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Seems like people like to cover their buts by saying that they don't own NCIS or it's character this is just a bit of fiction for the addicts out there.

"You look… happy Ziva" Tony stated, curiosity thick in his voice as he continued to stare at her from his desk. Tony knew that Ziva was not one to volunteer information about her life, especially if it had anything to do with her love life. Still he couldn't help but notice she was somehow different today she'd been 'happy' all day, in Tony's usual manner he persisted with his nonchalant style of interrogation. "Perhaps there is something you would like to share with the class…. No? hmm, well let me think, you received your mossad man of the month calendar? You finally watched that movie I recommended to you, yeah Tom Cruise in Cocktail I tell you, my father was not impressed when I decided to be a bartender after watching that movie... I may have broken a few bottles of his oldest and most expensive bottles of spirits practicing those spins." Ziva kept her eyes fixated on the screen in front of her but gave a sly smirk and continued typing. "So what's the deal Zee-vah? You leave here everyday at the same time with a smile on your face and today you won't wipe that smile of your face…"

"Tony why must you know about everyone else's social life, is it perhaps because you do not really have one of you own?" Ziva looked up to see Tony's face knowing exactly what she would find. The face she loved and saw regularly during their flirtatious banter. It was one of hurt that was quickly masked with a come back.

"I'll have you know Zee-vah that I have quit the social life. See these, last night, 4 numbers of some very attractive ladies." Tony opened his wallet and pulled out some business cards to Show Ziva but she needn't look, she had already returned to her computer screen. It took all of Ziva's strength not to ask about the girls or inspect their cards but she knew that her lack of interest would get to Tony more.

Just then Ziva's cell rang. Tony tried to listen in on the conversation without Ziva realising but she was speaking softy and he only picked out a few words before she hung up. She looked at her watch and pressed a few keys on her computer, grabbed her backpack and began to walk towards the elevator. "Enjoy your phone numbers Tony" she laughed as she entered the elevator and disappeared behind the silver doors. Tony sat there, stunned his eyebrows furrowed as he tried to piece together this puzzle. Had Ziva met someone and if so why was he so unnerved by this? And what was the name of the bar he'd heard her say?

Tony took in his surroundings as he walked into the Bar. Tony knew Ziva had here a lot, she had gone there every night for 3 weeks on an unsuccessful undercover mission a month ago. He was surprised that Ziva was coming to the bar as it didn't really seem like her seen. There were many attractive women wearing very short and seductive dresses, Tony didn't even look at them as he continued to scan the room looking for Ziva while he headed towards the bar to get a drink.

As he stood at the bar, his drink in hand he finally spied Ziva sitting at a table in a tall bar stool, her hair was long and her loose curls framed her face perfectly before it was styled to fall over her right shoulder. She wore black peep-toe stilettos that lead up her long crossed legs to a little black dress that showed no where near as much skin as the other girls in the room however Tony noted that there were more guys milling around her then any other woman in the bar. Tony examined the crowd of men trying to join in a conversation with Ziva and noted the look in their eyes, he knew it well, it was one he'd used many a time before getting a girl into bed. He desperately wanted to go over there wrap his jacket around her and pull her out of the bar but knew Ziva would go to town on him if he did. Ziva seemed to be paying close attention to the guy sitting opposite her, his back to DiNozzo. He seemed to be making her laugh a lot and kept reaching out to touch her hands, arms and even her knee. Tony knew exactly how this guy worked he was an armature version of DiNozzo using all the same rotten tricks. So when Tony saw him swoop in for the 'carefully move closer, gentle moving his hand up her thigh so you can get closer to her, and whisper something in her ear' move, Tony saw red. Tony didn't know why he felt that way but he knew he'd have to do something. He watched them stand up just to the displeasure of the other men surrounding them and start heading towards the door together. Pissing Ziva off was no longer his concern. He had to stop this, his gut told him to. He grabbed a girl, asked her name, and asked her to dance, he pulled her onto the dance floor and before he knew it, he had 'accidentally' bumped into Ziva's back. "TONY! What are you doing here?"

"Ziva,,, I'm just here with my friend Mandy, yeah we're just dancing…" and before Tony could say anything else Ziva's mystery man turned around and for the first time revealing his face. Tony stopped dancing dead in his traces. Mandy realising the situation she'd been dragged into lost interest and returned to her friends.

"Tony, this is…"

"Marcus, yeah, I know" Tony snapped at them

"Tony, it's been a while! What about a hug for your little brother"

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