- Hit and Run, Crash and Burn -

This year is a hit and run, crash and burn

The job scraped the bottom and the injuries touched the high

I turned in the badge and the dreams

I lost the family and the friends

But it hurt

Not the loss, it is a second skin to me now

But the continuance of doing my job

Of keeping up the façade

Of fooling those I loved

So to my mother and my brother McQuaid, co-workers too

I'm sorry this year hit me down

I'm sorry I've run away

I did not intend to crash my car and my life and make you burn with me

I apologize, but I can't come back, not yet

Don't miss me or mourn me, for I'm not dead

Just alone, by myself, and I promise to come back when this year is done

This year is a hit and run, crash and burn

Next year is a jump start, a flash and a laugh… I promise

A/N: Hate it or love it, please tell me. I don't often write poetry, so I hope I did ok and you understand it. Accept all forms of reviews, just need constructive criticism.