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We finally left that shit hole of an outpost. After four, FUCKING, years, we left. When we got off the ship, walking off to see all the families and friends and girlfriends and boyfriends, all being bathed in the light of the setting sun, a few people just broke down. Donut being one of them. Grif, he…well….he seemed to act like he wasn't happy, tried to act all nonchalant. But, I could tell the ecstasy inside his head was probably unbearable.

Sarge and Donut both walked off in different directions. I saw my girlfriend, she was talking to a slightly shorter young woman who had long, dark hair that was pulled back. Grif continued walking beside me, making me believe the girl with dark hair had a connection to him. I resisted the urge to run to Kylie, my girlfriend. When I reached her, I pulled her into a hug. She whispered in my ear after a moment.

"Watch." she quietly said, gesturing towards Grif.

So I watched. The girl pulled his face down into a kiss, tears running down her face. His face relaxed and he wrapped his arms around her. She finally pulled away, tightly holding herself to him, her face buried in his chest. Grif rested his head on top of hers, a gentle smile on his face, something I had never seen before. She let out a shuddering sob.

"You came back." She mumbled. He smiled bigger, letting a small 'yeah' escape his lips. Suddenly, she pulled away.

"Cristin?" He asked with a confused expression. But her back was already to him and she was crouched down.

"Baby, do you remember how you always wish to meet Daddy on your birthday?" Cristin asked, still a bit teary. I hear a small "mmhmm"

"Are you ready to get your wish?" At this, a very audible "Yeah!" was heard.

Cristin stepped away, revealing a small girl, about four, standing there. She had a surprisingly slender face for a young girl, and a huge smile that mimicked her mother's perfectly. She had the same nose as Grif, and the same deep green eyes. She had on a pair of jeans, and a red sweater. On top of her head was an old beenie hat, that was much too big for her. Spilling out from under the hat was long, wavy black hair. In her arms she clutched a stuffed rabbit. She took a few steps forward as Grif fell to his knees.

"Hi!" She said excitedly, the huge smile still on her face. Suddenly, the grin faltered and she looked back to Cristin.

"Can we keep him?" She asked, a bit of a begging tone in her voice.

"Yeah. You can." Grif answered. With her smile back on, she flung herself onto Grif, her arms clasping behind his neck. He held her close, looking on the verge of tears.

"I love you Daddy!" She told him.

The words made him break. Tears began to escape his closed eye lids. She cuddled closer to him, her face growing calmer. Kylie looked at me with bright eyes. I smiled to her, then continued to watch Grif and his Daughter. He gave a choked 'I love you too." unable to make it above a whisper. She pulled away from him, still clinging to the rabbit.

"My name is Sara, my favorite color is purple and this is Eddie!" She held out her rabbit to Grif.

"When we go home do you wanna' play with me and Eddie?" She asked. Grif stood up, scooping her in his arms as he did so.

"I'd love to Sara." He answered. Sara wiped off his tears with her sweater sleeve. Cristin stood beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder. She smiled warmly.

"Are you sad Daddy? Is that why you're crying? If you have a boo-boo I can kiss it better!" the little girl rambled, Grif smiled, kissing her forehead.

"I'm fine Sara." he told her, smiling bigger at her giggle.

"Let's go home, Dex." Sara said, leaning slightly on him.

"Congratulations, Grif." I said gently. He looked at me with a huge smile.

"See ya', Simmons." He told me, as Cristin handed Kylie a piece of paper. As they walked away, Kylie read it allowed.

Home~ 765-8967

Address~ 57 Marble street

Come hang out sometime!

Under it, Grif had somehow managed to write something in, as I recognized it as his handwriting.

I want to see how you can be a kiss ass when their isn't someone to be a kiss ass to!

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