Infinite Possibilities

Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.

Czech Proverb



She leaned backwards into the crook of Morgan's shoulder. Though it aggravated her wounds, it also instilled a safe, warm feeling inside of her, and right now, she felt that was more important than physical wellbeing.

He asked her the extent of her injuries, and she did not answer, instead staring at the wooden planks that constituted the ceiling.

'Emily?' He spoke her name gently, not wanting to send her into shock.

'I...I can't talk about it right now,' she said. It was enough for Morgan to realize that whatever it was, it was not going to be the easiest thing to speak about, or recover from.

They had both been there for each other in traumatic circumstances. She was there for him after he had been kidnapped by Tobias Henkel; he had reached out to the person he knew the least, afraid of what the rest of the teams' reactions might have been. He had reciprocated after the events with Benjamin Cyrus.

Though it was silent, he knew she was crying. She had tried so hard to hold them back the last time, only succumbing when Morgan had held her tightly, had reassured her that it was over.

He checked his phone, noting the recent text message from Rossi. 'The ambulance will be here soon,' he told her. She nodded.

He almost regretted not having been there for the inevitable takedown of Spencer Reid. He had called Hotch with the news over ten minutes ago, but had not yet heard back as to the status of the arrest.

He hoped fervently that Hotch might have gotten in a few kicks to the ribs, that Spencer had "resisted arrest." His heart was filled with anger at the pain that sadistic bastard had inflicted upon his best friend. If he had his way, he would not have hesitated in giving Spencer Reid some brand new ventilation.

Which, he rationalized, was probably the reason why he couldn't be present for the takedown.


He did not let go of her hand as she was loaded into the ambulance. He was not going to leave her alone for another week at least. He would be there for the ups, and he would be there for the downs.

He watched on numbly as doctors and nurses flittered about her bedside. He had taken thirty seconds to grab himself a coffee, and he realized, at the actions of one doctor, that something must have happened in those thirty seconds.

'What are you doing?' He made an attempt at sounding casual, but he saw the contents of the case the doctor was unpacking. He had seen enough of those cases before in his lifetime.

'Rape kit,' the doctor told him apologetically. Morgan could not help the tears from entering his eyes as he looked down at her. She, too, was trying hard not to burst into uncontrollable sobs.

'I'll go,' he said. He knew that the kit involved stripping, and his presence was not something he wanted to impose upon her at this point in time.

'No.' She stared at him, the struggle clear in her eyes. 'Please stay.'

He wanted to hug her, to let her know that everything would be alright. For one thing, though, he knew that would disturb the evidence. For another, he wasn't confident in his own assessment.

Instead, he pulled the cross from his pocket, and laid it gently on the table beside the bed.

'I'll never leave you,' was all he said.


The moment Morgan made his first phone call, Hotch had sent the remainder of the team out to the address given. He had stayed behind, not wanting the apprehension of a suspect to be left entirely to the suspect's colleagues.

He was unsure of the location of Officer Spencer Reid. The young man had gone to "get coffee" just prior to Morgan's phone call, and had not returned since. To chase after him now would be no good without any proof whatsoever that he was the one who had kidnapped and tortured Emily.

Moments after Morgan had made the second phone call, Hotch was on the move. He had his weapon drawn, and he was looking for Spencer Reid around every corner. The startled officers were far more forthcoming to his cause when he explained the situation.

'Reid? I think I saw him go out to the parking lot.'

Hotch made an executive decision. Spencer Reid was far from unintelligent. He would not go out into the parking lot for no reason whatsoever. He was torn between wanting to arrest the son of a bitch that had kidnapped his agent, and preserving the safety of the officers around him. Finally, he made a decision.

'I'm going out there alone.'


He had Spencer in his sights. The young man was at the edge of the parking lot, staring off into the distance.

'You've found her, I take it?' he asked, not even turning. 'I toyed with killing her, you know. It would have been worth it just to see the look on your face.'

'Why didn't you?' Hotch asked. As much as he wanted to arrest this man, he wanted – needed – to know why they had gone through this in the first place.

Spencer Reid would not readily admit to having been caught off guard. The truth was, though, he had not expected the FBI to move so fast in solving the case. He was not about to explain to this man that, yes, he had been planning on killing her, but only after days of excruciating pain.

He turned around then, and Hotch, expecting to see a weapon, was surprised when Spencer Reid held his wrists out, waiting to be cuffed. 'I don't know,' he said, the lie not even close to evident in his voice. 'I goes back to my childhood.'

Hotch raised an eyebrow as he tightened the cuffs around Reid's wrists.

'Your childhood?' He was curious, in spite of himself.

'Yes.' Spencer Reid looked down at his hands. 'As a child, I always loved magic tricks.'

The cuffs were undone before Hotch even had a chance to realize what was going on. He reached for his weapon, but his face was intercepted by Spencer's fist. He stepped back, dizzy. The second punch knocked him out cold.

'Goodbye, Agent Hotchner,' said Spencer Reid. 'It was a pleasure to meet you.'

He knew that the BAU would not rest until Spencer Reid was caught.

But that was okay.

He was counting on it.


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