Chapter 22: Telling the chillin's

"Billie are you really nervous about telling them?" I asked quietly as we sat in the living room waiting for Adrienne to drop the boys off. I wanted to tell Adrienne as well, Billie reluctantly agreed.

"A little. I mean I know they love you to death but I don't know if the boys are ready for this big of news." He looked at me his green eyes filled with worry.

"It will be okay Billie, no matter what happens we will make it work. I'm in this thick or thin, better or worse, and then there is the fact that I have a really good feeling the this is going to go just fine. This will all work out in the end.

"What about Adrienne?" He asked. I never got the chance to answer because at that moment the front door opened and Jake ran in and jumped on his father. Joey and Adrienne followed quietly behind. It was obvious then that Billie had told Adrienne that we had news.

"Hey buddy." Billie said hugging Jake back just as enthusiastically. Billie stood and hugged Joey and lightly hugged Adrienne giving her a small kiss on the cheek. I winked at Joey.

"Hey hey not in front of the kids." I said smiling at them. Jake and Joey both laughed seeing that I was fine with Adrienne being there. "Ummm…okay so uhhhh…we said we had news." I said as Billie came over and sat back down next to me once again.

"Are…are…you leaving again?" Jake asked from Billie's lap his eyes filling with tears.

"Oh god no Jake…no…no…no. I'm not going anywhere. It's good news. Or I hope that it is a good news. We haven't told the guys so you'll be the first to know." I rambled on, not knowing exactly what to say. I watched as Adrienne's eyebrows meet her hairline. Billie looked at Adrienne before looking at the boys.

"Okay so what's your news? You guys getting married or something?" Joey asked looking serious. He always was smarter that we ever gave him credit for.

"Or something." Billie said. I rolled my eyes at his obvious reluctance to talk. I decided that I should take over.

"Boys, I have a question and it may seem kinda weird but I want to know truthfully how you both feel about me. This news effects everyone not just your dad and me." Both the boys had their full attention on me, they watched me for a few moments before Joey spoke up.

"I told you before you left, when you went back home. I still feel that way." He smiled at me when I smiled remembering our conversation that day.


"Damn, you won again Joe! How do you do it?" I asked him, a huge grin on my face. He shrugged.

"Dad taught me a few things." Joey said simply. I rolled my eyes knowing that I shouldn't put it past Billie to teach his son a few things.

"So he taught you to cheat at cards?" Joey shook his head. I laughed lightly, putting my attention back to shuffling the cards in my hand.

"Do you love my dad?" His question caught me off guard.

"Wh…wh…what?" I stammered shocked letting his question sink in.

"Do you love my dad? 'Cause I think he loves you." Joey said picking up his cards like it was natural that he was asking these questions.

"How do you know that?" I asked putting my cards down and focusing on him.

"The way he looks at you." Joey paused thoughtfully. "He looks at you the way he used to look at mom before they broke up. I think you love him too."

"Really now." I said quietly, so quietly I almost couldn't hear myself.

"Yep. You treat dad normal…all the other girls we met…ever only liked him cause he's famous. You like him cause he's a person not a celebrity. You pay attention to Jake and me. Mom's new boyfriend always ignores us when we are with mom. You don't smile like you do with dad with anyone else. So do you love him?" He asked again after his long explanation.

"Joey…I…I don't know. I'm still a little confused about it. I do know that I like your dad more than I've ever like any other guy, maybe I do. Love takes time, and it's certainly not easy. I've never had anyone really to love me, for me, for who I am except my Aunt Karla. So I don't have that much experience." I said basically neither confirmed nor denied loving or having feelings for Billie.

"I love you Juliet." Joey said before getting up. He came over to me and hugged me fiercely.

"I love you too, Joey!" I said hugging him back just as fiercely.

*End of Flashback*

I nodded and looked at Jake. He was looking between me and his dad. Then he looked at Adrienne who nodded. He crawled off of his dad and came over to me.

"I love you too, Juliet. I want you to stay around. You make my dad happy." He said quietly looking up at me.

"I love you too Jake." I said as I saw Billie physically relax. "Okay question for both of you. How would you feel about a baby brother or sister?"

I saw Adrienne smile slightly as both pairs of eyes grew to the size of saucers.

"You're having a baby?" Joey asked looking taken by surprised.

"I want a brother." Jake yelled from my lap.

"I want a sister." Joey said quietly at exactly the same time as Joey yelled. "Can I help with the baby's room?"

Billie and I looked at each other. I was so glad they were okay with the baby, in fact they were both ecstatic. I shook my head yes. Both boys yelled and took off upstairs apparently to choose which room would be for the baby.

"What about you Adie?" I heard Billie ask.

"Personally I think its great, Billie. You have finally found someone that loves you just as much as you lover her." Adie smiled at me before standing up.

"Adie we still need to talk about the boys." Billie said walking her to the door.

"I know. We will when I pick them up in a couple days. You guys have fun." She said walking out the door.

"Okay." was his only answer before closing the door. I walked up behind Billie and hugged him.

"I love you." I whispered into his back. He turned around in my arms and kissed me softly.

"I love you too, Jewels." He replied smiling.

"EWWWW!!! JOEY! JULIET AND DAD ARE KISSING…..AGAIN!" We heard Jake yell as he ran away from the stairs. Neither of us had noticed he was there. Chuckling slightly Billie kissed me again.

"Just wait we will have another one running around here soon enough." I said softly.

"I'm looking forward to it." Billie replied kissing me once more.

"Good." I said laughing. I knew that two days from now would be a little stressful so I was going to make sure the next couple days were fun.