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It was natural for any town to have seen a few strange things over an extended period of time. The unexpected just have a way of happening, and Little Hangleton was no exception. In fact if you asked anyone in their small village they would probably tell you that they had had more than their fair share.

It had all started with the Riddle house. 50 years ago it was the finest building around for miles and the family that owned the fine building truly matched. The Riddles, while glamours and elegant were a snobbish elderly couple that lived in their giant home with their adult son Tom. They were the stereotypical rich family, looking down upon everyone else in the small town, not bothering to mingle themselves with any of the other villagers.

When the Riddles were murdered, no one within the town shed a single tear. In fact the only thing that marked the change was the gossip that ran around town like wild fire.

Doctors were of course called in and they gave a report that had startled everyone. The only cause of death that even the, most trained of professionals could supply was that every function in the body for no apparent reason had just simultaneously shut down. Other then that, the had Riddles had been perfectly healthy. The Little Hangleton was baffled, and curious to the extreme. Suspects where called in and out, the Riddle's gardener being the town's favourite. But eventually all charges where drooped and the Riddle's were put to rest.

Now the house was deserted and all of its glory was lost to time. The Riddle Manor sifted owners at an alarming rate. No one willing to stay within those walls for very long. The current owner kept it only for tax purposes, or so he said.

The only people to enter the property these days where kids, acting on practical jokes to try and brake in and harass the old gardner, who was still payed to keep the grounds clean.

That is why, if anyone was to walk down the smooth streets of Little Hangleton on this cold summer night, they would be astounded to see two people pushing heading towards the old twisted metal gate that marked the entrance to the Riddle Manor.

Road giggled from her perch from atop the Millennium Earl's shoulders, twirling his pumpkin-headed umbrella as she went. With no care for the more than likely sleeping people around her, Road laughed. The light hearted sound even louder as the sound of the animated umbrella's screams as they split through the crisp night air.

"Relo! Road-sama Stop! RELO!"

Road giggled again as she started to twirl the Pumpkin headed umbrella, faster and faster until it 'slipped' from her fingers and was sent flying from the momentum. Lucky for Relo however, the Earl had reached up at the last moment to grab the poor thing.


"Road, you should be nicer to our little friend here," the Earl chuckled good-naturedly, passing the umbrella back up to Road who ran a hand through her bright blue hair in an attempt to look sheepish, but failed miserably. "But Earl-sama, it's so much fun!"

"Alright alright, try not to hurt him… too badly."


Road's face went serious for a second as she looked up at the run down mansion that was their location. "Earl-sama what are we doing here?" She asked, curiosity evident in her voice.

"We're looking into a new broker," The earl replied, doing a little skip as he turned around the corner.

"Oh… So why am I here?"Road continued, trying to at least get a little information from him before they got there, because the Earl was being just as annoyingly cryptic as usual.

"Because I figured that you'll enjoy it?"

"Is that it?" Road's tone was sarcastic as she stretched out her long legs, staring at the purple and blue striped tights that encased them. It was obvious that the preteen Noah did not agree with the Millennium Earls statement, and her tone edged on a further explanation.

"That and if things don't quite go the way we want, then you can play your little games with them."

Road's face brightened instantly as she fiddled with the candles on the top of the Earl's hat. Now there was a reason for her to go and meet this broker. Road hadn't had a good play time with anyone since Allen's red-head friend… Bookman jr? He had been fun to play with, even gave Road a reason to kill Allen right before the red head's eyes. Even now the memory of the Bookman Jr's stricken face danced gloriously within Road's memory.

"As glad as I am that you are enjoying yourself my sweet could you please knock on the door for me?" The Earl asked politely as he looked over the brim of his round glasses at the imposing wooden door that stood before them.

Road reached out to put her hand to the door only to find that it had made contact with air when the door opened on its own, causing her to sigh in dismay. "Goodness me, an automatically opening door, is that supposed to be scary? Please tell me this guy is better than this, Earl-sama? Your last several Broker's have been sooooo boring" Road wined in the Millenium Earls ear, a pout on her thin features.

The Earl Laughed, reaching a gloved hand up to Road's grey lip and tugged on the extended bottom one. "No, I promise this one will be better than the others. He has a lovely track record from what I hear. Perfect for our needs."

They walked through the decaying house, the earl floating above the ground as they continued on their way to the room at the end of the hall, the only room with light. Road's sharp eyes scanned everything, taking in every minute detail and her pout grew any larger. Could this man, however he was be any more of a cliche. Cobwebs everywhere, the chandelier on the roof covered in dust. The haunted house motif was definitely over done.

"Hello, Earl of the Millennium," A courteous voice came from the centre of the room. The voice was flat-sounding, yet surprisingly shrill as it rang through the room that they had walked through. It almost sounded more reptilian than human.

"Hello Lord Voldemort" The Earl replied cheerily as Road hopped down lightly from his shoulders and onto Relo so she floated a few feet in the air. She smiled in her own cute but evil way at Voldemort's lackey Wormtail, causing him to shake softly. Road's smile grew as she tasted the fear that literally rolled off the portly little man.

"So have you thought over my offer?" The Millenium Earl asked, tillting his head to the side in a quizzical manner. Those gloved white hands extended, allowing him to lean his entire weight onto his cane, waiting.

"Yes I have"

From what Road had gathered it seemed like this Voldemort person was all about manners and pride (The 2 top things that made a person an absolute bore.)It struck Road as odd however that this entire conversation was being held to the mans back. Normally one would have the decencing to at least look to whom they were speaking to. It didn't seem to phase the Earl however, and Road was fine with that.

The Earl smiled, his mouth curving upwards even more so then normal at the thought of getting a new broker and all the new Akuma's he could have as a result. "Well?" He asked merrily. Breaking the unearthly silence that was filling the air. Voldemort was not the most social of people, but the Earl was not going to let his people go to waste here.

"Let me just see if I fully understand first. You're willing to give me everything I need to execute my plan and in return all I have to do is give you the location of a highly populated place so you can make some more of these Akuma objects of yours?"

"That's right!"

"Well then, as much as I do dislike working with other people I have to admit this seems to be a fairly satisfactory deal. I accept. But just so we are clear, if you do anything to interfere with the end results of this plan, I will not hesitate to kill you."

The earl just laughed at the threat as Road stood up causing poor Relo to whine under her, as her weight suddenly shifted. She raised her hand slightly to create the door to her realm allowing the Earl to walk through it before hopping off Relo and preparing to walk through herself. Pausing, Road turned to face the chair and this Wormtail person, she allowed her human mask to disappear shifting her appearance to that of her Noah form.

"The Earl will contact you when everything is set, until then I do not recommend doing something idiotic, such as trying to run away. Its been so long since I have gotten to play with anyone, maybe you will be my knew playmates" Road said, gently running her skeletal finger across Wormtails's cheek,before turning back into a normal preteen, a sweet smile on her face as she skipped through her giant door. At the same time, a 14 year old boy lurched from his bed with a start, his heart still pounding in his chest from what he had just seen.


It was nearly dawn, Harry noticed as he stared across his cramped bedroom to the window that faced the Dursley's back yard. It was obvious that he wasn't going to be getting anymore sleep that night, so there wasn't really a point in trying.

Getting up from his bed, Harry stepped over to his wardrobe, pulling open the door to look at the mirror inside. There was nothing out of the ordinary about his appearance, well if you could call his wild black hair, bright green eyes and a lightning bolt shaped scar on your forehead normal. Harry ran a finger over the scar; it still stung but not nearly as much as before. It had hurt so much, almost as if someone had taken white hot clamps to it and had tried to pull it apart.

'It's a warning' Harry thought staring at the scar 'Telling me I should not just pass this off as a nightmare, oh lucky me…'

"I guess I should write to Dumbledore about this," he muttered under his breath, sitting down at his rickety old desk reaching for a quill, some parchment and some ink to write a letter to both his head master and his god father Sirius, whom Harry figured would probably enjoy being kept up to date about this kind of thing.

He soon sealed the letters, noting with mild interest that the letter to Sirius was at least twice as long as the one to Professor Dumbledore. It was sort of amusing, come to think of it, that Harry had bonded so well with the his godfather in such a short period of time.

'Oh well, no time to worry about that now' he thought to himself as he walked over to his snowy owl, Hedwig. The owl hopped on to his arm as Harry stood slowly, heading towards the open window and giving her a little push as she spread her wings to fly into the newly light.

"Be careful' Harry said softly as she flew away from number 4. He turned towards the bedroom door, hearing the tell-tale signs that his aunt and uncle were awake, meaning that in five minutes or so, Aunt Petunia was probably going to start rapping on his door telling him to get his lazy, freeloading ass downstairs, and yet not caring that her own son probably wouldn't make his first appearance until at least one o'clock that afternoon.