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Last year I spent Thanksgiving in Jacksonville, Florida with Edward, my mom, Phil, Emmett and Rose. It consisted of my mom burning the turkey again, Emmett giving Edward a black eye while wrestling. But of course it will still great, anytime being with family was great. This year however things were going to be different. We had decided not to fly home or to Florida in order to save money, the same for Alice and Jasper. Jasper instead was driving up to New York so the four of us could spend Thanksgiving together. Our original plan to have it at my place changed to Edward's so it wouldn't be annoying for Alice and Jasper to get from her dorm to grand central because of the parade. Since we were going to be staying in the city we all decided to meet up extremely early in the morning and actually watch the parade.

So we all bundled up in our warmest clothes and headed to meet as close to Macy's as possible to see the parade. We all had a lot of fun, never having seen the parade before in person. Afterwards we made it back to Edward's and Alice and I began to start cooking. Well I cooked the food and she started to getting the desserts prepared. It was weird that for the first times we weren't surrounded by parents, or grandparents or crazy cousins. Instead just the four of us, four best friends spending thanksgiving together. It really made me realize that we were truly entering life.

The boys were of course watching television as Alice and I prepared the last of the food while the Turkey was in full cooking mood. I took a dish towel and wiped off my hands before walking over to the plush chair that held Edward in it while Jasper was sprawled across the couch, still quite exhausted from his drive up the day before. I slowly wrapped my arms around Edward's upper body from behind and left a kiss behind his ear.

He turned his head to look up at him, a simple smile upon his face. He brought his hand to the back of my head and pulled me in for a chaste kiss, "You know I love you right?"

"I think I have a pretty good idea," I smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his jaw. "The turkey should be done within in a hour since we put I put it in when we got back from the parade."

Edward nodded his head, "Sounds good to me, now come here." He tugged on my alarm and pulled me around so I could sit in his lap. I cuddled into his chest and turned my attention toward the television.

The bathroom door opened and Alice waltzed out and went over to sit with Jasper on the couch. "Edward, have you talked to mom or dad today?"

"Not yet, why?" he didn't meet her gaze but just pulled me closer and began to trace circles on my thigh as I buried my head into the crook of his neck. A sudden wave of tiredness was washing over me, which would probably only get worse after we ate the turkey.

"I don't know, I've been having this weird feeling later."

Edward sighed and rolled his eyes, "Not again with those stupid weird feelings you get. Why don't you just call her?"

"Can't you?" Alice innocently bat her eyes at Edward.

He just groaned and slid out from under me, place a kiss on my temple before heading into his room. Muttering annoyances at his sister as he went. He reemerged from his room a few minutes later, shoving his phone into his pocket, "They were on the road. They should be getting to grandma and grandpas within in the hour."

"Are they okay?"

Edward nodded, "As far I could hear, mom has a cold though. But dad said she's going to the doctors on Monday, she's been feeling really sluggish and stuff."

"Oh okay."

We continued to cuddle with our respected loved one until the timer on the oven went off and Alice and myself went back to the kitchen to start getting everything into the appropriate plate or bowl. The boys chose to pull themselves away from the television and set the table. Even though I believed Edward was more willing to do so over Jasper. So after we got the table all set and the food brought over, the four of us sat down and dug in. But we couldn't go without telling stories of past Thanksgivings, Christmas', anything remotely funny from our childhood or our times we were together.

Jasper was in the middle of the story about Edward's, mine, and Alice's first Thanksgiving while in college. We had all flown home to Washington where Esme and Anna had prepared this huge Thanksgiving feast and all of us girls were helping her. After dinner when we were all heading back to the table to get dessert the boys had decided they would go grab the pies, cakes and cookies from the kitchen and give the 'woman folk' as Emmett called us a break. We had all thought it was sweet until it actually happened. Emmett, trying to be the star of the show as always had come in behind Edward and was like doing all these tricks switching the cherry pie he held from hand to hand and spinning around in circles. Of course because of this he didn't notice the snag in the carpet and tripped, the cherry pie flying through the air and landing on Edward just as he turned around to see what Emmett was groaning about.

We all had tried so hard not to laugh as we watched the scene in front of us. Emmett sprawled out on the ground, Edward standing there furious, covered in warm cherry pie. Jasper, Charlie, Carlisle standing in the doorway holding their own desserts in their hands just gaping at the scene. Finally we couldn't hold it anymore and all busted out laughing. Of course Edward did not find this funny and stomped out of the room and upstairs to clean himself up. I as the supportive girlfriend went after him, but not before giving my brother a smack on the back of the head.

Of course only Edward and myself knew what happened when I went upstairs to follow him. He had jumped into the shower before I even got up there so I just waltzed into the bathroom and sat myself down on the sink and started to ask him if he was alright. At first he was a little moody, but after a few minutes he said he was just annoyed at my brother for being a dumbass. Of course when he started to ask me if I wanted to join him in the shower it took everything in me to say no. I mean how would it have looked to my father and everyone else if both Edward and I came back downstairs with wet hair? Yet as soon as he slipped out of the shower, wrapping his towel low on his hip I was done. He took me right there on the bathroom sink and it wasn't the most comfortable thing but it was definitely hot. And when we came back downstairs no one knew the wiser. They had just thought I waited upstairs while he showered. Only if they knew.

Just thinking about that got me all hot and bothered. And that was not a good thing at the dinner table with your brother, his sister, and her boyfriend. All your closet friends. As the stories changed to other things we had all done together I was able to cool down a bit and I was extremely thankful for that. By the time we started dessert we were all pretty full and just chatting lightly about current things in our life that were going on.

"So Alice," I started as I swallowed the piece of pie in my mouth. "How are you handling not being able to go shopping tomorrow?" Sure there were all the stores in the city but I highly doubted Alice was going to go out there tomorrow, or was she?

"Well that's the beauty of shopping online, they have sales as well. Oh unless!" she clapped her hands excitedly, "We drive to Yonkers or the Bronx or something to shop!"

I saw Jasper groan and Edward roll his eyes, I should have kept my mouth shut. "The malls are going to be so packed though."

"And that's a problem because? We can all wake up early and Jasper can drive and we can go to Cross County in Yonkers then the galleria in white plains as well as the Westchester! Oh this is so exciting."

Edward scoffed, "Excuse me? When did we become part of the deal? Because I am not going shopping tomorrow I am locking Bella and myself in my room all day and worshipping her body like the goddess she is."

"Edward!" My eyes widened as Jasper busted out laughing. How much did this boy have to drink?

"What?" he gave me the crooked smile that melted my heart as he reached over to place his hand on my thigh, slowly moving it upwards. "Can't I tell our best friends how I want to make you scream for hours?"

"Ha!" Jasper snorted, "Priceless."

Alice tried to contain her laughter better than Jasper was, "Well then maybe Jasper and I will just go shopping alone."

I shook my head and dropped my forehead onto the table as I tried to hide the redness of my cheeks, "Oh god."

Alice and Jasper left fairly late, Edward had offered them the couch but since Alice had now decided she was going to drag Jasper Christmas shopping tomorrow they decided to head back to her place. I of course was not mad at Edward but I was slightly giving him the cold shoulder for his comments. He never talked like that! Well at least not in front of people and I was pretty sure he had not drunk enough wine to actually be drunk. Ugh men!

I was attempting to clean up the kitchen but Edward kept finding a way to get in my way. "Bella you can't be mad at me, I was just playing around."

I rolled my eyes as I wrapped up the rest of the leftovers and stuck them into the fridge, "Yes, but you still embarrassed me."

"They are our best friends! You talk to our roommates about our sex life all the time." He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the counter.

"Well--Well that's different!" I gritted through my teeth as I started to put the dishes away that were in the drain board.

"Oh Isn't that the---" Edward stopped himself, "Elephant.. No wait.. Ugh I can't remember but you know what I mean!"

"Oh do I?" I couldn't help but smirk, even if I was mad at him it was funny when he got annoyed or flustered. "I'm not sure I do."

"Bells please don't be mad at me," He jutted out his bottom lip in a pout. "Please? I love you."

I let out a sigh and turned to look at him, "I love you too and even if I try it's always too hard for me to stay angry at you."

Edward's pout turned into a smile and he came over and pulled me into his arms, "What can I do to make it up to you?"

"Hm," I thought about it for a minute, a sly smiling appearing on my features. "How about a massage?"

The corner of Edward's mouth lifted, "I think we could work something out."

"But only a massage I'm still semi annoyed at you." I removed myself from his arms and waltzed down to his bedroom. I shot him a look over my shoulder and gave him a wink before I entered his room.

Of course the massage ended up leading to more, I was always puddy in that boys hands. Especially when he's giving me one hell of a massage, oh those fingers. And of course the next day we did spend it in bed, but just relaxing. Well at least most of the time, Edward had kept his promising on worshipping my body for a good part of the morning.

As I cuddled against his muscular body I noticed Edward's breathing had becoming steady and he had fallen asleep. I couldn't help but smile as I ran my fingers along his chiseled jaw and pressed soft kisses on his chest. It was moments like this that I wondered why I just didn't move in with him. To be able to wake up in his arms every morning and see his smiling face. The answer was that I was stubborn, completely stubborn and a bit scared. Why was I scared? I don't know. Maybe I was afraid that living with him day in and day out that Edward Cullen would not be in love with Isabella Swan anymore, that something would dawn on him and he would leave me.

When all that drama had happened the summer before our senior year and he had left me in the streets of Italy I thought it was the worse thing that could ever happened. And yes it was terrible and I was heartbroken, but I don't think I would be able to handle it Edward ever really left me. If he ended our relationship and fell out of love with me. The more I thought about it I could feel the tears threatening to leave my eyes until they finally had. Edward must have felt them too because he shifted in his sleep and brought his hand up to his chest.

"Bella?" he asked groggily, "Are you crying love?"

"No," I lied as I brought my hands up to wipe my tears. "I just have something in my eye."

He shifted to his side and looked down at me, worry present on his face. "Lamb why are you crying?"

"No reason."

"Bella," the sleep in his voice began to vanished and was replaced with sternness. "Isabella Swan you are lying to me."


"Bella." his velvet voice spoke softly.

"I'm afraid that you are going to stop loving me one day."

His eyes widened and he stared at me for a few moments before finally being able to speak, "That's crazy Bella! I love you so much and will never stop." He brought his hand up to wipe away the few stray tears I wasn't able to get, "You are my life, you are my soul, you are my everything."

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