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A light click of a chess piece against a table screen displaying a map, the chatter of countless people talking on radio lines, and a nonchalant voice ordering, "Q-One, forward twelve hundred meters. R-One and R-Eight provide backup, flank the enemy." The man who gave the order was very young, his long duster swaying lightly when he readjusting his eight. With his black-gloved hands he picked up another piece to move it, with short black hair and royal purple eyes studying the screen as he moved another chess piece. "P-Ten, move off to the East four thousand meters," he then moved several other chess pieces in locations around that the first piece he moved, "P-Four through P-Nine, take up formation Lambda around P-Ten and prepare for an ambush."

"Yes, your highness!" a unanimous voice responded on a speaker built into the table.

The man sighed as the enemy units fell right into his traps. He looked up and out the window of the room he was in, a command deck on a mobile fortress, out onto a damaged city, "The Chinese are so troublesome with their Gang Lou. So many of them but the weapons themselves are rather low quality." The man moved another couple of pieces and ordered, "B-One through B-Four, move northeast three kilometers and prepare for sniping maneuvers."

"Your highness! Something is closing in on our location, very quickly!" one of many people who were communicating on the radio's reported.

The man looked up and saw a strange white humanoid robotic frame, a large sword in hand that looked like it could easily slice through the mobile fortress, "So the Chinese do have other Knightmare Frames than those Gang Lou. How troublesome." The man ducked down as the white frame launched itself up to meet face to face with the mobile fortress' bridge and sliced through it horizontally

"Lelouch Vi Britannia! Prepare yourself!" the pilot of the frame roared out in a thick accent using a loudspeaker, grasping onto the now sliced open bridge with his frame's free hand, raising the weapon up high to slice downward.

The move failed rather spectacularly, a dark blue frame launching itself up and punching the white frame off of the mobile fortress. The man stood up and sighed, looking at his command center, "How irksome. We're moving to the secondary bridge!" the man ordered while quickly making his way towards the nearest exit.

"Yes, your highness!" the remaining people, those who had ducked, replied at once.

The man stormed down the hallways of the fortress, making his way towards a room deeper inside, "Prince Lelouch," a commanding voice addressed the man from around a nearby corner, "I am glad to see you are safe."

The man, Lelouch Vi Britannia, turned to meet the man, "Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein. To what do I owe the honor of your presence?"

"Delivery of new orders from his Imperial Majesty," a much older man replied, handing Lelouch an envelope, "The gist of it is that you are to report to Tokyo to bolster its defenses. The Chinese have rendezvoused with the Northern Hokkaido Forces of the Kururugi. We believe they'll execute a pincer attack from the North by land and the East by sea. Her Highness Cornelia will be guarding Mount Fuji and will likely take some of the attack from the North."

"However the attack will likely be focused on Tokyo to cut off reinforcements and supplies from Mount Fuji, correct?" Lelouch asked, and then with a smirk he said, "Mission accepted. Can I assume you'll be taking over here?"

"Yes your highness, there are many soldiers below for you to form an escort with. Probably not the best, but good enough to get you to safety, a Thames command Knightmare frame has been prepared for your use as well," Bismarck explained, "I have already prepared an extraction route for you."

Deeper inside the mobile fortress, at a Knightmare Frame docking bay, "What were you thinking! Do you have any idea what it means to disobey orders like that? We're not Britannians," a middle-aged man in a white jumpsuit almost yelled.

"But that White frame almost killed his highness, if someone didn't step in," a young red haired woman protested, she was also in a white jumpsuit.

The man sighed, "Karen, we're not Britannians, and with the Kururugi being major opponents to Britannia all Japanese are under suspicion of being spies for them. We can't step out of line, it'll only end poorly for us."

"Lay off the girl Ogi, it would have been worse if she had done nothing wouldn't it? That guy is young but he's royalty, royalty man. Him dying is the worst thing possible for us since that would get straight up to the top wouldn't it?" a brown haired man asked, "This way at least any trouble we get into stops at the commanding officers here."

A loud clang announced the opening of an elevator, collecting the pilots and the mechanics in the bay attention immediately, and then their collective salute as Lelouch walked into the bay, "Knight of One Bismarck Waldstein is taking control of operations here. I'll be taking the Thames unit to Tokyo; I'll need an escort, all pilots report to your Knightmare. You'll be informed on whether you're coming with me or not shortly."

Lelouch then made his way towards the largest, but also least agile looking, Knightmare in the bay and ascended into it. "So that's Lelouch Vi Britannia…and he's heading towards Tokyo…" Ogi said, after a second he seemed to put two and two together his eyes going wide from the realization, "He's heading to Tokyo, for him to be sent, Tokyo is going to be under attack."

"Hey! Get in your frames! His highness said all pilots! Even if you aren't going to be picked get in your frames!" a man in a purple jumpsuit ordered, a man with green tinted hair and arrogant orange eyes.

"Yes Sir Gottwald!"

Lelouch sat in his frame and was looking over a list made up of three columns, ID numbers, missions completed, and confirmed kills, "Quite a few good candidates," Lelouch commented and then he casually selected four of the ID numbers, "These four will do, now who do we have…Two Purists and two…well this will prove an interesting trip." Lelouch pressed a button, inputted the IDs of those he had chosen, and then said, "Jeremiah Gottwald, Kewell Soresi, Kozuki Karen, and Minami Yoshitaka. Your four will act as my escort, we'll be moving fast until we reach Tokyo. As you know we are currently in Nagoya. We'll first head to Okazai, and then we'll cut through the wilderness to Shinshiro for resupply. We'll do the same and head for Shimada, once there we'll head for Yaizu. If we're lucky we can take a boat from there and be in Tokyo by tomorrow morning. Everybody get that?"

"Yes, your highness!" came the simultaneous answer from all four pilots, forming ranks in front of Lelouch's frame.

"Good, the formation will be Jeremiah and Kozuki in the front, Jeremiah at eleven o'clock and Kozuki at one o'clock from my position. Kewell you'll be on my eight o'clock and Minami will be on my four o'clock, form up and move out," Lelouch ordered as he took off, leaving his four bodyguards to catch up to him.

In a dark room deep underground, a large aging man with long curled white hair stood before a young girl in thick concealing clothing, "So that's as far as you can see," he asked the girl as she finished relating events that had yet to come, "The year twenty-twenty of the Ascension Throne Britannia calendar, ten years from now. Japan is contested between the Britannian Empire and the Chinese Federation with Britannia in control of the Sakuradite. The world is in a true world war that will have been ongoing for over seven years. Knightmare development would have slowed due to how much conflict there is over the primary resource needed to create them. And yet, out of all the possible futures, that is the one where I may succeed with my plans to execute Ragnarok. All others I fail, and the world is either thrown into near death or into a temporary peace. Unacceptable. But this, I still have a chance,"

"Yes, you are right, your majesty, if you take those actions for the next three years, where you refuse to see your son tomorrow so that he cannot rebel against you, if you attack Japan in earnest without subterfuge, and if you capture and seal your immortal brother. You will have a chance," the young girl replied, "Charles Di Britannia, you will more than likely succeed if you follow that plan."

"Then I'll make it so. Better than that plan of letting Lelouch gain as much power and prestige that capturing Japan at his age would bring," the aging man said with a wicked smile as he walked out of the dark room.

"That plan will be the best for everything," the young girl replied, "All things will go for the best that way."

In the year two thousand and twenty of the Ascension Throne Britannia calendar, Lelouch Vi Britannia was nearing his destination, a military base located in Yaizu. Only to find his way now blocked by an ambush, launched by one of his guards, "Minami! What are you doing?" Kozuki Karen yelled over her Knightmare's speakers.

"Out of my way Kozuki! If we kill him, Britannia will be weakened incredibly, the Kururugi will have the chance to do it, to take Japan back, the Chinese will then protect us from Britannia as we provide exclusive Sakuradite rights to them. Japan will belong to us again! Just move out of the way and I can get him!" Minami replied as multiple black painted Knightmares kept Jeremiah and Kewell busy and away from the struggle. Karen's Knightmare was slapped away by a lance in Minami's Knightmare's hand, he charged for Lelouch's Knightmare preparing to pierce it through, "Die! Lelouch Vi Britannia!"

Lelouch brought his Knightmare's arm up and towards its back, and then grabbed onto a strange protrusion, "Not today," Lelouch replied simply, as his Knightmare was lanced through, and then instead of the lance coming out from the back of his Knightmare, it came out the sides. The Thames was about the slam what it had been reaching for through Minami's Knightmare, when Kozuki fired at Minami's cockpit. The Thames kicked the now useless Knightmare out of its way and then Lelouch's voice came over the speaker, "Get over here Kozuki, I'm going to need a ride."

Kozuki complied immediately, pulling up to the Thames and opening the cockpit, for Lelouch to immediately jump into it, two swords held in a sword belt he was wearing, "Head to Yaizu immediately, Gottwald and Soresi can handle themselves against mere guerrillas. Take the weapon on the Thames' back first, we may need it."

"Y-yes sir!" Kozuki replied, surprised he was perfectly fine, but following his orders, removing what appeared to be an overly large sword hilt from the Thames. She piloted away from the intensifying battle, towards the ocean, moving towards a blockade. Only to be stopped by a pair of Knightmares long before she reached it, "Sir Gottwald and Sir Soresi are fighting guerrillas and need…" she began to broadcast, immediately being interrupted.

"A likely story Japanese sc…" a voice responded, and was interrupted by Lelouch.

"I am Lelouch Vi Britannia, send a squad to the coordinates being sent now and let us by. Comply immediately or you'll find yourselves on the front lines as foot soldiers come tomorrow," Lelouch immediately ordered, "If any Knights of Corbenic are on base send one as back up ASAP."

"Knight of Corbenic Andreas Darlton on duty!" a voice responded as a large Knightmare with large cannons attached to it's arms appeared from behind the blockade, "Ready to mobilize immediately."

"Andreas Darlton…" Lelouch repeated and then smirked, "Ram of the Empire Andreas Darlton, mobilize immediately and rescue Knights of Camelot Jeremiah Gottwald and Kewell Soresi. If the Glaston Knights are here send them out immediately as back up." Then turning off the speaker Lelouch order Kozuki, "Continue on."

Kozuki piloted past the blockade and then towards the closest Knightmare service facility. Pulling in carefully into a dock, she opened the cockpit of the Knightmare, "It is good to see you alive and well after that ordeal Lelouch," a light female voice said, catching the young pilot by surprise that someone spoke to Lelouch so casually.

Lelouch looked to see whom it was and laughed, "Kabine, you always know exactly where I'm going to show up next. What have you come to tell me this time, prophet?" Lelouch asked a young woman clad in concealing clothing.

"Unfortunate news your majesty, your younger sister has been captured by terrorists associated with the Kururugi. And is being transported to their home base to be used as a human shield," the young woman replied, "You do have time to rescue her if you act quickly as they do not expect the news to hit for another day. They'll briefly pass within sight of Tokyo before following the coast up to Hokkaido, meeting with the incoming fleet in two days time."

Lelouch's eyes had gone wide at that information, and then he charged past the young woman, past Kabine, towards a console to make an announcement, "All personal! Prepare three carrier class vessels! Send word to Tokyo to prepare intercept craft! Prepare a full compliment of Portmen and Helicopters for naval combat. This is by my order, by the order of Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia!"

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