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Full Summary: During the failed rescue attempt in the Ministry of Magic, fifteen year old Harry Potter finds himself dueling Voldemort after chasing down Bellatrix to avenge Sirius' death. It is a duel he is far from ready for and after a rather pitiful attempt at defending himself he finds himself facing death.

In his hopeless anger, he curses Fate for her hand in making his life miserable and she takes offence.

Fate sends him back into the body of his eleven year old self the day before Hagrid 'rescues' him with all of his memories intact in order to force him to re-live the five years of hell he endured in the wizarding world.

However, instead of conforming to her plans, Harry decides to decline his invitation to Hogwarts in order to see what his life would have been and now would be as a Muggle.

Years later, the Dursley family moves to Forks after Vernon is offered a higher position and pay to work the American Branch of Grunnings...from here you'll just have to read to find out what happens next.


I had given a lot of thought how I would die over the years. Who didn't?

I always knew that I would either die doing it for someone I loved or by some freak accident that Fate found funny. (i.e.: Bitten by a snake)

Fate was such a Bitch. A spiteful, hateful bitch.

She still is in fact, that's what got me into this mess in the first place.

I already knew I wouldn't die due to old age, that would be too easy.

Do I want to die?

No, not really. I mean...who wants to die?

Am I ready to die?

I guess so, how do you prepare for that kind of thing anyway?

Am I afraid of death?


Over the years I had wondered just how different my life would have been if I hadn't gone with Hagrid that night...

I didn't, however, expect to actually learn what would happen...

Like I said...Fate was a Bitch...and she didn't take kindly to being made aware of that fact. Too bad, for her at least, that I spoiled her revenge with a simple, yet polite, "No thank you."

((((A/N: I am a average American. I use the Fahrenheit system when I describe temperatures. Also, I use Gallons, Feet/Inches and all that good stuff. You want to know Celsius and liters? Convert it yourself!))))

Chapter One: Welcome to Forks

"Potter!" A familiar voice bellowed. Harry sighed, wiping the sweat from his forehead as he turned the source.

"Yes Uncle Vernon?"

"Hurry up boy! This damnable weather...it's starting to rain! Bloody water... it's going to soak through the boxes!" the large man growled.

Harry fought not to glare at the man. He'd been working ALL DAY! The bloody moving truck seemed to just be 100 degrees in 40 degree weather! Not to mention the god-awful humidity! He felt like he was melting.

"I'm doing my best Uncle." He told the man with a carefully controlled tone, not bothering to remind him that if he had hired movers then all of their belongings would actually be moved by now.

The man glared at him, likely catching wind of his thoughts, but then he just turned around and stalked to the house. Harry rolled his eyes and turned back to the box he had been in the process of moving.

He didn't like his Uncle but even he could admit, albeit grudgingly, that if Vernon was good at something then it was making money.

As a teenager, Vernon had started out as a simple paper-pusher at Grunnings Drill Company. After several years of hard work, he made his way up the food-chain and eventually became one of the primary directors of the Business. Then, just weeks ago, he was offered a new position.

It was an oversea job, Grunnings was expanding and America was one of the main targets. They had already started to grow there but they needed a seasoned Business man who could over see the process.

Vernon was hesitant at first; he'd lived in England all his life and hadn't moved in almost 17 years. However, the pay was considerable and in the end...worth it.

Surprisingly, it was Petunia who wanted to move the most. Apparently she wasn't the most...popular woman on Privet Drive.

Grunnings had four major companies in the USA, one in New York, one in Florida, one in Arizona and one in Washington.

Neither Vernon nor Petunia liked the idea of living in a big city having lived in the suburbs all their lives. So, they searched for the best place to live and decided that Forks, Washington was the ideal location. It was an hours' drive from the Washington Branch of Grunnings, allowing Vernon to easily commute. It was less than what he traveled now.

Now, they had a new life in a new house, in a new country...

"Hurry UP boy! My Dudders is HUNGREY!" His aunt screeched.

But some things just never changed.

He picked up the box and made his way into the house.

"Coming Aunt Petunia."

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Important Notes to...well, take note of. Please don't skip.

Now, before anyone freaks out, the summary just says that he doesn't go to Hogwarts...not that he doesn't have magic.

Also, since we have never heard of any muggle subjects within Hogwarts we can assume that Harry did not finish his muggle education. My Harry will be intelligent, but not super smart. Everything he learns in muggle school will be relatively new to him.

And no, Harry is NOT abandoning the Wizarding world. In my opinion (at least for this story) a child should not have had to save it in the first place. I will make it so everything works out in the end.

And as far as I'm concerned, Books 6 and 7 never occurred. This all ends in Book 5, during the battle at the Ministry. You'll read it in a flashback that I'll post in a later chapter.

And YES! Bella IS in this story but this isn't a Bella-bashing story. She is a shy girl who was politely turned down JUST like all the other girls. Her blood still sings for Edward but NOT in a good way, and no, he still can't read her mind.

As for the Title.

Blood Moon aka the Hunter's Moon or Sanguine Moon occurs in October, which as most of you should know is the month when Harry lost his parents as a baby. I thought that it would be ironic.

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