Author's Note: Missing scene drabble from The Tok'ra Part 2.

Pairings: Sam/Daniel friendship

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate SG1 or any of the character contained herein. I am making no money off this and have nothing so suing me would be pointless.

The Tok'ra Part 2 (Missing Scene)

Sam and Daniel stood outside Selmak's room. Jacob was in there with Martouf, Sarush and Selmak. Selmak was 'interviewing' Jacob to see if Selmak wanted to be blended with him.

"Are you okay with this?"

"If it can save my dad's life . . . I'll take it," admitted Sam as a few tears rolled down her cheeks. Daniel wrapped his arms around Sam engulfing her in a comforting hug. It was the first thing that he had thought of to console her. Sam wiped away here tears with the back of her hand. "Thanks, Daniel."

"No problem, I'm always here for you."