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Yeah, it has. But for me, that's pretty much a record. ^_^ This one's pretty much the longest so far, having 1334 words minus summary, so whatever. This was originally going to be titled "Fear" and starring a homophobic Angela, but I figured you would all hate homophobe!Angela, so I went with this idea instead.

Oh, and I hope you don't kill me for writing both Angela andKevin/Oliver/whatever-his-name-is in here! And yeah, Kevin's married to Candace because I needed for her to get out of the way for Angela x Julius, and I couldn't bear to send away or kill off one of my favorite characters!

Chapter Title: Fancy (F)

Pairing: Juli...us x Angela

Dedication: To Red on a rose, who reviewed all chapters of this thing and who requested Julius x Angela. You rock, girl!

Warning: Slight OOC because I don't know Julius that well...

Characters: Angela and Julius. With minor characters Kevin, Candace, and Luna; and special non-talking guest star Gill.

Disclaimer: *sing-song voice* I - don't - own - Harvest - Moon...

Read away...

Luna's wedding gown was nothing less than beautiful: the Ferrari of dresses, it was hand sewn from gorgeous taffeta, embroidered with complicated silk designs, having ornate ribbons of satin, and edged with velvet. The veil was made of nothing but the finest lace, and it was edged with satin as well.

Yes, to Angela, it was extraordinarily fancy.

Kevin and Candace adored the dress – and Luna, of course – and they thought it would be absolutely marvelous to wear at her wedding. Kevin thought his sister-in-law looked "twice as mature as how she looks normally," earning himself a slap in the face, and Candace thought she was "just beautiful."

When the three of them turned to Angela for their opinions, she just blushed and said "Gill would love it." Her sisters-in-law and brother had been delighted, and they let her be after that. But they were surprised when she suddenly asked for a copy of the design, although Luna just shrugged and agreed. "Just don't copy it for your wedding, though!" she had exclaimed cheerfully, causing Candace to stifle a giggle and shush her sister, Kevin to burst out laughing, and Angela to blush furiously.

But out on a walk near Caramel River, the dress was still on Angela's mind. Absentmindedly, she'd taken out the paper and examined it again. How she would love a dress like this for her wedding! Of course, it wasn't like there was anybody to marry.

"Admiring the gown, I see?"

Just perfect. Of all the things, it had to be his shrill voice that would ruin the moment. She whirled around and glared at the culprit. "What do you want, Julius?"

Julius rolled his eyes at her hostile treatment. For two freaking years their relationship had been like this: him greeting her, she calling him "freak," "pretty boy," or "cross-dresser," and then the bickering would begin. He was used to it.

"Oh, nothing," he replied in his usual I-don't-care-about-you-Angela manner. "I just see you admiring the gown."

"And what made you think that?"

He smirked. "Oh, just the fact that you keep staring at that piece of paper in your hands that just happens to have the gown that…"

"…you want to wear?" she spat sarcastically at him, hurriedly folding the piece of paper.

"Who're you calling a cross-dresser, you – " he began, but stopped as soon as he saw her smirk. Julius groaned and smiled at her. "Oh, no, Angela," he then said in a sweet tone, "I was just noting that you have excellent taste."

She looked from the filthy, mud-strewn clothes she was wearing to him, and rolled her eyes. "And your point being…"

"…That I designed that gown, of course," he finished for her. Angela's eyes flew open. "You – WHAT?" she gasped. That freak of a cross dresser designed that beautiful dress? He had to be joking.


"No," she replied hastily, regaining her composure, "Because you're lying, that's what," she added. "Only a genius could have designed this –"

"Why, thanks for the compliment, my dear Angela," he was saying. "Flattery can get you everywhere, after all…"

The farmer resisted the urge to punch the woman in the face. Fancy that. She knew she was only hostile to Julius, to everyone else she was as nice-as-they-come. But they weren't annoying like Julius.

So instead she shut him up by slapping him.

Julius frowned, rubbing the red blotch on his cheek. "Beg your pardon?" he asked with such sincerity Angela had to hold her other hand as not to punch him instead. In a huff, she stuck up her nose at him and continued to stare at the design. One minute later, when she discovered he was still behind her, she shot at him, "Leave. Now."

When he still didn't budge, she groaned and left in a huff, moving further downstream.

Julius was sure she hadn't meant to trip. He was sure he hadn't meant to fall into the river, of course. And he was sure she would have been able to swim to safety – Luna had told him once Angela was a competitive swimmer once – but what he wasn't sure about was why he jumped in to save her.

Because he couldn't swim to save his life. (How could he – it would make his skin dry if he swam way too much!)

It must have been a hilarious sight, the two of them splashing like idiots in the Caramel River. And he was sure that was what Owen thought when he saw – and rescued them.

"Thanks anyway," a disgruntled Angela told him later at the inn, having been given a towel by Kathy. "Nice to know someone would try and 'save' me."

"You're welcome," he snobbily replied. "I was bored, anyway."

Kathy had to hold her back when she tried to kick him in the place where the sun doesn't shine.

When Gill entered the room asking for his fiancée, it was only then that she realized the soggy design. "Eargh! The design!"

"Why so worried, dear?" Julius said from the other side of the table. "You can always ask another copy from Candace."

"But Luna said this was her only extra copy!" Angela moaned. "I loved that picture! I was going to hang it up on my wall and frame it!" But her frown deepened when she noticed Julius smiling. "What?"

"I'll just design another dress for you, then," he said nonchalantly. She groaned. "Whatever. I have to go meet Renee anyway." She left the table, not noticing that a smiling Julius was staring after her.

"Hey, sis."

This was one of the rare moments when Angela resented her brother so much that she wanted to just move out. Sure, he was good to her and all, and incredibly helpful with the farm, but he teased her a lot and he was ever-so-popular in Waffle Town, not to mention best friends with Kathy, and that meant that if something incredibly funny/serious/romantic/interesting happened, he'd know in ten minutes flat.

And that incident earlier would be characterized as 'all of the above.'

"What?" she snapped. This apparently didn't unnerve Kevin, who then said, "Heard you had a little swim with your boyfriend." Candace was giggling now, and Angela cried to the Harvest Goddess why her sister-in-law wouldn't take her side for once. "It wasn't a swim, my dear brother," she said sweetly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going up to bed."

"Without dinner?" Kevin was about to say, when Candace glared at him. Candace rarely glared. And when Candace glared at him, it meant he had to shut up. And Angela thanked the Goddess that Candace had taken her side for once. "Here's some bread if you get hungry, Angie," Kevin's wife said, handing it to her. "O-oh, and Julius sent this over while you were out with Renee," Candace added shyly, giving her a white envelope. Curious, Angela opened it. And if Luna's dress made her eyes, wide open, the drawing inside made her eyes pop out of her head.

"What's that?" Kevin asked, peering over her shoulder. Then, "Ooh."

"I-it's beautiful," Candace agreed.

Because if there was a design more beautiful than that of Luna's wedding dress, this was it. Maybe some people have strange ways of saying "sorry for being such a jerk to you."

"Wow, Angie," Kevin's voice was saying. "What's with the dress? Are you seeing someone without me knowing?" he quipped with mocked suspicion. "Or are you getting married already?"

"Getting married," Angela laughed as she went upstairs. "Fancy that."

After today… maybe it wasn't so impossible, after all.

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