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Chapter Seven

Interlude: Nagini, Your Timing Is Bad

It had been four days since Severus Snape had come to the castle and told them about Dumbledore. It had been four days since Tom had fed the two calming draughts to Pertho and still the witch was unconscious. Harry felt how much it slowly but surely set Tom on edge. He could understand the man. After all the last time he had gone this long without her it had been due to the fact that Pertho had been in coma after … whatever had happened. Harry still had to work up the courage to ask what had caused her condition, but he couldn't shake off the feeling that the answer he would get would be Dumbledore.

Harry refused himself to ponder more about this man at the moment. It would do him no good. It would only make him depressive and Tom did not like it, when he was depressive. Maybe the Dark Lord cared for him after all. But Harry refused that kind of thoughts also. Tom would never like him the way Harry had come to. At first there had only been gratefulness that the Dark Lord had saved him, even though it was due to Pertho not giving him full information. But the man had not killed him as soon as he realised who exactly he had brought into his house.

But in all the time he had spend in the castle now and in the presence of the man he could say that he felt a certain attraction to him. He woudn't call it love just yet but he was fairly sure that given the right circumstances this emotion could grow out of the one he was feeling at the moment.

Fear of rejection, shame and guilt inter merged within him. Tom would never want him. Not as used as he was. Furthermore, wasn't he supposed to mourn his godfather? But here he was doing everything but. He had asked himself again and again how he could stand to live at all. Maybe he should end it all.

"Don't even think about it," Tom said without even looking up from his book. Harry's head shot up.

"What?" he asked. What was he supposed to not even think?

"To off yourself. Because we won't let it happen."

"Are you a bloody mind reader now?" Harry asked, his voice sounded strange even to his own ears. He saw Tom shake his head, his eyes somehow sad.

"I'm not a mindreader. But I can feel your emotions and I don't like it one bit what I feel at the moment," Tom sighed and finally looked up from his book and in Harry's eyes.

"Why do you care? I remember a time not that far back when you wanted to kill me yourself. So what changed?"

"I got to know the real you, and I got my sanity back. And some memories that had been forgotten for a long time. The hate I have for Dumbledore is no longer clouding my judgement for you," Tom sighed. "I'm rambling, am I not?"
"Just a bit," Harry teased, his bad mood gone a bit and Tom was glad that he had been able to divert the younger wizard from his brooding. "I think I should take a nap. Wake me should Pertho get back up, okay?"

Tom nodded and watched as Harry made himself comfortable on one of the couches, surprised that the teen trusted him so much to sleep in his presence. When he had been that age he had not been able to sleep with anyone near him, besides Pertho. To have such a trust in people after what happened to him…it astonished him again and again.

But on the other hand… the teen did not care that much about what happened to him anymore. Dumbledore had looked to that with all he had done. Tom growled low in his throat. The man would pay for what he had done to all of them. Even if Harry did not want revenge he would extract it for him.

But besides this he had promised himself that he would keep Harry safe from now on. He would make his mate better and help him to get back into life even if this should mean that he would have to wait for his revenge. There was nothing that was more important than Harry. He looked over the sleeping teen, looking for any sign of uncomfort or a nightmare. At the moment there were none, but he was quite sure they would come and come soon.

Tom sighed and went back to reading his book. He would have to wait and then be at Harry's side in an instant, calming him down again.

It was half an hour later that he heard the distressed noise from Harry he had been listening for all the time. He was at the teen's side only a moment later had him pulled into his lap and began rocking him back and forth embracing him. It took only a few minutes for Tom to calm the teen down and soon he was sleeping in his lap, Tom's arms loosely around him, tightening every so often as soon as Harry showed again signs of a nightmare. Tom didn't want to let go and basked in the feeling of his mate in his arms with his head resting on his shoulder. He knew that the moment would be over soon and that he would have to set Harry down again as soon as the teen showed signs of waking but he wanted the moment to never end or that he would get to do this with Harry aware of it. But for the moment he was satisfied with what he had and sighed contently.

/"I GOT IT!"/ a voice exclaimed loudly, just outside the door and only an instant later Nagini was inside the library and raced around hyper as if she was high on something. /"I GOT IT! That damn rabbit that has been down in the gardens and destroyed the flowers Pertho and I love so much!"/

Harry had bolted awake the moment he heard the snake exclaime for the first time and stiffened immeadiatly in Tom's loose embrace. Nagini on the other hand was oblivious to what she had done.

Tom closed his eyes. That was not happening, that was not happening, that was not happening. He kept repeating that in his head but he knew it was in vain as soon as he felt his mate stiffen in his arms. That could very well push Harry away from all of them. Damn. Damn snake. He really wanted to hex her at this moment.

/"I finally caught the rabbit and-"/ that was the moment Nagini looked at them and took the scene in that was unfolding in front of her. /"Oh, I come amiss, don't I? I think I'll just go. I'm with Pertho should you look for me. And now you don't even see me anymore…and you don't hear me. Just forget that I have been here."/ She saw Tom's murderous gaze. /"I'll just go somewhere where my uniqueness is appreciated more. My lovableness and my infallible hunting skills…"/

The chatter of the snake was lost in the distance while Harry and Tom were starring at each other not knowing what to do now. Harry had blushed furiously and Tom found it quite cute. He resisted the strong urge to lean forward and to press his lips against Harry's out of fear it would destroy whatever trust the teen still had in him after this stunt.

"Ehm…What exactly am I doing in your lap, Tom?" Harry asked once he found his voice back.

"You were having a nightmare and I comforted you. You wouldn't wake up." Even in his own ears it sounded unbelievable and Tom cringed. Harry had woken up after only the first exclamation from Nagini so he would have woken up if Tom had called his name.

"Do you mind to let me go?" Harry asked nervously. The close proximity was not helping with the feelings he was developing for the older wizard. He resisted the urge to lean forward and brush his lips against those in front of him. Surely Tom would throw him out if he did this, if he did not kill him. The blush on his face intensified. He would do anything to remain in Tom's presence and feared losing the man. Even if Tom should never love him back he wanted to stay close to him.

Tom reluctantly loosened his grip that had tightened again somewhere along the way and let Harry climb from his lap. Unknowingly to each other they felt both a pang at the loss of closeness and even though Tom could feel Harry's emotions he thought it were his own because there was no way that Harry could feel the same, right?

There was an awkward silence as they sat in the opposite corners of the sitting area of the library waiting for something to happen that would take their minds off of the situation that had just occurred.

As soon as Nagini entered the scene the deities were laying on the floor, laughing. The scene was just too funny. And the faces of Tom and Harry were just too good.

Bets had already been placed as to when the two men would come together even though Pertho kept out of such things as the others could say she was cheating with being so close and able to do something that could change the date in her favour.

Only minutes later, shortly after Tom and Harry had separated a disgruntled looking Sirius stumbled into the room.

"What's up? Why are you making such a noise?" he asked yawning. The deities only laughed harder at his face. Finally Love caught her breath.

"Maybe you should head back, Fate. Your boys are totally hamstrung without you."

The deity nodded and got up before leaning own again and giving her two mates a goodbye kiss that evoked catcalls from the other deities and gagging noises from Sirius.

"Behave as long as I'm not there," she smiled down at the other two.

"Stay safe. We don't want a repetition of the last time you came up here," Destiny answered and Magic nodded.

"I'll do my best," Fate promised and then held her hand out to Sirius. "Take it. We have to have contact for you to come with me."

Sirius took her hand and asked. "Will it hurt? The last time it hurt like hell."

"Guess so. Humans are not made for travelling in this realm. But you'll only be out for a while once we are back. There will be no permanent damage. You can still decide to stay here…" Fate trailed of. Sirius had a horrified look on his face.

"And have to watch them for the rest of my life?" he asked and pointed towards the other deities, "Not likely. Besides, I think that there are some people who need me down there."

A moment later the two vanished from the realm of the deities, one to never been seen there again.

Pertho came to just as Nagini entered her room in the castle. As soon as she saw the snake she burst out lauging again and beckoned their familiar over to her.

/"Mistress!"/ the snake exclaimed happily. /"You are awake again! Masters Tom and Harry were so worried about you. Master Tom feared that you were once again in coma."/

/"Everything is fine, my dear Nagini. I was visiting my mates,"/ Pertho replied and winked at the snake that had curled herself around the young woman.

/"Master Tom and his mate were together in the library earlier. I think I interrupted them,"/ Nagini confided.

/"You think so?"/ Pertho chuckled, /"I wonder how you got that idea? Tom had comforted Harry after a nightmare and he was sleeping again when you stormed in. You woke him. Harry does not yet know of the bond, but they are both falling in love with each other. They are just too stubborn to even consider that the other would say yes to a relationship."/

/"Master Tom can be dumb as a post when it comes to feelings and Master Harry does not know love, poor child, and most likely fears that we will force him to leave should he do something. We have get him comprehend that there is nothing he can do that will make him unwelcome here,"/ Nagini said, /"but how can we do this?"/

/"I don't know yet but at first we have to distract Dumbledore from coming to Harry's house so we should go down and let Tom know that I am awake again and that he can call a meeting."/

/"Yeah, a meeting!"/ Nagini exclaimed happily. /"I love meetings! Can I come?"/

Pertho rolled her eyes fondly at the snake. /"You know you have to talk to Tom about that and I think at the moment he might be a bit mad at you."/

Nagini seemed to pout—if snakes can pout—and made her way up and around the young woman's body to curl up on her new perch.

Pertho looked around herself, sure that Sirius had to be around her somewhere. Moments later, she found the man and levitated the unconscious man into another room and made him comfortable on the bed there.

A few minutes later, the young woman entered the library.

Both men in there looked up as she entered and both smiled brightly as they recognized her.

"You're awake!" Tom exclaimed, standing up.

"Yeah," Pertho answered. "Sorry, it took me so long, but there was someone I had to get first. Tom, can you please call a meeting? We need to distract Dumbledore and for that we have to plan a raid, a distraction."

"I'll do that. Who did you get and where from?" the Dark Lord asked.

"A friend of mine and from the other world," Pertho smirked, knowing that Tom wouldn't understand. "Harry, come with me. I want to show you something and we have to get you into other clothes. You can't be recognized right now, not even by the Inner Circle."

Harry only nodded to Tom and Pertho, before getting up and following the witch out of the library. They made their way up the stairs to the private floor, where normally only the parselmouths lived.

/"Open,"/ Pertho hissed to the door and pressed down the handle. She opened the door and motioned for Harry to go inside. As soon as the teen's eyes fell on the bed, he gasped.

"Sirius!" he exclaimed. "How…where was he? How did you get him here?"

"When he fell through the veil, Sirius didn't die. He was brought to another plane of existence where he really shouldn't be. I just brought him back with me. He is out of it for now and will stay unconscious for a few more hours. We should have enough time for the meeting."

Harry looked at her, relieved that he had his godfather back. Then he remembered something that Pertho had told him.

"What about Bellatrix Lestrange?" he asked. "She blames herself that she killed Sirius."

"If you don't mind, then I would like to show her after the meeting," Pertho said and Harry nodded at her.

"No problem. As long as I don't have to be there as well. I'm not sure I can do that."

Pertho only nodded. She could understand that.

"We should get ready. I guess the others will be here soon," Pertho said and Harry nodded as he got up from the bed where he had sat down as they entered the room.

Harry kissed his godfather's forehead and left the room together with Pertho to get ready for his first Death Eater meeting.

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