A/N This is just going to be a small collection of Jasper/Alice one shots, centered around how they make each other smile. Enjoy!

Alice smiled brightly, bouncing into the room she shared with Jasper. Jasper glanced up from his book, eyebrows raised. She looked at the title.

"You've read that one already," she offered.

"You've gone shopping already," he countered playfully. "That doesn't mean it isn't going to happen again though."

Alice stuck her tongue out delicately. She crawled onto the bed, coming to rest with her head on Jasper's chest. He closed his book and moved his hands up to absentmindedly play with her hair. She snaked her arms around him and sighed.

"What's wrong?" he asked. She didn't bother to lie, he'd be able to tell anyways.

"Bella won't let me plan her a wedding," Alice pouted. Jasper laughed, pulling her impossibly closer.

"You're surprised?" he asked. "Some little fortune teller."

"No, I'm not surprised," she grumbled, frowning. He smoothed a finger between her eyebrows.

"Don't scowl, you might get wrinkles" he teased. She giggled and rolled over until she was on top of him.

"You can always make me smile," she said.

"I know," he replied. "I'm particularly proud of that."

"Oh really," Alice asked. She leaned down, licking the line of his neck, biting lightly where, if he were human, his pulse would be. She grinned as the breath he didn't need caught in his throat and his hands tightened on her waist. Jasper pulled his face up, looking into her eyes from an inch away.

"And I'm particularly proud of that," she whispered, still grinning.

"Mmm," he answered. He leaned up to her. "But I win." He moved his lips under hers, until they brushed when he spoke. "Because you're still smiling."