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It was amazing how two years could change everything and nothing at the same time. We were both in the midst of our third year at college, only thirty minutes away from one another. So we often made weekend visits to each other and sometimes did not even bother to leave our dorm rooms. Let me tell you, those moments were some of the best. Just wrapped in each other's arms talking about everything and anything that happened during the week, or just came to our mind. I always hated those moments in which we would have to say goodbye to each other. Even if we knew we would see each other in a week or two, we usually tried to make sure to try to see each other at least every weekend. Unless there was something that was not allowing it, and that was usually the pixie herself, Alice Cullen.

While Edward was attending NYU, Alice was attending FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology. Her and Edward would meet up for coffee or dinner at least once a week, unless either one of them was too busy. But if they didn't she made sure that she saw both of us over the weekend, usually ruining our plans. We didn't let her know though, we knew it was hard for her still being away from Jasper. He was in his fourth year and was hinting to the possibility of moving to the New York City for Alice's last year. That was only if he didn't decide to stay another year or so at James Madison University in Virginia.

Life at Sarah Lawrence was as good as it could be. At first I wasn't sure if I made the right choice by going there. Not so much because of the classes or anything but of some of the people I had a few run ins with. Including my first year roommates, well not both of them really, just Tanya. She was a dancer, and as soon as she laid eyes on Edward she had the audacity to say that she was going to steal him from me. Of course Edward made it very clear to her numerous times that he would never touch her and that he was deeply in love with me. And of course seeing her face the five times she walked in on me and Edward in the middle of something sexual was priceless.

That first year our other roommate Crystal was gone every weekend seeing her boyfriend or something. So that left the room to Tanya and I, and when we first discussed allowing boyfriends or other boys over we all agreed it was fine. Well Tanya made it clear that she would have guys over whenever she damn well pleased and kept up to her bargain, kicking us out of the room many different times. The first time she walked in on us I wasn't sure if I should be horrified or just laugh. Tanya had disappeared since Thursday night, spending the nights at her recent hook ups dorm and Edward and I hadn't been intimate in a few weeks so we were really worked up. So she walked right in on us having sex, me on top of course. And then the next few times it was almost as if shewanted to see us doing stuff. It was kind of gross.

Thankfully I didn't room with her again my second year there. And thankfully I only had one roommate this girl Katie who was really quiet, but she didn't have many friends, so when Edward visited we kept things cool. But when Katie would do laundry or go to the library, things became very different and incredibly hot.

Now I was in my third year and I couldn't have been happier than I was with my current living situation. I was sharing a suite with two other girls, and the suite was essentially an apartment. We had our own separate bedrooms, a kitchen, a little living room and a bathroom and it was great. Michelle and Nancy were their names. Michelle was a senior while Nancy was a junior like me, and I had a couple classes with each of them throughout being at school the passed couple of years so moving in together wasn't awkward at all. We each had boyfriends and had absolutely no problem with any of them being there, particularly since we had our own bedrooms. But I had to admit that I was pretty positive that Edward missed the 'sneaking' around while roommates were there.

Fortunately Edward had gotten the same type of living arrangement at school as well, but had three roommates instead of two like me. They were each all right in their own way. Todd liked to be drunk all the time and have sex with his girlfriend everywhere in the apartment, thankfully he made sure no one else was there, most of the time. His roommate Rick was never there, always busy with class and work, or spending time with his girlfriend. Then lastly there was Kyle, he seemed to be the quietest out of the four of them, and I felt bad saying it, but we all had a weird feeling he was gay.

With our school loads getting heavier and our visits becoming less frequently do to the constant studying and such. Edward and I made use of every moment we had together, whether it was watching a movie, going out to eat, or most of all intimacy. Of course having my own room did make those moments much easier, and Edward didn't have to constantly feel like he was being watched in his sleep anymore. It was comical when we caught Katie staring at him, because apparently he had been snoring, but I just thought she had a innocent little crush on him.

Edward had come to spend the weekend and I was elated, especially since we hadn't had sex in over three weeks. It wasn't that I had been a sex addict in the last two years, but weekends were all we had. When he arrived last night we ended up not even doing that, we just cuddled up and watched movies. However Saturday enough was enough. When we got back from breakfast we all but tore each other's clothes off as we ran into my room and slammed the door shut.

I couldn't help but moan as I rode Edward's face as he devoured me with his tongue as I sucked thoroughly on his hard member. I began to hum as I bobbed up and down. This of course drove Edward crazy, causing him to thrust up into my mouth.

"F-Fuck Bella! I need to be inside you" He groaned, pulling his tongue away from me, causing me to whimper and buck my sexagainst his face. He gripped his hands onto my butt and pulled me closer to him, his tongue swirling my clit before he began to suck on it furiously.

I slid his length out of my mouth and bit my lip as I moaned once again moving against his face, "Edward.. Please…"

He stopped what he was doing and began to lick me slowly, "Please what, my lamb?"

"Get inside me.. I need you inside me!" Before I could even register what had happened, Edward had slid out from under me positioned me on my hands and knees and drove into me from behind, causing me to throw my head back and moan loudly, "FUCK!"

"Bella, so tight," he grunted through his teeth as he picked up his pace, gripping my hips roughly. It would most likely leave me with some light bruising, but I didn't care at all. All I cared about was Edward being inside me and making me feel so good. "I'm so close baby please come with me," I urged. I moved against him bringing myself closer and closer with each thrust. And then finally we both came, riding out our orgasms together.

We collapsed onto my bed, both beyond spent as we attempted to catch our breaths. "Wow," was the first thing I said as I pulled my sheet over us and cuddled into Edward, "That was just.."

"Wow," he chuckled while he wrapped his arm around me, placing a kiss to my forehead, "I am definitely not waiting three weeks ever again to have sex with you. I don't care where the hell we are, but I can't bare not touching you."

I giggled and pressed a kiss to cheek, "Well, you didn't take me last night."

"True, but I wanted to cuddle with you. Our relationship isn't only sex Bella, I mean it is definitely a plus" he gave me that crooked smirk and leaned his chin my forehead, "Do you remember our first time?"

"Like it was yesterday" I admitted truthfully, because that day would always be stretched in my memory till the day I died, "That was the day I lost my virginity"

"It was the day I lost mine too, and I wouldn't have it any other way" He sighed contently only to have his stomach grumble loudly.

I perched myself up on my elbow and started at him disbelievingly at him, "Really? We just got home from breakfast"

"Well what can I say you really gave me a work out and now I'm hungry" he said with a wink and I just slapped his chest playfully.

"Fine put some clothes and I'll make you some food.." I slipped out of my bed and pulled on Edward's boxers and a big sweatshirt.

"Hey, what if I was going to wear my boxers?" He grinned as he sat up on my bed and brought his legs over the side.

"Too bad, now get dressed" I slipped out of my room and made my way into the Kitchen. Nancy was standing in front of the fridge obviously searching for something in it, "Can't find something?"

"No that's not it, I can't decide what I want" She groaned and shut the door. She turned and looked at me and as leaned against the fridge door, "Well someone definitely got lucky"

I tried to conceal my blush, "The boxers gave it away?"

"Yeah, and well the whole moaning thing" He laughed, "But don't worry I didn't hear it till I came into the kitchen. "That boy must be good"

"Hey miss I have a boyfriend"

She grinned, "Yeah but still and look you are blushing. He is that good isn't he?"

"Isn't he what?" Edward asked with a yawn as he emerged from my room in a pair of jeans and a black pullover hoodie.

"Nothing" I shot Nancy a look causing her to snicker, "What you want to eat baby?"

"Well.." he grinned widely and shot me a wink, "I don't know surprise me. Is it alright if I watch some TV?"

"Seriously Edward you don't have to ask" Nancy laughed as she went and opened a cabinet pulling out a box of cereal.

"Yeah but I feel bad. I mean I am just a guest after all," he said as he buried his hands in his pockets and leaned up against the closet that held the washer and dryer. Oh yes this year I had a washer and dryer in my dorm and it was a blessing. No more of having to go down to the Laundromat on campus late at night and be stuck with some real weirdo's.

"Seriously Bella where did you find this guy? Michelle's boyfriend could definitely take a lesson from him. Hey, my boyfriend could as well!" Nancy let out a laugh as she poured herself a bowl of cereal. Nancy's boyfriend Jason was a pretty nice guy, I had hung out with them a couple times. Michelle's boyfriend on the other hand was a real asshole, always bossing her around. I mean, granted, he sometimes had decent movies and offered to kick any guys asses that bothered me and Nancy when our boyfriends weren't around. But it wasn't enough to not make him an asshole in my eyes. I hated to say it, but he kind of reminded me of Jacob sometimes, and that was not a person I wanted to think of ever again.

Just then the front door opened and quickly slammed not a moment later and Michelle stomped in looking anything but happy, "I hate men!" she groaned as she slammed her keys down on the island in the kitchen. "And now I'm going to be late for fucking work because of that asshole… oh hi Edward."

"Uh hi Michelle..." Edward shot me a look as if asking if he should leave us alone. I shook my head.

"What happened?" Nancy asked as she hoped up onto the counter and began to shove a spoon of cereal into her mouth.

"He's just such a fucking dick and forgot to wake me up when he was suppose to and I have to be at work and today! The district manager is coming, so I am royally fucked!" she groaned. "I need to go change and hopefully my job won't kill me" she rushed into her bedroom, slamming the door and seconds later loud music was blaring from her room.

"Once again I think Edward needs to teach boys how to be a gentleman," Nancy said with her mouth half full.

I just shook my head and chuckled, "Attractive." I turned to Edward, "You want a sandwich?"


He came over and gave me a quick peck on the lips and a light tap on the bottom, "Thanks." With that he turned on his heel and went over, plopping on the couch and picking up the remote control.

"Well, I guess I should go finish my homework." She got down off the counter and placed her bowl in the sink. "I'm staying at Jason's tonight so you guys have fun," she said as she shot me a wink and then retreated to her bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

I gathered what I needed and started to make a sandwich for Edward and one for myself. I was kind of hungry as well. I mean, we did have quite a workout. I couldn't help but smirk as I thought about what we just did. I always got all red and smiley when I thought back to Edward and my sex life. To me, it was one of the hottest things ever.

Michelle's music went off and she emerged from her room and grabbed her keys off the island, "I might be home tonight I'm not sure. I was supposed to go to George's." George was Michelle's boyfriend, but I'd rather call him asshole. God! College has made me kind of a bitch, I think. "But I don't know if I want to go. Oh well, you guys have fun…Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" She snuck me a wink and headed out of the house.

"What is with your roommates and referring to our amazingly hot sex life?" Edward chuckled from his spot on the couch.

I just rolled my eyes and walked over to him holding a plate in each one of my hands, "Shut up and eat"

He took one of the plates from me and I sat down next to him and began to eat my sandwich. "And you made fun of me because I was hungry, hypocrite!" He laughed and I just elbowed him in the stomach causing him to clutch his side, "Ow! Damnit Bella!"

"What?" I asked, innocently fanning my eyelashes at me.

"Oh don't give me the sweet and innocent act! That hurt." He leaned in and pretended to bite my cheek.

"Edward!" I squealed and almost dropped my sandwich right onto my lap, "You are such a guy," I muttered as I reached up and wiped the slobber he had left on my face off. Then I cleverly wiped it off onto his shirt.

"True, but you love me," he said. He put his one arm up behind me on the couch and ate his sandwich and uttered, "This is gooood…"

"Made with love," I said, giving him a cheesy smile.

After we finished eating our food, we cuddled up on the couch under a fleece blanket and started to watch mindless television. We were basically just enjoying each other's company, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Every so often, Edward would begin to tickle my sides causing me to giggle uncontrollably, and then in turn it would end with us kissing slowly. It was moments like this that reminded me of high school and how we once were. Not that things were bad or anything now. They were beyond amazing. It was just that sometimes I missed the simplicity of high school.

I missed Edward sneaking into my room and being able to sleep in his arms every night. I really missed going to school with him and everyone else. I missed Emmett's booming laughing echoing down the hall from his bedroom to mine. I missed Alice's crazy shopping trips she used to drag me on, even though I would never admit that out loud. I missed the conversations I would have with Rosalie and Alice. I missed hearing way too much about history from Jasper.

Basically when it all came down to it I missed my friends, but I was more than grateful that I had Edward, as well as Alice, when I was able to see her. Hopefully that would be soon. At that exact moment, my cell began to ring. I reluctantly pulled myself off of the couch and away from Edward's grasp and made it into my room. I picked up my phone off my dresser and couldn't help but laugh as I saw Alice's name flash across my screen.

"You know I was just thinking about you" I laughed as I picked up the phone.

"You were?!" Alice's voice came squealing through my phone, causing me to have to pull it away for a second and shake my head. "I miss my best friend! My brother gets to see you too often I don't like that."

I made my way back into the living room and sat down back next to Edward. "Well Alice he is my boyfriend I do like to see him often," I retorted. I couldn't help but feel bad as soon as the words left my mouth. I knew Alice hated not seeing Jasper every day, especially since they grew up together. "I'm sorry Ali..."

"Don't be" She giggled, "I know you didn't mean anything by it… but anyway, I called you to tell you that next weekend you are ALL mine. No ifs, ands, or buts, and I don't care what Edward has to say about it."

"Fine..." I groaned in a playful manner, "but you come here. I don't feel like coming into the city. Besides, all those girls you go to school with scare me"

"That is because they have this thing called style, that you clearly lack, Bella,"

"Hey! I have style!" I hollered. I couldn't help but believe that my style had gotten better over the last two years. I mean, I wasn't extravagant like Alice, but I managed a simple style. Anyway, Edward seemed to love the way I dressed and that's all that mattered. "Whatever, will you come here?"

"Oh course! Well, I have to go call Jasper. I will call you Wednesday, and we will plan everything. Love ya!" she said in her sing-song voice.

"Love you too, Ali." I hung up the phone and placed it on the arm of the couch.

"So what did the pixie want?" Edward said as he pulled me into his lap and nuzzled his face into my neck.

I sighed peacefully, "To tell me that I'm hers next weekend."

"Ah, I kind of gathered that," he murmured. He began to leave pepper kisses along my jaw line. "I guess I'll just study and see if I can get some extra time in the lab."

"I'll miss you…" I whimpered, as he found the spot right below my ear that drove me crazy, He began to slowly suck on it. "You want to go out tonight?"

"Hmm…" he continued to suck softly, I knew he was going to leave a mark. "Where to?"

"Dinner? Maybe a movie?" I asked, hopeful.

"Well where do you want to go to eat?" We sat there a few moments and tried to think of a few places we could eat. We didn't want to go far since neither one of us had a car. That was really starting to become a problem, it seemed. It was hard for Edward to keep a car in the city, and my truck had all but died the summer after my freshman year at school. We tended to rely on subways, trains, and taxi's.

We finally decided to eat at A'Mangiare, which was literally less than 5 minutes down the road. It had amazing Italian food, and Edward and I immediately fell in love with it the first time we ate there. After we ate, we decided we would head over the movie theater and see what was playing. So, after we finally decided this we went into my room and changed and headed out.

I put on a pair of jeans and slipped on some gray boots over them that Rose had bought me last Christmas, and I matched it with a long sleeve grey sweater. Edward kept his jeans on, but decided to put on a long sleeve black and grey striped sweater that I absolutely loved on him. We made sure to bring light coats since winter was rapidly approaching, and New York was no fun at winter. I remembered the first huge snowstorm we had that I was here for. Let's say that was no day at an amusement park. I was used to the light snow in Washington, not these crazy blizzards that make life unbearable for the whole day. It was torture. On the other hand, the city was beautiful around Christmas time, and I couldn't wait to go see the Tree again this year.

Edward held my hand the entire walk to the restaurant, and I couldn't help but wonder how lucky I was to be loved by this man. "What are you grinning about?" he asked, as he reached out and opened the door to A'Mangiare.

"Oh nothing." I smirked as I slipped by him, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek, "I love you..."

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