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Sabrina sat in front of Mirror and bit her lip in nervousness. Ever since she went through the time tear and discovered she was married to Puck she had felt the need to make him like and notice her more.

"Ok so, Mirror, Mirror, how do I look?" she closed her eyes to wait for an answer and after a few minutes of nothing she opened them again. It was obvious Mirror was squirming uneasily behind the reflective glass; his large face showed a worried expression and his forehead was creased with lines.

"Well in honest truth Sabrina, it's a bit much; maybe try some clear lip gloss and some light eye shadow next time instead of going for a real…well the bright red and blue is a bit much, and I really don't think that you need to draw that mole on your face."

Sabrina bit back a scathing reply and turned her scowl into a small frown. "It's not a mole it's a beauty spot," she said sulkily, rubbing at the make-up on her face with a wet facecloth, "I'm a girl this stuff should be easy to do!"

"Maybe Ms. White can help you," a small voice said from behind her, "she always looks nice." Sabrina felt her mouth drop open in shock and spun around to face Daphne from her place in the doorway.

"How long have you been there?" she yelled slightly panicked, "and tell me you were alone, please god, tell me you were alone."

The little girl smiled sheepishly and swung the door open a little wider, Elvis the large bloodhound cowered back behind it and Sabrina stepped towards them and pushed on the door heavily.

"Better run Marshmallow," Puck said to Daphne, pushing the small of her back with his hand, "Stink face the artist of ugliness is about to come get us!" he laughed in Sabrina's face and then flew a foot off the ground grabbing Daphne by the back of her shirt and flying down the stairs with her.

"I am going to kill you!" Sabrina yelled after them, pushing past Elvis as she sprinted off down the stairs, "What I did to you after that basketball incident will seem like nothing once I'm through with you!"

Be careful what you wish for; she thought as she ran across the landing, He definitely noticed that muck on my face!