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Chapter title: Auditorium (A)

Pairing: Mark x Lanna

So, without further ado, the first chapter of Twenty-six Letters, Twenty-six Loves...

The first time I saw her, it was at the auditorium in the city.

Claire had dropped me off there after begging me to watch the concert being held there, so I did, wanting to do anything to appease my little sister. She and I had generically been close, one could count us as 'besties,' and we even looked something alike: we both had the same blonde hair. The only difference in our features was that she had sharp forget-me-not colored eyes, and my own were bright, round and green.

And it was those round green eyes that spotted her: Lanna deAngelique, pop sensation, magazine beauty, when she stepped on the stage. I had to admit that her appearance took the breath out of me, and I could see why Claire was one of her loyal fans. She winked at the audience, and for some reason I felt she was winking at me.

Lanna pulled back the green headband holding her long, golden hair with slender fingers, glanced at her band and backup singers with intelligent green eyes, and began to sing.

Maybe it was just me, but Lanna's voice was beautiful. It was like she was blending several emotions in her song: sadness and sorrow, joy and happiness, surprise, anger,

Maybe it was just me, but Lanna was beautiful.

"Okay, now after my next song," she then said, "One of you lucky fans gets to come up here with me! Plus, they also get free autographs!" The crowd practically screamed the house down as Lanna scanned the crowd with her eyes. Then she saw me. Our green eyes locked, and then she grinned. She snapped her fingers, whispered to her bodyguards, and smiled.

"I think we have our winner."

And one could only imagine my shock as her bodyguards wrestled me to the stage.

I didn't care much for the prizes or the autographs (I gave all of them to Claire and she went insane with happiness) but being up there with the Lanna deAngelique, touching her hand, having her look at you, out of all her adoring fans…

And I could swear that that chance to hear Lanna deAngelique sing was once in a lifetime. Her voice was…in a word, lovely. Or maybe it was just me.


Claire had bought her farm in Forget-me-Not because she said "the valley name reminded her of her eyes." She had also written that "the farm was lucky." However, on my way to visit Forget-me-Not, its luck didn't kick in and a storm occurred, causing me to end up on Sunny Island. So Claire pushed me to start the farm anyway, "so that we would both be farmers," and so here I was. But I didn't expect to see her come to the Island.


She whirled around, sending her blonde hair flying. "You!" she exclaimed in surprise. "Mark!"

"Yeah, it's me," I mumbled sheepishly, but I was cut off as she tackled me to the ground.

"Sorry." She got up. "I was just so excited. I mean, when you sweep the pop charts it's tough to recognize your average nobody - no offense - off the street. But when I saw you ten seconds ago I was so excited that I could see you, and I could recognize you!" She sighed.

"Nah, it's okay," I grinned, then blushed. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I'm here for inspiration," she moaned. "I can't write anything…I couldn't, after our concert."


"Sorry," I mumbled. "I'm sorry if I got you distracted."

"No," she said, "It's not your fault. It's mine. I got so excited after that, and…" She laughed.

"So, you want to hang out sometime?"

"Sure!" She giggled like she did on that night. "Oh, by the way, Mark," she said, "I completely forgot to give this to you." She handed me a picture of us after the concert, outside the auditorium. Signed by Lanna deAngelique herself.

Claire had fawned over the autographs I had given her. But you will never imagine that, two years later, she came to read in my letters that she had the Lanna deAngelique as her sister-in-law.

All thanks to that concert in the auditorium.

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