actually it would probably be better because then he'd be practically naked. And that was when I realized that he had been watching me check him out the entire time. Jumping a bit, I laughed and walked toward him.

"You're really looking scrubby today. Normally your clothes look very pristine. Getting sloppy on us now that school is out." I patted his shoulder in a friendly manner, trying to keep it as 'I'm so totally not in love with you and I'm going to prove it by not touching you sexually' as possible. And I was doing fine! Well, until he just had to say the one thing that would shatter that façade quick.

"Naruto." Fuck. He hadn't said my name in over two weeks, and I was starting to forget about how wonderful it sounded rolling off his tongue. I knew I shivered, and I knew he could feel it. I was hoping he would attribute it to the lack of a jacket, since I had just thrown a white tee and jeans in my bag to change into after the game.

"W-What?" Damn I stuttered. Double damn I looked up at him. This whole plan was easily falling apart at the seams. And it only unraveled quicker when his slender fingers glided up the inside of my wrist to hold it in his hand. I felt my heartbeat jump at the touch. His arm slid around my waist, and I'd figure out later it was to keep me from pulling a repeat from the dance. I knew I was blushing, and I really must have looked like an idiot compared to Sasuke. The bastard looked so calm and collected. How was it that no matter what situation we were in, Sasuke could keep a clear head?

"Do you like Temari?" While I, on the other hand, couldn't seem to get my mind to catch up in time to stop my mouth from opening. There was a moment of silence between us, Sasuke staring at me with a look that would have made me laugh if not for the fact I was nearly pissing myself in fear. I didn't want to hear him answer, so I tried to jerk away from him. See? The arm came in handy, because I was stuck like gum in your hair.

"She's not annoying."

"So then you…you like her."

"When I have to deal with her, I'm not bothered." I felt myself getting angry, and I expressed it by tugging hard on his hoodie.

"Stop doing that teme! I want to know if you're in some kind of relationship with her!" I shouted, tired of this mind game he was playing with me. I may have loved him, but if he didn't want me back than it didn't matter. And by the nod he gave me, I felt my stomach drop. No way.


"Oh…I….wow." I felt like such an idiot now, thinking that somehow any of these touches and feelings were aimed at me. But in truth, the only thing I had in common with his interest was our hair color.



" –my tenant's daughter,"

"I don't want to hea—what?" He nodded, and I swear he smiled at the dumbstruck face I was sporting.

"I found out a couple weeks ago."

"But she lives around here! How can her dad live one place, and then own another?! How far away is this apartment complex anyways?!"

"You're such an idiot." Before I could defend myself, he was continuing. "We were talking about my payment at the table that night. She wanted to know if I had asked my roommate yet if he wanted to live with me so I could get his share. Since I didn't ask yet, I paid the first part for him." Well, I guess that made sense. Sasuke's 'palace' was his apartment. Oh duh, and she called him king cause he owned it now! But, there was one thing missing…

"Wa-wait. So, whose prince charming then? Is he your new roommate?" He rolled his eyes and pushed me toward the other side of the car.

"Get in the car dobe, we've gotta make a pit stop." I grumbled about secretive best friends before I moved into his car, not paying attention to where we were driving. In truth it wasn't until we had been in the car for about twenty minutes that I finally realized we weren't even in Konoha anymore. I looked around, trying to get a location from one of the signs on the road. But we were too far into the mystery town. Why the hell were we all the way over here? What type of a pit stop was this?!

"Hey, you're not trying to murder me are you? Because I know some crazy exercise moves that will kick your butt," I said, looking up at him and narrowing my eyes. But the reaction I got wasn't something normally seen with an Uchiha. He was doing the weird hand clenching thing again on his steering wheel as he weaved through the streets, seeming to know exactly where he was going. His eyes wouldn't look at me, which made me just as nervous as I knew he was. I meant the murder thing as a joke, but now I wasn't so sure. So I get my mind off of it, I looked up to the place where we finally stopped.

"Get out." Well he sure was commanding today. I felt the need to tease despite my nerves.

"Sasuke, I never knew you could be so assertive. Oh baby, no wonder the girls like you." I got a glare in response that made me laugh. So some things could never change between us. Like the fact that I'd followed him without question up the stairs. The apartment complex was actually really nice. Most of the time when I thought of apartments, they were shabby and run by people with funny odors. But this one was almost like a mini hotel. "Not bad teme, not bad."

"Hn." He stopped at a door with the number 43 on it before pulling out a key that wasn't hooked on his keychain. Maybe since it was new? I looked down, and frowned at the strange lettering on it. " 'YSA'? Hey, I've seen that before! You have a thing for that acronym, huh?"

"I'm surprised you know such a big word." I huffed and followed him into the apartment. Glancing around I saw a lot of boxes, showing Sasuke didn't have time to unpack yet. It was strange to know that all of this space was his and his alone. Well, until he got that stupid roommate that is.

"This…this is really nice Sasuke. I'm…wait a minute." I stopped at something so important, that I felt my hopes flare up like a furnace just being turned on. "This is only like thirty minutes away!"

"Exactly." He moved closer to me, and I felt my breath get caught in my throat. The cars bustled around underneath a slightly open window to the side of me, but I still felt like me and Sasuke were the only people in the town. Like everything else was just a background noise. He was so close, that I had to tilt my head up to see his eyes. He leaned down a bit, and I felt his breath against my cheeks. "This is why I didn't think it was a big deal, dobe. I'm still close to you and everyone else."

"B-but…why didn't y-you just tell me that?" I don't know why I whispered. Maybe I was scared if I talked to loud he would move away. I enjoyed the heat that was pressing against me now, slowly backing me into a wall. I got a thrill when Sasuke's arm rested against the wall next to my head. And I blushed at the touch of his hand starting to slid on the outside of my thigh. "Sa-Sasu—"

The kiss was amazing. I felt him pull our bodies against each other, using my thigh to part my legs for his body. I willingly moaned into his mouth while his tongue gently slid against my lip. I grabbed his hoodie in my hands, scared that the crack to my helmet had knocked me unconscious and this was a pleasant coma. I eagerly responded to the kiss, forgetting my charade of just 'best friend' to the need to feel connected to him again. The roughness we shared without hurting each other. How the wall against my back was to only part of this situation that seemed real. But god Sasuke's mouth, real or dream, was hot.

Pulling back from the kiss was a lose win situation. A loss because I couldn't feel his mouth anymore, and a win because my lungs could work properly. I was breathing heavier than I wanted to be. He gave a quick smirk before casually leaning down, licking softly at my tan neck. I bit my lip to hide the moan. No way was I going to act like a girl about this. I'd bite my lip in half before I'd beg for more. And I almost did when he bit deliciously against my pulse.

"Y-your gonna lea-leave a mark dumbass!" I struggled to get out, all while I practically ripped his hoodie off of his body. I grinned when I realized that it had been my band shirt that he had been wearing that night. "What, you mi-miss me already?"

"Needed something I wouldn't mind getting dirty during the moving." Well screw you too. And I would have said that if not for the fact his hands were sliding up my shirt, nails barely brushing the over sensitive skin. I growled in the back of my throat before I pressed my hips into his, already feeling the stiffness of his arousal. Not that I wasn't rock hard either. I lifted my arms and he pulled my shirt off, tossing it to some random spot in the room. Pleasure from his thumbs brushing my nipples glued my eyes shut. My thrusts from before became fast rocks, because I couldn't pull my hips away anymore than I could stop these feelings from taking hold of me.

Suddenly, I felt his hands grab the backs of my thighs, and it took me a moment to realize he was carrying me. Like a girl or something!

"Teme, I ca-can still walk!" I growled out, squirming to get him to let go. It only made me moan, the movement bringing me hard against his cock. How did he manage to make me feel so weak? Like maybe letting him win once wasn't so bad? I opened my eyes when I felt myself being dropped on a soft bouncy material. I glanced down to see the only thing put together in the apartment. His bed. The jerk planned this all out!

Oh boy. I guess he saw I was thinking about something besides sex with the fantastic Uchiha Sasuke, because I suddenly felt my nipple being pleasurably stimulated with his tongue, while pale fingers easily pulled the jeans off of me. I grabbed his shoulders at the feeling of his palm cupping me through my boxers. It was hard to concentrate on anything but the white hot need that was boiling in my stomach. But despite the arching of my back and rubbing of my hips, I still sent a glare down at him. Was it strong? Doubt it.

"C-Clothes…off…" I muttered out, tugging on the shirt for emphasis before my head fell back down on the bed at an especially sinful lick to my other nipple. I felt so good, that it took me a moment to realize he had left. I slowly looked over to the side of the bed, my chest heaving as I watched him pull my shirt off his body. I felt my breathing struggle for a few seconds when he revealed no boxers underneath his pants, a move I would have never thought possible with someone who played so strictly to the rules. And finally after kicking the clothes out of the way, he moved back to my body to place a slow kiss against my parted lips.

Yup, I was right. He looks even sexier without his clothes. Note to self, never let him go shirtless outside again. And I would have probably went to write that down, but Sasuke's hand gripping my suddenly bare member stripped my mind and body of everything but Sasuke. I never realized how badly I had wanted to get off the night of the dance until I felt his skin pressed against mine again. Oh yea, it was hot. So my hips wouldn't bother even if I tried to keep them down. Thrusting into that willingly stroking hand was better than anything I could have done to myself. I felt myself panting against his shoulder, and it was then I realized he had moved so I was above him, resting on my knees while our chests still touched. I looked down at him in confusion, but quickly closed my eyes when his thumb caressed the slit so softly, it almost made me cum.

"Easier for y-you to control your adjusting." How did he always know what I was thinking? I nodded and moaned again when I felt something cold brush against the back of me. I knew I couldn't tense, because the tightness would only make this hurt more. Still, knowing and doing were two different things completely. And knew that.

"G-gah! Fuck!" I pressed my face into the now vacant spot that Sasuke had just been. And where was he now? Currently licking the tip of my member while his finger penetrated me. It was painful and pleasurable, and I didn't know whether to hit him or love him more. Knowing that he, a boy who took pride in everything he did and would not bend to anyone else, was willing giving me a blowjob was making me harder than I though possible. I felt his mouth encase my tip when the second lubed finger (damn he was prepared) slid into my body like it belonged there. The pain was burning me, and I almost wanted to pull away. But I focused on watching Sasuke's mouth, which made the ache bearable. We went like this for a while, his fingers working me while his mouth brought me more pleasure than I could stand. It was torture when he'd leave me so close to the edge, letting my body shutter around his fingers before resuming his action again. It made the pain almost necessary to keep my orgasm at bay.

Finally, after the third time I almost had gone over, he slid his mouth and fingers from my body. I trembled at the loss, no longer used to the feeling, and quickly grabbed his mouth with my own while he pushed me back on the bed. I was so lost to the buildup, so desperate to finish, that his tip brushing my hole made me cry out some distorted version of his name. He grunted in reply before kissing me hard, his hand wrapping around my throbbing body and stroking it while he pushed into me.

It was the perfect amount of pleasure and fullness. The pain came second to my orgasm. I didn't care that I called his name, or that I had came first. The jerking of my hips in desperate need to keep up with that high quickly stopped when two rough hands caught my hips, heavy panting filling me ear with unfulfilled need. I finally dropped down from my high, wincing a bit at the feeling of something larger than fingers inside of me. It was a dull pain that was starting to dwindle down when needy kisses were splayed on my neck. The fact that I'd be marked by him in the morning was thrilling.

I wanted more. I was greedy in my need for Sasuke. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him down, so my mouth was at his ear. Growling, I nipped at the lobe.

"Mo-move it, teme." I felt him tense at the breathiness of my voice. Honestly, if it got a reaction like that from Sasuke, I could let it slide.

"Hn." But still no words! I'd have to work on that. But thoughts on working or doing anything other than feeling Sasuke start to move were not permitted by him. So I was taken off guard when he suddenly started to thrust, the feelings of pleasure making my body twitch. I wrapped my arms tighter around him, panting and barely (and I mean barely!) whining in his ear. It was hard not to, when someone as strong and beautiful as the bastard is pounding into your ass. It was enough to make someone lose their mind.

Especially when he touched something I never knew I had. The indescribable pleasure of having his tip rub the sensitive nerve I thought was impossible. I felt like I was having an orgasm every time he hit it, and I had a feeling he would purposefully miss it just to watch my ass thrust down to find it again. Because the feeling of him was addictive, and I couldn't stop the heat from boiling inside of me.

Sasuke was quiet throughout most of it. Surprise there. But when I started to press back to make him sink deeper into my body, I swear he moaned. The sound sent a trigger through my body, and I was quickly trying to push him in deeper just to hear it again. The thoughts of his release from two weeks ago made me remember something very important about the man that was driving me up a wall with pleasure. So I pressed our chests together, knowing I was going to reach another peek of excellence. I wanted to feel him go first.

"Cum." There was that sexy groan, and a sudden panic seemed to take his hips into frenzied thrusts. But it wasn't enough yet. I could feel him holding back from me. Growling, I pressed my lips to his ear and commanded his body to listen. "Cum now damnit. Cum inside of me now."

That was all he needed. His body went crazy, and I heard the quiet mumble of my name on my shoulder before feeling his body empty into me. The moment felt so good, knowing I was still on his mind, that I came hard against our stomachs. Feeling his jerky movements as I fell back down onto the bed that I didn't know I had been hovering over, I slowly dropped my arms to my side. The two of us, as in Sasuke as well, were panting. It was sticky. The room smelled of sweat and sex. I loved it. I had never felt so wanted before, than feeling how deeply his body wanted to be inside of me. It was enough to keep my grin on for days.

"So…that's the detour…" I mumbled weakly, getting a 'hn' in response before I felt him pull out of my body. I sighed and closed my eyes, feeling his weight leave the bed. Maybe he was one of those people that had to smoke after sex or something. Well, except he didn't smoke. He probably ate chocolate chip cookies and milk or something goody-goody.

So when I felt a small piece of metal drop on my chest, I shivered. So he had sex, and then planned to kill me. It all made perfect sense now.

"You lose that, I'm not making a spare." I opened my eyes weakly, staring down at the key from before, sitting on my chest. I sat up, catching it in my hand before it could fall into the sticky mess on my stomach. Staring at the key, I frowned and tried to decipher the letters. But I stopped the time being when he continued. "Our landlord doesn't like making copies either. So don't go to him."

"Your landlord, teme," I corrected, feeling proud that I could finally outsmart the boy. But when I felt a chin pull my face up from the key to look at Sasuke, I froze. He…was smiling? Well, it was really small, and some people would just pass it off as a mini smirk. But I saw it as a smile.

"Ours, Prince dobe." And with that, he let go of my chin and walked to grab our clothes, seeming to be fine with the fact he was walking around naked. I had more modesty, and covered myself with the sheets…that were covered in stickiness…well it was still modest!

"You mean…this whole time…you've wanted me to move in with you?"

"Yea. So you better pay me back soon for the first month."

"Wait a second! What if I don't want to move in with you?!" He sighed and looked back at me. Okay, this time it was a smirk.

"You do. You've been moping around all week thinking I was leaving." Alright, he had me there.

"But…but that doesn't mean shit! Hell, don't you think about my needs too? I have to go to school Sasuke, which is all the way in Hokage! Do you realize how far away that is?"

"You're in Hokage, idiot."

"I can't be in Hokage, because Tenten said you were in walking distance from your school, and the only school in Hokage is Hokage University!"

"Yes." I stopped for a moment, processing the information. Uchiha Sasuke was a bastard who thought he was better than everyone else. He bought an apartment in Hokage, the town his best friend is going to school in. Wait wait, edit this part. Because Uchiha Sasuke just told Uzumaki Naruto, the most amazing boy that has ever walked the earth, that he is going to Hokage University too. He wants Uzumaki Naruto, the totally confused yet excited boy, to live with him. And he just, after fucking the hell out of Uzumaki Naruto, broke this news to him. I think that's all. Oh, and he has an acronym fetish. Got it.

"Why are you going to Hokage?!" I shouted, standing up from the bed to move toward him. I ignored the pain in my ass to focus on the other pain in my ass standing in front of me. Leave it to us to have a naked fight after having sex.

"Because they have a good field in education that I want to go to. It had nothing to do with you, so don't get all mushy." As if to prove his point, he flicked my forehead. I growled, crossing my arms.

"So you've just had this planned for a month now. Just assuming that I'd agree because I'm in love with you!" He stared at me with an eyebrow arched, slowly shaking his head.

"No, dobe. You are my best friend going to the same college as me. It only made sense. And how long have you been hiding that skeleton in your closet?" I blushed at my confession, shaking my head quickly.

"It doesn't matter! I'm not moving in! You're a jerk, being all…jerky and stuff! And secretive! You could have just told me what you were doing! Gah I hate you!" I didn't know how far I thought I was going to get walking naked out of Sasuke's apartment, but I didn't get to the door of the bedroom before he pulled me back to him, sighing. I struggled for a moment, not wanting to face everything that had been thrown at me. Fuck the stupid horse, I'm taking my money and getting a dog. A dog that won't do these weird things to me.

"Calm down, you're just being dumb." Oh yea, that makes me wanna stay. "I asked you to drive with me to the dance to ask you to live with me. Then you went all ' Naruto'ish and I didn't get the chance. So I was going to tell you on the way home, but you really didn't give me the chance before you jumped me."

"You could have pulled away." It was the only real defense I had. Because the truth was, I had done those things. And the fact that Sasuke was taking the time to talk to me, instead of being an ass and letting me walk away, should have clued me in as to how much I really meant to him.



"You love it."

"Shut up!" I glared up at his smirking face. He simply shrugged before dropping his arms, walking over to the bathroom in a way that made me unconsciously watch his butt. Bah I'm a pervert. Watching my best friend walk like that. Wait, was he my best friend? Or my boyfriend? Well, we had sex. But he never asked me out. And I wasn't going to do it! But I wanted to be…grr! Stupid Sasuke! At least I didn't have a fetish. Hey! Speaking of that…

"Hey, wait!" He sighed and stopped at the door, looking back at me. The bored look was back again.


"What the hell do those letters mean on my key?!" He smirked and shrugged, opening the door to the bathroom.

"Means 'Your Secret Admirer'. Though…I guess it's no longer a secret." He paused, and I thought for a second he had been blushing. But I couldn't see, since he moved into the bathroom, leaving the door open. I wasn't sure if it was an invitation or not. I stood there for a moment, smiling as I stared at the key. The entire time I had been wondering if Sasuke really liked me, and he had known even before I did. It was funny how life worked out that way. "You better get me that money, dobe."

"What? I already told you, I'm not moving in!"

"Sure you're not." I felt my hands clench before I moved toward the bathroom, intent on killing him. But the killing turned to kissing, which turned into something else very fast. And an hour later, I was on the phone calling everyone to apologize for not meeting at dinner while sitting on an ice pack. They didn't say it, but most of them gave the idea that they knew about me and Sasuke before I had spilled the news. It was frustrating to know that everyone else in the world but me knew about Sasuke's feelings.

He still hasn't said outloud he likes me. I guess the key was his way of admitting it without having to get too far into it. He's still a bastard, and we fight still. I think he does it now because the make-up sex is amazing. Well, sex with the bastard is always amazing, because I'm in it. We're now two weeks into the first semester, and it's funny how much has stayed the same. Tenten and me hang out a lot on campus, and Neji stops by when he can. Ino and Shikamaru still live in Konoha, and their wedding is coming up in December. Ino is going crazy with the rushing around her. Shikamaru is still lazy.

Kiba and Hinata are still together, much to Neji's displeasure. Kiba's working to become a veterinarian, and Hinata is in school for clothing design. She's actually very good, despite her shyness. I'm planning on asking her to make me a new hoodie for the dobe's Christmas present, since I kind of ripped his other one without him knowing. Oh, and if he asks, it's not shoved under the desk in Kakashi's study. They still live with the parents, so it's easy to see them.

The only one who really moved away was Sakura (it's about an hour drive), who still calls me every night to try and get me to confess I love Sasuke. As if I'll ever do that again. So that pretty much wraps up our lives. Oh! And if you're wondering…

I moved in a week after the game.

The End! Well? What did you think? I hope I lived up to everyone's expectations! I tried really really hard to make this as good as I could. Let me know what you think, if you like it, if you hate it, if you think Neji could actually catch Kiba in dress shoes….just your thoughts! Oh! And go read my new two/three shot called 'Bite'! I'm kind of sad it's not doing so hot =(. WHAAAA I lost my touch!! Haha just kidding! Well hope you R&R! Thanks!