My Everything

Prologue: Tickets! I Love Tickets!

I was on the phone talking to my mother. My mother, that's a hard thing for me, you see I have lived with my Aunt my entire life. At the age of 25, I was still living with her but she lived alone so it wasn't too bad. My Aunt Karla has always been the mother figure in my life. My biological mother lived in Oakland, California, which had to be much better than living in bum fucked Egypt Missouri.

"JULIET! Are you going to answer me?" My mother asked me. I was beyond **. I stared at my framed poster of Green Day above my bed looking directly at Billie Joe. Billie Joe Armstrong, I don't know what it was, but there's something about him always calmed me down, whether it was on television or a picture just looking at him, rawr.

"Don't call me Juliet! I don't like it. It's either Jewels or Jay, not Juliet" I said "I really have no clue what you just said to me. I wasn't paying attention." I heard an exasperated sigh come over the line. "Sorry!" I said sarcastically. If you can't tell I don't get along with her too well.

"I said that I wanted you to come out to California so I can get to know you." She made it sound more like a demand than a request.

"WHAT?! You want me to come all the way to California so I can meet the mother who left me for 25 years?!" I said this loudly as I walked down the long hallway that connected to the living room. My Aunt Karla looked up from the book that she was reading, probably a romance novel, as I flopped onto the couch beside her. She silently handed me a package addressed to me and glanced at the phone at my ear. I took it and saw it was from my mother, who I was currently arguing with.

"What you got me a present? Trying to buy my love, too?" I asked ripping it open. When I saw the contents, I about had a heart attack. I dropped the papers that had been inside. I felt giddy inside. "Are you serious?" I said in shock, "GREEN DAY TICKETS!" I yelled causing my aunt to cover her ears.

"Karla told me that you like them. The concert is in St. Louis. You can take a friend; I got you two tickets so you didn't have to go alone. I also got you a hotel room paid for. So you can just have fun." I sighed and looked at my aunt knowing what I had to do now.

"Fine, I'll come out, but only for a week, after that I'm gone. That's the best I can do, and thanks for the tickets, Mom." I had to force myself to say that last word. I rolled my eyes at my aunt who just shook her head. I got off the phone with my 'mother' not long afterward.

"So you gonna call Emilou?" Aunt Karla asked me smiling. I was already way ahead of her punching in the familiar numbers. I waited for my cousin to pick up. I didn't even wait for her to say hello.

"EMI! You're not going to believe this. I have tickets." I said trying to control my breathing.

"TICKETS?... I love tickets." Emi said. I laughed and rolled my eyes before continuing.

"Not just any tickets. I have tickets to the next Green Day concert to be exact." I pulled the phone away from my ear and waited, counting the seconds off on my hand. '5.…4.…3.…2.…1'.

"GREEN DAY! OH MY GOD!" She exploded. She got quiet quickly. I put the phone back up to my ear thinking it was safe. I could hear her trying to breathe. I then heard her ask. "How'd you get them?"

"My mother in Cali. So you better get some stuff together, we have a concert to go to Friday. It's in St. Louis." Emi squealed once more before I heard her slam the phone down. I laughed knowing that waiting for four days was going to be difficult but it would definitely be worth the wait.

I walked back down the hall way to my room. Opening and shutting the door I lay on my bed on my stomach and looked at my poster of my beloved punk band. 'I finally get to go to a concert. I've been waiting forever. This is gonna be great.' I thought as I laid my head down and slowly fell asleep, dreaming of Friday.

Little did I know that this one trip would lead to a life changing experience...