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Ella's words cut through Mac's heart like a knife "……..never see Stella Bonasera again" just the thought of such a thing chilled his blood to the bone; a life without Stella would be unbearable. "No….not going to happen anything but that" Mac told himself resolutely, "Miss McBride ma'am please may I check on Detective Bonasera" He asked out loud, "What for? I did a good job didn't I? Made sure she'll never be able to hurt us again" Ella pouted "And what's with Miss McBride? I'm Ella to you Mac darling you know that." "Miss Mc….Ella it's important you let me see Stella make sure everything is Ok ……"He tried again and through gritted teeth "For us." "Oh…….I see yes for us to make sure she's really gone so we can leave here and you'll never have to worry again ….Ok then" She nodded "You can come closer but nobody else understood?" "Understood" He nodded, Mac carefully made his way to were Stella was lay, blood was oozing from the cavity in her abdomen and her eyes were shut but he could feel a pulse faint but still there when he touched her neck. He knew he needed to stop the blood flow and fast, looking around himself for anything that might help he spotted one of the cartons Stella had been putting into her truck had spilt on to the floor. Originally it must have contained the contents of her desk because pens, pencils and other assorted stationary lay strewn everywhere including superglue.

Carefully Mac reached over to the glue and clasping it tightly he manoeuvred it to his and Stella's position, "What are you doing?" Ella asked suspiciously coming to stand over them. "I have to help Stella stop her bleeding….somewhere deep down you know hurting Stella is wrong don't you Ella?" He said softly staring up at her. "I did it for you Mac she was making you unhappy …..You were fighting I heard you for weeks now…." Ella began to pace up and down "So I fixed it made sure she was no longer a part of this world…." "Stella is my world" He told her "If she dies than everything I am dies with her." "No….she …I love you Mac we belong together I'd do anything for you….killed for you…… would she do that for you?" Ella was becoming increasingly hysterical, "Prove it then Ella if you love me let me help the woman I love" He pleaded "Because I couldn't bear it if I lost Stella." "Do it then…." Ella nodded hoarsely.

Mac worked quickly applying the superglue to Stella's wound, it was a trick he'd learnt years ago during his Marine days from a Medic who told him that superglue had been originally invented to stem the blood quickly when soldiers had been wounded on the battlefield. Then he used his shirt to pack the wound tightly and cello tape to hold it steady, "Mac?" Stella whispered her eyelids still half shut, "I'm here" He replied taking her hand in his "Sorr…." She couldn't quite get it out, she had never felt so tired before but she wasn't ready to give up on life or Mac just yet, so she grabbed hold of Mac's hand as tightly as she could and mustered her remaining strength "I'm so sorry I don't want to leave you….I love you always have always will." "Don't you even think about it Bonasera" He ordered her "Your not saying your goodbyes yet you're the strongest person I know remember?" "Yesssssss…." She tried to nod her head but it was just too heavy and Stella was just too tired, her head slipped backward and her eyes closed once more. "Stell?" Frantic Mac grabbed hold of her shoulders "Stella!" He shook her gently, "Stay with me just a little while longer and this will all be over soon I promise." Stella moved just barely but she moved and Mac sighed in relief "This stops right now" He yelled at Ella.

"Your yelling why are you yelling? Aren't you happy Mac?" She sobbed, "Give me the gun Ella" He said firmly rising to his feet, right hand out stretched "Stella needs to receive medical treatment urgently and if you won't let me get her help then you can kill me too." "This is wrong this isn't supposed to be happening……." She wailed. "Then make it stop" Mac moved closer to her; "This was for you to make you happy that's all I ever wanted" Ella howled, "I could never be happy without Stella" Mac shook his head "Ever." "I know………" Tears trickled down her face, "Tell me you love me Mac please?" She begged, "I can't because you know that it's not true" He said "Don't you?" "Yes" She nodded, "You love Stella….." Her voice trailed off.

"Please do as he says and drop the gun Miss McBride" the five minutes long since up Flack had entered the garage unobserved by either Mac or Ella and was now standing on the opposite side of Ella to Mac; gun pointed at her. "Detective Flack as orders to shoot to kill" Mac told her "We can't allow you to endanger Stella's life anymore, please give me the gun Ella no one needs to die here today." "That's what you want Mac? To be with Stella?" Ella asked now eerily calm, "Yes more than anything" He replied. "Ok then" Before either man could reach her she placed the gun to her forehead and pressed the trigger. "Christ almighty" Flack recoiled in shock, "Get that medic in here now Flack" Mac growled crouching down over Stella once more "Stella's running out of time." "What about her…." Flack nodded to what was left of Ella McBride "We can deal with the dead later right now all I care about is the living" He replied caressing Stella's check.

For Mac everything after the paramedic finally arriving had been one long blur, top priority had been moving Stella to hospital and to the treatment she so desperately needed; he'd insisted on accompanying her in the ambulance and had stayed by her side until they arrived at the ER .Unsurprisingly they had taken her straight to theatre and Mac had been shown into a waiting room where he was still waiting several hours later and would still be waiting for all eternity if necessary. Adam was this first one to arrive "Hello" He said rather timidly "Can I come in?" "We are not at work now Adam" Mac replied "You don't need to ask my permission." "Ok" He nodded, "I brought you something" He held out a holdall "Lindsay thought you might need these." Looking inside Mac found a clean shirt and his wash bag from his locker "There's a bathroom down the hall" Adam smiled helpfully. "Two minutes I'll be two minutes if anything happens…." Mac started to say, "Then you'll be the first to know" Adam nodded.

Next to arrive were Detectives Flack and Angell, they had come straight from searching Ella McBride's apartment which had in Flacks words had been "Bunny boiler central." They had recovered dozens of love letters she'd written to herself describing a fantasy love affair with Mac and her journal which detailed every aspect of Mac's life she could get a hold of from where he bought his shirts to what he ate for breakfast. His relationship with Stella had come under even closer scrutiny with the dates and times of every moment they had spent together in the past six months neatly jotted down and Ella's personal comments annotated in red starting with simply curiosity regarding Stella early on being replaced by pure hatred and details of how Stella would die as Ella's obsession with Mac grew. Even more chilling had been Ella's computer it had contained hundred's of picture's of Mac, Mac with Stella and Stella alone, several of Stella alone showed her dying in extremely gruesome, painful ways.

"She must have followed you and Stella around for months" Angell told Mac, "Somehow she got it into her head that we were involved" Mac agreed "And that Stella was standing in the way of our happy ever after." "Solution kill Stella" Flack nodded. One by one Danny, Sid, Lindsay and Hawkes arrived each informing Mac on the progress being made back at the lab; everything was firmly under control crime scene processed and McBride autopsied but that IA were already sniffing around.

Finally there was nothing else to do but wait so they did; Mac grabbed every Nurse and Doctor passing by for news of Stella's condition but they all said the same thing "No change – still operating we'll let you know ASAP" it was thirteen long extremely painful hours later when news of Stella eventually did arrive. Doctor Butler entered the room yawning tiredly, "Your Miss Bonasera's friends' yes?" He asked, "Detective Bonasera" Sid corrected him. "Detective then…" Butler nodded, "Well?" Asked Mac nervously. "Detective Bonasera was extremely lucky….." "If she was lucky Doc she wouldn't be here in the first place" Flack interrupted. "If you'll let me finish" Butler rolled his eyes "She is lucky because although she lost a lot of blood enough to require a transfusion no vital organs were damaged so there is every chance your friend will make a full recovery." "Thank god" Lindsay grinned, "Which one of you is Detective Taylor?" Butler asked, "Me" Mac confirmed, "She's asking to see you ordinarily I'd not allow it but she refuses to be sedated till she does." "Sounds like our Bonasera is back to me" Danny whooped "And we wouldn't have it any other way."

"Two minutes no longer" Doctor Butler told Mac as he led him to Stella's room "She needs rest more than anything else now," "Two minutes" Mac agreed "I'll leave you to it" He said as they reached their destination. Alone for the first time in hours Mac took the opportunity to steady his composure he'd nearly lost her, nearly lost Stella and it felt as if he'd taken the bullet for her in truth he'd rather that then Stella be hurt. She's safe he told himself safe and already driving the Doctor nuts, so it was he found it impossible to force the grin from his face Stella was safe. "Causing trouble already I see?" He said entering her room, "Who me? St Stella of New York never" She retorted. She was hooked up to several machines and she looked exhausted with black circles around her eyes, but as far as Mac was concerned she'd never seemed lovelier.

"I'm sorry" They both said at exactly the same time ending up in a joint fit of giggles, "Me first Stella" He insisted sitting down next to her; "It's like you said when Flack got himself blown up we take care of each other but I haven't been taking care of you very well lately have I? I can't make the whole Diakos thing disappear if I could I would. Truth is I was so scared of Diakos hurting you of losing you that I couldn't see I was pushing you away; I hate the idea that you thought you couldn't come to me and I'm a moron for letting you leave without telling you that." "Well I know that" She grinned up at him "But it's we not you I'm as much to blame. I never mean't to hurt you Mac and I hated keeping secrets from you nothing felt right …….I shouldn't have stormed off the way I did you know I don't want to leave don't you?" "I know you told me that before" He replied. "I did when?" Stella asked, "When we were in the garage don't you remember?" Mac asked in return. "No…..I can't remember much at all after being shot only that you were there and I wanted to stay with you" She admitted.

"Nothing at all?" He asked again, "No nothing did I miss something vitally important – an Alien invasion or anything" She wondered, "Nothing that can't wait" He replied, "Oh good you had me worried there Taylor" she said reaching up to stroke his cheek. "I had you worried? In the last twenty four hours you've taken at least ten years of me Bonasera" He teased "So I'll make you a deal Detective Bonasera you standby me and I'll standby you" He offered manoeuvring her hand to his lips "Deal Detective Taylor" She agreed "Deal" He whispered kissing her upturned palm. "Ahem…."Doctor Butler interrupted "Times up I'm afraid;" "Don't go yet Mac please" Stella pleaded, "I'll be here when you wake I promise" He said. "Promise?" Stella asked, "Promise" He nodded, "Alright I surrender He can stay while I sedate you I suppose" Butler held his hands up in submission.

Butler worked skilfully and all too soon for Mac's liking Stella began to drift off, he waited patiently whilst her eyes became half moons till they closed completely, "Sweet dreams Stell" He whispered kissing her cheek. "Time to leave Detective Taylor or must I involve security" Butler insisted "Ok Doctor I'm going" Mac stood and turned to leave, "We'll take good care of her" Butler called after him "You'd better" Mac muttered under his breath. Physically Mac made his way back to where his team were waiting for news Hawkes and Sid ready to bombard him with innumerable medical questions no doubt but his heart had never left Stella's side. She filled his thoughts completely, telling Ella McBride how he felt about her had been a wake up call, he'd never admitted to anyone before not even himself that he loved her maybe he should have long, long ago. Trouble was Stella remembered nothing of the events in the garage she had said she loved him always had and always would but had she meant it? "There are no atheists in foxholes" someone had told him once he longed to know what was in her mind when she had said "I love you" and what was in her heart now. Stella was his world and she always would be he'd told Ella the truth and he desperately needed to know how Stella felt about him but that was a conversation for another time and place.

Stella is dreaming she sure of it but she doesn't care he is here that's all that matters, She is in his arms so close to him their foreheads almost touch "I love you Mac" She tells him "I love you too" he murmurs pressing his lips to hers.

"Is she smiling?" One Nurse asks the other "Yes I think she is" Her colleague replies as they tend to the sleeping Bonasera.


(Well for now anyway!)