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"Kyoko the President wants to see you" called an all to familiar voice.

"Thanks Sawara -san." I called running to the presidents office. Of, course he didn't know that I heard him say under his breath "She sure is something," so he didn't know I said it for both counts.

"President Sawara -san said you needed something?" I asked after he had me sit down.

"Yes, Kyoko I have some news." I could tell the news was important because he had the regular evil smile he only smiles when something good happens. "You see I heard that all of your shows are going on a break for there seasons. And you were already looking at new scripts and going to tell Sawara -san that you would accept."

"Well, of course Id accept. I need new roles don't I?"

"YOU WILL NOT ACCEPT AT ALL!" yelled the president.

"What? Why?"

"Because Kyoko -san you have worked non stop without any breaks to just relax. Now I want you to go on vacation go see your family, visit your fathers grave now go have fun back home and I'll see you in a month." said President turning away with a smile.

"A MONTH? No absolutely not I can't go home Sora will be there and she will torture me. I just know it." I replied remembering my cousin who wanted to come but had to make sure my fathers grave was always taken care of.

"Who's Sora and why would she torture you?" he asked with a look in his face.

"Oh that's right I never told you about Sora did I? Well Sora is my cousin. Both her parents died when we were around one year old. And she lives in my old house with my Aunt and Uncle.

"You mean the damn shotaro's parents." demon one.

"Yes, well they did nothing to me so we have to be nice after all it was Sho who dumped me and his parents took care of me and Sora when we were young." I replied in my thoughts knowing the demons could hear my thoughts.

"Alright president I'll return for two weeks not a month. That's all. After all Dark Moon just doesn't have Mio in these next two months." I replied knowing there was no way out of this.

"Kyoko, you should go visit often I'm telling you it would be bad if you lost contact with your old friends."

"I don't have old friends sir, only Sora and she's my cousin. Plus if you count all the people who work there. I guess I do." I sighed remembering I only had Sora, Sho, Ami, Jake, and Jun back home and they were either family (Sora) or just worked there and had to be friends. ( the rest.)

"Well I'll see you off to your home to pack better not tell Maria of you leaving or she'll try to hide in your bags and go with you."

"I'll see you in a month sir." I bowed and left for home leaving notes with the couple I stay with for Ren, Moko, Maria, and all the rest apologizing and telling them it was presidents idea. Then with my bags I got on the plane heading back for home, knowing I would soon be helping at the hotel that has come to be very famous and even rebuilt for more customers now instead of a calm relaxing hotel it would be hectic and I an actress would be helping…serving tea.

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