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"Alice," Jasper said, pleading. "You know it's a bad idea."

"It is not!" Alice countered.

"Alice…we are a household of vampires."

"I'm aware of that!" Alice said.

"Then you have to see why this is ridiculous," Jasper said.

"No, I don't," Alice said stubbornly. "We control ourselves just fine around humans."

"But we eat animals!"

"What's this about?" Esme asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Esme, I'm getting a dog!" Alice announced happily.

"You, uhm…what?" Esme sputtered.

"I'm getting a dog. Well, a puppy actually," Alice said, smiling.

"Alice, is that…a good idea?" Esme asked. Alice frowned, turning on Jasper.

"How'd you convince her already, she's only been here for thirty seconds!" Alice asked.

"Alice," Jasper said. "Really, you know we can't get a dog."

"But I want one! They're fluffy!"

"Alice, we eat things that are fluffy. Imagine how mad you'd be if you came home and Emmett had accidentally eaten your Pekinese."

"Oh," Alice said, frowning. She thought for a few minutes before, "Damn it. You're right." Esme smiled.

"I'm sorry dear. We can go pet puppies somewhere if you'd like."

"No, because then I'll just want to take one home," Alice said. Esme nodded, patted Alice on the back and left the room. Alice sank into Jasper's arms, frowning.

"Are you mad?" he asked.

"Over a dog?" Alice asked. She felt Jasper nod against her head. She laughed. "No, Jasper, I'm not mad at you."

"Mmm," he answered. "I love you, dog or no."

"And I love you, you pet hating fiend."

"I don't hate pets!"

"Uh huh, sure," Alice said vaguely. Jasper licked the back of her neck and Alice leaped off of his lap.

"Jasper!" she shrieked. "Gross!"

"Oh please," Jasper said winking. "Like that's the worse you've had of me." Alice gave a maniacal grin. She jerked her head toward their room, ignoring Edward's gagging sounds from the piano.

"Let's go upstairs and do some worse," Alice said, waggling her eyebrows.

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