GirlX901 here. Telling you that the sequel is now up. It's called New Home. I hope you enjoy it. Oh and here's a preview of what's going to happen in the story. The clip isn't of just the one chapter, its of everything that's going to happen in the story.

"Kyouko, you will be the assassin that falls in love with the other character first."

"Ren, at first you'll deny Kyoukos feelings in the show."

"Caleigh, look around you! Look at the pain your causing. God dammit Caleigh look at yourself."

"I lose everybody I love. What do you expect!"

"You won't lose Kyouko and you won't lose me!"

"Kyouko, the truth is, is that I know you from the past. The truth is, is that I am Kuon. I'm Corn. Kyouko…I'm the Prince of the Fairy's."

"…Where are your wings then?"

"Ren you have to tell her. You have to tell her your feelings."

"I can't Caleigh. She'll hate me when she realizes that I've lied to her all this time."

"Caleigh how about you go into show business. You'd do great."

"I'm not sure."

"Who is she?"

"M-my mother!"

"Kyouko you eighteen now. I have something to tell you. Kyouko your father-