This is my first Naruto fanfic ever! As in EVER! So if you review don't flame… please!!! This idea just popped into my head so, there is definitely a lot of OOCness in this story.


It's a usual day at the Akatsuki cave that is until…

"Will you all pipe down!!!? I can't focus on what I'm doing here!!!"

The leader, Pein, exclaimed.

But sadly, because of the noise, nobody heard him.

"Itatchi! Lower that television's volume, will 'ya?"


He replied, barely taking his eyes off the screen.

"The volume!!!"

Pein exclaimed at the top of his lungs.

"Oh, ok…"

Itatchi reached for the remote and turned it up louder, thinking that the leader was telling him to turn it up because he couldn't hear it.

Pein slapped himself in the face.

A sudden explosion in the kitchen happened, which sent everyone to the kitchen, except Tobi, who was glued to his seat.

"What the sh*t happened in here?"

Hidan started.

There was black smoke everywhere they looked which was coming from the oven. As it cleared up, it revealed Kisame and Deidara in another attempt to cook.

"He He… We're ok…"

Kisame chuckled.

"I'm 'cough' going out for some 'cough' air…"

Deidara coughed and got out of the Smoke filled kitchen.

Everyone got back to their places the noise resumed as well.

"Well, at least I got a moment of peace…"

Pein sighed.

Meanwhile, outside, Deidara took a short jump through the forest when she thought she heard something.


It went.

"I'm just imagining things…"

He shook off. Thinking it was just in his head.


It repeated, getting louder.

Deidara decided to follow the sound, wherever it was coming from.

He ended up at the base of a tree, where he saw a blanket, moving.

"This is definitely where the sound is coming from…"

He thought and picked the blanket up and pulled away the covers, revealing a cute face.

"A baby?!!"

Deidara looked shocked. The infant stopped crying and tipped his head to the side and looked at Deidara with his big black eyes.

"Don't look at me like that! If it wasn't for your big round eyes and cute nose and cooing and gooing I would've killed you by now, you know?"

He threatened, trying to make the baby stop making a cute expression.

The baby laughed and pulled on Deidara's bangs, which were hanging on his face.

"Oww! Stop that!"

He cried, which made the baby snuggle unto her chest.

"I know what I must do now…"



He cried out, bowing at Sasori's feet.

"I don't think the leader would want a baby in the cave. And after all, Mercy is a no no for an Akatsuki."

Sasori turned the request down.

"Awww… but Sasori! Can you say no to such a cute face?"

He held out the blanket and showed the baby to Sasori.

The baby cooed and smiled. He outreached his hand and pinched Sasori's nose.


He cried.

"See he likes you! Now can we keep him? Please?"

Deidara begged again.


"What's up guys?"

Itatchi came with the other guys.

"Deidara's forcing me to keep a baby with us…"

Sasori said.

"Lemme see the little guy!"

Tobi cried out, picking him up from Deidara's arms.

"Aww, he's cute!"

And then he made some gurgling sounds neither the baby nor his teammates could understand.

"I think it would be alright to keep him here. As long as the leader doesn't find out…"

Itatchi confirmed.

Everyone blinked and stared at him. Is this Itatchi approving to a request to keep a baby or is it someone else who took over his body?

"I'm serious. It'll keep everyone busy for a while, no?"

"What will keep everyone busy for a while?"

It was Pein.

It made him even more curious when he noticed the whole team looked like ghosts. Pale white was the color of their skin.

"Umm… Nothing! It's our new hobby, Konan taught us! Origami!"

Kisame made the excuse.

"Yeah right. You expect me to believe that? And I suppose that kid Tobi's holdin' is a real one, right?"

Everyone kept silent.

"Don't tell me that it is!"

"That's why we're shutting up, duh."

Zetsu replied.

"Well, if you're all thinking we're gonna keep a baby in this cave, the answer is capital N-O!"

"Aww… but can we P-P-P-Please?"

Hidan stammered as the kind words escaped his lips.

"Did you just say the P word?"

They all chorused in horror.

"That word is not even found in our vocabulary!"

"So can we? Can we? Can we?!"

They all asked, their eyes turning big and cute.


Pein hesitated.

"I don't really have the tolerance for children. And plus this is a baby, it needs more attention, more caring and more diaper changing."

He said, a vein popping from his head at the mention of diaper changing.

"We'll take full responsibility!"

They all promised.

"Ok. But if I start to loose my patience, he's out of here."

"Aww come on! Let us just… Wait! Did you say ok?"

Deidara asked in disbelief.

"Yeah. Now go take care of the kid before I change my mind."

He walked away from the scene, but in thought…

"Did I pick the right choice this time? I hope so…"

"Anyway, where's he from?"

Kisame asked.

"I have no idea where he could've been from. I just found him at the bottom of a tree."

Deidara answered.

"Is that the case, well then, since this baby is found by an Akatsuki member, he'll be a part of us!"

Zetsu declared.

"But what the h*ll are we gonna name him?"

Hidan asked.

"It's gotta be associated with darkness somehow…"

Itatchi suggested.

"Can it be money-related?"

Kakuzu asked.


Sasori declined.

"I got it!"

Itatchi said and took the baby from Tobi and pinched his nose also.

"Kuro that's it! Means black in Japanese. So we'll call him, Kuro."

The baby just cuddled and cooed.

"How adorable!"

They chorused.